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  • Trump’s the one restricting immigration though.

    • TrueWOPR

      Unless you’re from Israel.

      • You mean the UK?

        • TrueWOPR

          No. I’m saying Trump is still letting jews come and go as they please.

  • AWACS SkyEye

    So “NO THANKS, BRO” to immigration!

  • Lhassir

    Closing the borders? What are you, a germaphobe?

    • Dr. Congo Ebola

      If you’re not a bug chaser, you’re a bug shamer.

  • NPC the Clown

    Joe Biden: I will not… re-elect…. who are you? Also where are my pants?

    • Deplorable Aaron M

      Listen here Jack, back in my day….i….how… do I open a .pdf?

      • NPC the Clown

        Sir you are holding to just a piece of paper.

  • QuickshooterMk2

    This jew-c*m-puppet actually wants immigration in the largest numbers ever

    He promised a wall and all we got was more rights to non-whites (prison reform), more invaders (Ice doing catch and release) and more anti-termite hate speech laws

    Never again shall the american public be fooled to elect yet-another-jew-puppet president

  • Anon
    • Niki Avranov

      Weebs and furries out

      • don quixotes fetid corpse

        HAAAAI hitleru-desu.

  • Doctor Mayhem

    Coronachan is also causing porn studios to shut down, and has shut down the Ivy League and Hollywood.

    Conservatism fails again.

    • QuickshooterMk2

      The virus alone has done more harm to ZOG in a month
      than Trump did during his entire presidency

    • disqus_PUK4SHOPIJ

      My vote goes to Corona-chan, she will bring back normalcy to clownworld one coofer at a time!

    • CMK

      That’s damned awesome. Hopefully, this virus kills everyone involved in the production of porn.

      • Deplorable Aaron M

        Bring a whole new meaning to “BATting off”.

        boom tish fizzle…

      • frank-the-dank

        Ok, homo

      • Paul Genovese

        Thats harsh

  • Divosa Uplanovytch


  • rogen80

    “I am very disappointed in Trump’s response to the Dos Equis XX virus.” ~Joe Biden

  • Major Matt Mason

    Weird Al has stated he won’t be recording “My Corona”.

    Which is a shame, as it would certainly go viral.

    • TRVTH

      N O I C E

    • Deplorable Aaron M

      Not sure if pun intended…

      • Major Matt Mason

        Oh, definitely intended.

    • Archmage Desmond Tutu

      He released a clip of an old concert on his YouTube just an hour ago where he’s playing his NIN style parody called “Germs”

      • Major Matt Mason

        Yeah, I saw that. Hee!

    • Don J

      He’s already got ‘My Bologna’ so it would be a bit weird.

  • Albionic American

    This virus vindicates white nationalists’ critique of our elites’ stupid and damaging utopianism about Diversity Inclusion Equity (DIE). I look forward to the deglobalized world on the other side of the pandemic when people can live in countries where their own leaders act to protect their interests instead of abusing them as throwaways.

    • Painting Guardian

      truly, corona-chan is a based and redpilled entity with the interests of the philosopher NEETs at heart.

  • Turbo Beholder

    <"I want to be reincarnated as HIV"
    <"but don't you think anti-SJWs are just as bad?"

  • Jon Carey

    Won’t even do that, because it’s an overhyped cold. A few sniffles and sneezes won’t stop a veritable torrent of illegal immigration. You need soldiers with loaded rifles and standing orders. Or better yet, a minefield.

  • don quixotes fetid corpse

    God bless Wuhan-chan

  • Tin Foil

    Funny Funny stonetoss calling for death hehe

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