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Racoon City Nationalism.


This jew-c*m-puppet actually wants immigration in the largest numbers ever

He promised a wall and all we got was more rights to non-whites (prison reform), more invaders (Ice doing catch and release) and more anti-termite hate speech laws

Never again shall the american public be fooled to elect yet-another-jew-puppet president

Coronachan is also causing porn studios to shut down, and has shut down the Ivy League and Hollywood.

Conservatism fails again.

That’s damned awesome. Hopefully, this virus kills everyone involved in the production of porn.

Weird Al has stated he won’t be recording “My Corona”.

Which is a shame, as it would certainly go viral.

This virus vindicates white nationalists’ critique of our elites’ stupid and damaging utopianism about Diversity Inclusion Equity (DIE). I look forward to the deglobalized world on the other side of the pandemic when people can live in countries where their own leaders act to protect their interests instead of abusing them as throwaways.

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