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  • Max Scherzer

    Normies won’t get it.

    • Bix Nood

      20 dollars?!

  • Industrialist Machinist

    Someone’s been spending time with the armchair experts, wignats and neetsocs

    • Stiffy Weiner

      Where’s your fucking big beautiful wall, faggot?

      • Industrialist Machinist

        Where’s your ethnostate faggot? Look no further than Portland or Vermont. You kids don’t have the moral fortitude for the long game, you need you internet dopamine hits and outrage that “trump cucked again”. Blackpillers are nothing but losers.

        • Stiffy Weiner

          You’re calling me blackpilled for being honest? You’re such a sensitive little bitch it’s funny, if it wasn’t so sad.

          First look into Vermont and I find this.

          It’s an ethnostate alright, an ethonstate for Indians. Work on your progress and don’t take a slap in the face as a call to end humanity, you dramatic little bitch.

          • Industrialist Machinist

            You’re not honest, you’re a pathetic dork who should not be involved with politics and concentrating on the your specific area, you simply aren’t smart enough to understand any of this.

          • Stiffy Weiner

            Wow. Nothing but shallow insults without any valid refutation, as a bald once said, not an argument.

          • Jesher

            He’s right that people need to be more patient and willing to compromise. But you’re right that compromising with leftists is a fucking disaster.

            Actually fixing things requires walking a very thin, hazy line.

        • Candle Jack

          Just play the (((Long game))) goy, I swear it’ll all pay off in the end!
          No, goy, that’s not society decaying, that’s just uhh… that’s just
          you letting the enemy think they’ve won! Soon, you’ll swoop in and reap
          the seeds you’ve sown!

          • Industrialist Machinist

            Blackpilling, doomer nerd. You are like a little black girl in the marshmallow experiment – high time preference and poor listening skills.

          • Candle Jack

            It’s so blackpilled to point out that you’re a cuck letting his society die because you think you’re playing some sort of (((long game)))

        • Jesher

          Agreed. Blackpillers are losers and narcissists.

          I absolutely agree. They want everything RIGHT NOW and have no patience for the slow, tedious labor required to actually fix something.

        • Zon Kuthon

          How’s that hopium working out for you, cuck? The blackpill is all there is. There is nothing else; only Eternal Misery.


          • Industrialist Machinist

            Spend less time on /pol/ with the wignats and more on real people, shove the blackpill up your ass, goon.

    • Thomas Matthews

      It turns out the Wignats were right again, just as we always are.

  • The vertical posts are to stand Leftists up against. Briefly.

  • quickshooter

    glad Stonetoss is calling out Zognald Trump
    that worthless traitor was kike’ed the moment he got elected

  • No more wire hangers!

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Donald TRAY Trump

  • fuckingstoned

    Trump will never get his wall. :’)


    Wall’s getting built though…

    • T-I-G-E-R-S

      In Israel.

  • Joshua Rogers

    Blackpilled people yuck

  • Jesher


    But you’re right. Trump is the balance president. He makes decision based on populism. It’s actually pretty based, really, except our demographics are totally skewed which makes populism effectively impossible.

    He’s giving the people (collectively, not just our side) what they want — but half of the population is, sadly, lobotomized.

    • Edriss Scofield

      Based on huwhat?

    • Fringe Wizard

      He’s giving the jews everything they want.

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