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  • Nice.

  • 12judges

    Behold, the holy-handglove-of-the-half-and-half!!! Half your community will commit suicide, and the other half will try several times!

    And when archeologists excavate your body in 2000 years they’ll call you a ‘male’ – effectively insulting you in posterity. Brave.

  • QuickshooterMk2

    the B in LGBT states there are only two genders

    • Quixotes

      Biweekly means that there are only two weeks. Guess you just proved last-thursdayism.

      • Antisemitism Isavirtue

        >Biweekly means that there are only two weeks.

        No, it means every two weeks, since bi stands for ‘two’, you language poisoning wretch.

        • Quixotes


          • NPC

            yeah man just let us buttchug our soy in peace

          • Antisemitism Isavirtue

            >I was only pretending to be retarded, whoosh

            Remember that there is no ‘irony’, only lies. You intentionally stated that biweekly means that there are only two weeks.
            Says so right there in your post. It’s a false statement, yet was intentionally stated by you, you language poisoning wretch, now trying to warp the definition of what ‘lie’ means.

          • Quixotes

            Except I wasn’t fucking lying, I was making a point which you are ignoring while latching onto the fact that used Irony on the internet as If i was being deceitful.

          • Antisemitism Isavirtue

            >Except I wasn’t fucking lying,
            Let’s see:

            >Biweekly doesn’t mean there’s only two weeks, therefore Bisexual doesn’t necessarily mean there’s only two genders.
            >Biweekly means that there are only two weeks

            Both by you.
            And you would have left it like that, too, if I didn’t call you out for your “joke”.
            You would have left your “joke” standing there as a false argument for your inverted thinking about bisexuality.
            Bi refers to two, sexuality refers to sexuality. Bisexuality refers to two sexes and their sexuality.

          • Simon Lee

            >Biweekly means there are only two weeks
            You’d have to actually be retarded to take that seriously. You’re why /s is a thing. Fuck you.

          • Martin

            Gender doesn’t exist, the only real thing is “biological sex”. Anything other than that was proven to be a mental illness, up until a certain community started to exert pressure on the medical field, and FORCED them to change their terms. But then again – it isn’t surprising to see you support these mental gymnastics, considering what you’re writing.

          • Quixotes

            As a matter of fact, I don’t disagree. Having a disparity between your gender (the psychological expression of sex) and your biological sex IS a mental illness, an illness which gender “reassignment” fails to cure. Trans people need help, the difference is your and the rest of your cabal’s idea of helping trans people is putting their head on a pike.

            Oh, and the idea that “da j00s” are responsible for the use of the word gender (which is useful distinction from sex, if for nothing except for intentifying people as being gender dysphoric) will not hold up within the free marketplace of ideas(TM).

          • Martin

            The reason I despise people like you, is because you project your psychopathy onto us – who the hell said they want trans heads on pikes?
            When talk about illegal immigrants/minorities/IQ difference happens, you always resort to this shit tactic – “Well I guess that means you want them dead!!!”. You and the rest of you cabal want to ignore the issue here, and let millions of children be medically castrated, and have their lives ruined – for what? so that you trash are not considered “Intolerant”. Pathetic.
            Who is responsible? In this case, it’s a wonderful person by the name of John Money. An absolute basket case that ruined lives, promoted zoophilia, pedophilia and almost all other degeneracy you can think of. So instead of putting words in my mouth, go read some actual information.

          • Zon Kuthon

            The Free Marketplace of anything is a mistake.

          • Jesher

            Kek you got rekt bro just concede.

          • Soviet_ Samuelson

            Why do we need more than 2 genders, why shouldn’t gender jusr be a more age appropriate form of the word sex?

        • Jeff

          How do you not understand basic sarcasm

          Holy shit

        • Anony Mouse

          That’s not even what it means. It means twice every week.

    • co

      Come to think of it, all of them imply there’s only two genders that matter.

    • olican101

      Where does it state that?

  • Antisemitism Isavirtue

    Thanos is a jew, made by jews.
    Thanoses face is of the troll/ogre phenotype. Think Ron Pearlman, and the like.
    Thanoses gauntlet is modeled after the breastplate of the kohel gadol priests.
    The infinity stones are a subset of the colored stones on said breastplate, which, on the breastplate are twelve in number and represent the lost tribes of israel, and the perfection of their false god.

    Btw, a reason why the European flag also has twelve stars, it was designed, in part, by jews.

    13 is a much better number, incredibly lucky and fortuitous number, unless you’re a christian, of course, aka judaism lite.
    And while I know that I instantly lost quite a few of you, that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Don’t worry, you can quit abraham any time, since nothingabout it is real, your soul is not doomed to a hell, or to a heaven, at least not the hebrew kind, aka, the bible.

    • Lesbian

      OR, or, or, its a dumb thing for kids

      • Antisemitism Isavirtue

        It’s not mutally exclusive.
        It’s important to keep everyone in the clear about Thanoses origins and design, since people glorify that abomination.

        Plus, it’s another notch in the belt of “jews love genocides and celebrate wanton destruction of life”.
        Purim, passover, hanukkah, holocausts and other fiction, they love to indulge in.
        If there’s wanton destruction and the extinguishing of life, then jews are happy.
        Once one realizes this, many jewish productions become clear.

        Like the twilight zone, that ‘classic show’, once one knows this, then the modus operandi of the show is clear.
        Elaborate, overarching punishment for everyone.
        Bookworm that loves to read? Literally becomes the last person alive (meaning everyone else is killed, obviously) and then, his glasses crack in the end, etc.

        It’s important to know the enemy.

        • Lesbian

          OR, or, or, the twilight zone was a dumb thing for adults

        • Swede

          There’s plenty of transgressions and reasons to hate Jews, pulling this autistic shit is nothing but a waste of time.

          And you know, it makes you look lile an autist.

          • Cody Jones

            I’m kinda convinced that he’s a troll at this point

          • Antisemitism Isavirtue

            >I’m kinda convinced that he’s a troll at this point

            The only thing you are convinced of is being a weasely, dishonest piece of shit with zero arguments.
            But I appreciate your extreme asshurt after your weak attempt at ‘scientificially disproving homosexual emergence through childhood abuse’ with your hackneyed, jew researched paper.

            Since even they, in the end, couldn’t avoid at least acknowledging it.

            Instead of embracing that, you showed the full symptoms of jewed brain and went on a tirade trying to squirm out of it.
            Because being a lying, dishonest wretch is what jews turn one into. Philosemitism leads to a jewyfication of the self, since one cannot be both honest and argue for jews.
            The moment these embodiments of inversion come into a discussion, everyone on their side must say yes to no, and no to yes, left to right, and right to left, war to peace and peace to war, slavery to freedom and freedom to slavery, good to evil and evil to good.

            They themselves become inverted by that process and cease to be human.

          • Antisemitism Isavirtue

            >capitalizing the word jew
            >not liking autism

            You are weak and will never be free, you milquetoast faggot.

          • Zon Kuthon

            Neither will you. Good Things Don’t Happen

        • Orange Crush

          (((Rod Serling))) was an angry nihilist. This comes through in almost ever television project with which he involved himself.

          I will even say that he could write brilliant and moving fiction–when he wanted to. But too, too much of what he created was rage at an empty, hostile universe, screamed onto a page, in an attempt to make the world share his despair.

          This is widely true of those of (((the Tribe))) that involve themselves in the Agitprop-Industrial Complex. I don’t think it’s usually even a planned attempt to subvert or destroy, though it often enough is. They’re angry little troll-men, shaking their fists at an uncaring sky.

          • Antisemitism Isavirtue

            They are aware of their evils, why else would they push for special rights? Including special protection?
            Who doe the jews have their shomrim guard, for exaple.
            You organize a neighborhood watch for your own and see what they say.

    • MychaelDarklighter

      Jim Starlin creates Thanos, and I don’t think he’s Jewish.

  • Blackbeard

    Something something 40%

  • Albionic American

    How does it make normal white people’s lives better when our elites impose their arbitrary ideology at gunpoint about normalizing broken and dysfunctional sexuality?

    • Cody Jones

      Don’t make it worse either. I generally find trans people annoying as fuck but I don’t give a shit enough to go out of my way to fuck with them if they don’t fuck with me.

    • Cody Jones

      Leave the nation then, there are plenty of nations in the Middle East who hate LGBT people just as much as you do and I’m sure you’ll fit right in there.

      • Albionic American

        Since when did wanting to live in a healthy, functional society become “hate”?

        Progressives have boxed themselves into a corner here. They promote a culture of living authentically and expressing your feelings. But when normal white people express their misgivings about our elites’ childish and damaging utopianism, that mysteriously becomes “hate speech.”

        • Cody Jones

          yeah I totally agree with you there, I absolutely hate how the regressive left labels everything they dislike “hate speech” which is an absolute meaningless phrase. Everyone should have the right to speak their mind because freedom of speech isn’t just for speech that you like.

          • Zon Kuthon

            Die faggot die. Allah Demands It.

  • Albionic American

    I’m an athanosist myself. I don’t believe in Thanos.

  • Nogger White

    Something about the latest filmatization of a children’s comic? Please explain.

    • Mrthejodster

      In the movie infinity war the villain uses that glove to kill 50% of all living things so they’re using it to kill 40% of trans people

      • Albionic American

        The people who created the Thanos character obviously don’t understand how exponential growth works. Thanos would have to do this again every 20 years or so, depending on the population’s doubling time.

        • Anna Kalita

          It also didn’t take into account that it’s nearly certain that among that 50% he annihilated were:
          -surgeons currently performing duty
          -drivers currently driving cars/trucks/BUSES; pilots flying planes

          -people whose only duty was to report frequently that everything is in order, lest atomic bombs are deployed…

          • Albionic American

            Thanos’s power is like some Christians’ nonsensical belief in the rapture, in other words.

  • RiseHelios

    Come on goys, support the LGBTHIV+ community!!!1

    • Sargi

      you forgot the P

      • I think it’s assumed they’re all Ps?

        It’s essentially a club for pedophiles.

        • Anony Mouse

          This is the problem with the world, in two sentences.

          • Found the P!

          • Anony Mouse

            I’m bi. I’m proud. No one I know who’s LGBT is any where close to being a pedo

          • Zon Kuthon

            Stop lying and get in the woodchipper, faggot.

          • Anony Mouse

            Damn you’re so cool and hilarious

          • Zon Kuthon

            Nobody is cool. Nothing is funny. There is only Eternal Misery.

          • Anony Mouse

            And you’re so edgy too. I’m shaking and crying so hard right now -_-

          • Sargi

            Yeah, he is.

  • as someone who frequently pretends to be a female, I can say we do not kill ourselves grow the fuck up stonetoss

    • StonetossBannedMeOnce

      He needs to yeet himself off a building. only then will his name, pebbleyeet, be accurate.

      • Antisemitism Isavirtue

        >He needs to yeet himself off a building
        You need to be less of an attention whoring pedophile furfag, Alorwin.

    • As someone sane, I repute your idiotic statement with real world facts and this thing the rest of us call “reality”.

      • Nope

        Based. Word.

    • Antisemitism Isavirtue

      >as someone who frequently pretends to be a female
      Femininity is defined by the ability to give birth with their wombs, something you cannot do. That’s why infertility in women still remains a defect.

      What you can do, however, is paint yourself up as the grotesque mockery of the human form you are.

      • Albionic American

        Yeah, in other contexts we supposedly find wholeness by living in harmony with nature, hence the trendy “progressive” emphasis on eating organic foods, avoiding vaccines, stopping the use of fossil fuels in favor of wind and solar power and so forth.

        But then progressives just throw out their obsession with health, safety and natural living when it comes to the warped beliefs and behaviors of homosexuals and transgender misfits, losers and weirdos. We want our immigrant food handlers to know how to use our toilets, and how to wash their hands when they go to the bathroom because we’ve understood for generations about the importance of isolating fecal matter from getting back into the human body. But we turn a blind eye to gay men who lick each other’s anuses and shove their penises and hands into each other’s colons. No, we have to let these degenerates do this because their quest for sexual fulfillment takes priority over public health.

      • Quixotes

        Femininity is more than the capacity to birth children, just like Masculinity is more than the capacity to conceive children. Trans people aren’t authentically the sex that they LARP as though.

        • Antisemitism Isavirtue

          >Femininity is more than the capacity to birth children
          It literally is the chief difference between human men and women. Take away the ability to grow a baby in a womans womb and she loses everything unique about her. A man can do anything a woman can do, except that.

          • Albionic American

            I’ve known quite a few women who refused or neglected to have children, and not a single one of them struck me as emotionally well adjusted past her fertile years. Our spiritual traditions teach us that we live for purposes beyond ourselves and our selfish hedonism, and especially so for women. You don’t have to believe in a god to see that these traditions recognize a tragic truth of the human condition that feminists can’t make go away just because their ideology teaches them to deny it.

    • Dabby Woods

      JOIN THE 41%

    • Nope

      If i pretended to be something i was not, i’d kill myself sooner than later. Your life is a joke, so i bet you’re fantasizing about it as well.

      Turn around, embrace your beautiful self for what you actually are and OWN it and you’ll be much happier. Don’t listen to the glitch in your brain telling otherwise, it’s just a bizarre itch of biological flaws not intended to serve you any good and you know it deep down.

    • Zon Kuthon

      You should. Allah demands you die, faggot.

  • Anna Kalita

    The movie didn’t take into account that it’s nearly certain that among that 50% he annihilated were:
    -surgeons currently performing duty
    -drivers currently driving cars/trucks/BUSES; pilots flying planes
    -people whose only duty was to report frequently that everything is in order, lest atomic bombs are deployed…

  • Steffen

    Their flags look like Austria

  • greg the libertarian lizard

    wow this is a like a cool comic! I totally love hating on trans…things and not recognizing them as real people! that’s cool, bro!

    • Zon Kuthon

      They aren’t.

  • TrueWOPR

    10% Cuck
    20% Shill
    15% Concentrated Estrogen Pills
    5% Woman
    50% Gay
    and a 46% Suicide Rate

  • Renata Huezande

    If they’re so pride, why so many suicide?

  • how many times can you make a comic where the punchline is just “trans ppl have a high suicide attempt rate”

    • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

      Until the joke is no longer analogous with reality. Now make us laugh and follow suit, you mentally-prokaryotic statistic.

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