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  • Indra Kaw


    • Francesco Rossetto


      • Nice.

      • Quixotes3

        “hurr durr 69 = funni sex number haha”

        • Francesco Rossetto


          • Pink Axolotl


  • Mister Twister

    A good example. Art schools are only useful if you have a lot of money to throw around. But otherwise, you can learn all the tricks of the trade on you own.

  • Vin Leeo

    there is a use. cyber tijuana bibles artist

  • Dabby Woods

    Fart poop and balls

    • Quixotes3

      no u

      • A Snake With Bread


    • deserdoo

      bruh moment

  • Major Matt Mason


  • when I went to uni I got a degree in journalism
    of course all I do now is stay at home and mooch off of my brother and his wife since journalism is corrupt as all fuck

    • Quixotes3

      Could you stop with the pathetic attempts at being controlled opposition? Really, you’re not fooling anyone, the only question is whose alt you are.

      • why are you so paranoid? have you never had a conversation with people before?

        • Quixotes3

          Let’s suppose for a moment that everything you said is true, if you really are a total loser and presumably left wing, why would you admit that here?

          Because you’re controlled opposition, meant to create a negative impression of the left in a corner of the internet used to radicalize the right.

          You LITERALLY advocated for pedophilia as well, an offense which has gotten others banned, yet Stonetoss keeps you around. Hmm….

        • John Javier

          the same thing with graduates in law school LMAO

  • Quixotes3

    What the fuck, I actually agree with this one. That is, until it becomes about die juden und (((Muh Kultural Marxism))), which it always does…

    By the way, creating new accounts each time I get banned requires very little effort. I guess the same could be said for your ban hammer, but something tells me my concentrated autism is stronger than yours.

    • AyoHolUp

      No one cares

      • Quixotes3

        Clearly Stonetoss does, lol

        • Blackbeard

          You overestimate your importance.

          • Quixotes3

            Nah, I’m not “important”, it just isn’t even remotely difficult to piss him off.

          • A Snake With Bread

            how did you get banned

          • Quixotes3

            He banned me from posting with my previous two accounts and manually deleted some of my comments, especially the ones which called him out for being Redpanels.

            I don’t understand what’s not to understand.

    • Dr. Congo Ebola

      >he thinks people care

      • Quixotes3

        Yet the censorship of right-wingers is supposedly a fucking national emergency. Admit it, it’s been about “free speech for me, not for thee” since the very beginning.

  • John Javier

    Learn to Code

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