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  • Albionic American

    Israel treats the United States as its overseas colony that it can extract resources from at will. It even blatantly sends over colonial administrators, like the Israeli banker Stanley Fischer whom President Obama “appointed” to the board of our Federal Reserve.

    • Bonkey Donk

      Of course! We need the rebuild the British empire to stop the Zionist menace! Rule brittania!

      • Ioannis Flerianos

        the british gave jews israel

      • Nope

        What ya need to do is to “Kill the bank!” as a famous president (tried assassinated) once succeeded in, and truly made a people DEBT FREE society!

  • QuickshooterMk2

    seems like everything the jews do is either projection or deflection

  • Die for Isreal.

  • NPC the Clown

    My fellow whites we ask you to give us more support.

  • Rhode Islander


    Swedish Goose: Hjönk

    French Canada Goose: Honque

    Election Goose: Хонк

  • 69YearsYoung

    The absolute madman!

  • 69YearsYoung

    hmm… noticing a pattern here?

    • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

      Greenberg wasn’t even in a position of (direct political) power during the 2016 Election, so that doesn’t work. Hell, Trump strong-armed him as part of a quid-pro-quo deal to help in the coming 2020 Election, thus making Trump the guilty party via manipulation, not Greenberg (Proof: Burisma Investigation has already begun).

      Now if you were to say Kolomoysky, then that’s a different story. Trump really should’ve supported Poroshenko more – at least then, he would’ve tried to reduce the chances of another filthy heeb coming into power in the world.

    • Major Matt Mason

      You forgot Emmanuel Goldstein. ;D

      • Herman the German

        We will fight against Emmanuel Goldstein with all force!
        Or whatever they said in 1984.

        • Yitzchok Sabel

          the brotherhood isn’t real.
          See you in a place where there is no darkness.

    • Hammerstrike

      Pure coincidence!

      • TRVTH


        • Hammerstrike


          • Poo Boy


  • Kurt

    i get it

  • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

    Yes, they really should.

    There’s a reason why every worthwhile country East of Germany hates Russia; you’re being played.

    • Jewish influence is bad,as is the russian.Fuck both.

      • A Snake With Bread

        russia baste

        • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

          “Snake” – how fitting.

      • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags


  • Major Matt Mason


  • John Javier

    The hypocrisy is strong with this one. HAha

    • Allison Kaas

      Actually it isn’t.

  • Pratim Gupta


  • Stonetossisanazi

    Jews: Exist

    Stonetoss: TRIGGERED

    • Lord Otaku Neko

      Okay (((Goldenbergsteinsky)))

    • Nope

      Piss off, Anti-Japhetic Noseberg.

  • Lhassir

    Supporters of Israel are truly ignorant of the historical abuse that Israel has wrought on not only the US, but every country around it. Whether it’s killing US servicemen, selling state and military secrets to China, using chemical warfare in civilian areas, or smuggling plutonium using a shell company, and even provoking wars with regional rivals knowing we’ll be at their backs. To actively support Israel, is to actively support the subversion of our already cracking and corrupt political system at its core.

  • Industrialist Machinist


  • Jared Peirce

    The AIPAC narrative cracks me up. AIPAC has a budget of $30 million

  • ac05jn

    To the tune of “Garry Owen.”

    Well we don’t fight for blood and soil
    We’re hired guns for Standard Oil
    We’re vaccinated and totally loyal
    For Richard Perle and Glory

    We’ll shoot your camels and burn your huts
    We’ll crack your skulls and kick your butts
    We’ll turn your daughters into sluts
    For the Prince of Darkness and Glory.

    We fight for kicks, we kill for gongs
    We’re packing too much boo in our bongs
    We’re totally nuts and this is our song
    For the IMF and Glory

    So now it’s war no end, Amen!
    So lock and load we’re off again
    Galloping off like Custer’s men
    For Richard Perle and Glory

    So saddle up and draw your swords
    We’re off to charge the Afghan hordes
    It’s a body bag or the looney ward
    For Richard Perle and Glory

    So grab your gats, we’re good to go
    Don’t stop us now we’re on a roll
    We’ll get Osama’s head on a pole
    For the New World Order and Glory

    So fall in guys, salute the flag
    Hail the Glorious Imperial Rag
    Now slaughter them wogs until you gag
    For Richard Perle and Glory

    Little lost lambs who’ve gone astray
    Will all be shipped to Camp X-ray
    We’ll feed ’em bagels and make ’em obey
    For Ariel Sharon and Glory

    We are the boys who take delight
    In cracking raghead skulls all night
    We’re just plain bored, that’s why we fight
    For Richard Perle and Glory

    So dig in guys, we’re here to stay
    We’ve got to make a pipeline pay
    From Kandahar to East L.A.
    For Oliver North and Glory

    We’ll cull the herd, we’ll thin the flock
    We’ll hose them peasants round the clock
    Cause we all work for Tavistock
    For the New World Order and Glory

    We’re nothing much just freaking mercs
    With booze and dope and whores for perks
    But times are tough, we need the work
    For Richard Perle and Glory

    We all work for the you-know-whos
    They own the banks, they own the news
    They want the whole world for their zoo
    For Richard Perle and Glory

    And if the Moon offends the Jews
    I guess we’ll have to bomb it too
    Whatever they tell us on the news
    For Garry Owen and Glory

    A Bilderburger a side of fries
    A little plastic bag of lies
    Bon Appetit we’re off to die
    For Richard Perle and Glory

    So put the Green Machine in gear
    We’re off to get some trophy ears
    And then we’ll stop and hoist some beers
    For Garry Owen and Glory

    So sign up if you want some fun
    Yeah, Chicken Little, better run
    We’re hunting heads, we’re high-tech Huns
    For Globalism and Glory

    And here’s our big strategic plan
    We’ll bomb everything that ends in “stan”
    That’s how we earn our pay, my man
    For Richard Perle and Glory

    And after we finish doing that
    HI! HO! we’re off to blitz Iraq
    We can always claim they’re running smack
    For Richard Perle and Glory

    So line ’em up, we’ll open fire
    We’ll kill ’em all Hurrah! Hurrah!
    We love our work, we’re guns for hire
    For Richard Perle and Glory

    We’ll waste ’em all, we’ll slay and rout
    We’ll let Allah sort ’em out
    We don’t care squat what it’s about
    For OPEC cash and glory

    Our satanic bosses sure are swell
    They’ve shipped us to this Roach Motel
    And when we die we’ll burn in Hell
    For the Bohemian Grove and Glory

    We’ve hocked our souls, we’ve turned to beasts
    We’ll guzzle blood till we’re obese
    But we don’t care ’cause we’re wild geese
    For Skull and Bones and Glory

    It should come as no surprise
    That if we’re caught we’re skinned alive
    We’re so glad to give our hides
    For the Prince of Darkness and Glory

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