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  • Hveðrungr

    Like a lion being friends with a zebra.

  • We need to completely change divorce law. A divorced woman should get nothing at all.. It has become obvious that this is the only way to save the family, and thus society.

    • Albionic American

      Men can usually make better decisions for women than women make for themselves when you leave them to their own devices. (For one thing, men show a lower time preference regarding money, like the tightwad Ricky Ricardo versus his spendthrift wife Lucy in the class 1950’s sitcom. Ricky’s way paid off when he could buy his family that nice farm house in Connecticut in the least season or so.)

      So, yes, rolling backs women’s freedom and mancipating them again would make life better overall.

      • Dan Goldman

        Imagine using a sitcom from 70 years ago to justify your point.

        • Imagine having to go back 70 years to find a show that has respectable morals.

        • AWACS SkyEye

          I figured you jews would appreciate us referring to Talmudvision shows.

          • Dan Goldman

            Oy vay

        • Albionic American

          I Love Lucy has attained mythic status because myths show us the truths about human nature.

        • Allison Kaas

          It hasn’t become any less relevant.

      • OffAndSphere

        Should it really have to come down to one person managing someone else’s money? Why can’t both of the people in the relationship at least have a small amount of income that they can make themselves?

    • TrueWOPR

      Name any job in the USA other than housewife where getting fired comes with a raise?
      If anything (barring domestic abuse) she should pay the man, as she’s bailing out on her half of the agreement and screwing the kids over in the process.

      • Jim Crow

        Barring domestic abuse?

        “Following the change to divorce laws Battery cases have skyrocketed, America is facing a new epidemic of domestic violence, more at 7.”

        • Maxim Sukharev

          Yeah, “domestic abuse” is subjective and often not real. A men wanting to have sex with his women is “domestic abuse” to some; a men wanting his women to cook for him is a “domestic abuse”, a men wanting his women to find a job because he does all the work at house, raise chikdren, cooking, doing laundry, shopping, etc, while she being 100% useless is “domestic abuse”. If your men trully beat you up, a simple getting away from him divorce should be enough for you to be happy; getting extra % of his wage as an bonus should not be mandatory.

          • Jim Crow

            And lets be real they don’t need proof for it to fly in court.

    • Strawtoss


      • That’s the main point of degeneracy. It’s an act of war upon our culture and our people.

    • ᠋     ᠋

      The thing is, women weren’t really in the workforce like they are these days so it was understandable back then. Nowadays if they get divorced they can just go get a job. They asked for this. No money for divorce!

  • Indra Kaw

    It’s good if the father or husband is alive. If isn’t:

    By the way… Are that kind of thing only applies to childless family or not? It’s new to me, by the way.

    I had googled “What happens to alimony if spouse dies?”. Thanks for the knowledge.

    Edit 2:
    Is this only applied to western civilization only? It sounds kinda rare… Probably lost in translation.

    Is this applied to non white family too? Let’s say, it’s Mexican American or Africa American or Judaism American.

    • Indra Kaw

      > Spousal support: There is no alimony in Japan. If a spouse is in financial difficulty then sometimes the court will exercise a discretion to give that spouse a larger share of the assets as part of the disposition of the case.

      Oh. So it’s just a Westerne thing.

  • Joel Neumann

    China may be screwed up in a lot of things, but if a woman divorces a man she gets nothing from the man.

    • AMD_Afficionado


      Based and sino-pilled

    • Dio Dio


    • untrue, it’s possible to get alimony in China after a divorce.

    • Roy Fokker

      I love China now

  • NPC the Clown

    And they wonder why men commit suicide after a divorce.

    Spoiler alert, it ain’t because he misses her.

  • Black Spruce

    One day, a man saw a woman who was in distress. “Would you please be so kind,” she asked “to help me?”

    “I am very sorry,” said the man, “but I have to decline as I fear that you will falsely accuse me of assault or other inappropriate behavior.”

    But the woman reassured him, “Do not fear me, helpful man, never would I commit such perfidy. You see, for if you were arrested, I had nobody in the future to help me, and I surely would suffer for it.”

    This made sense to the man and so he agreed and began to help the woman.

    But halfway through she suddenly leapt up from her seat and cried, “He touched me! He raped me! Oh, this monster!”

    The man, as he was led away, stuttered, “But you promised to not falsely accuse me…?”

    “I could not help it,” said the woman. “It is my nature.”

    -The Tale of the Scorpion and the Frog

    • Indra Kaw

      It said “when a man and a woman alone together, the third person is a devil”. Really make me think.

      Distancing opposite sex for good reason. This not only applies to men, but women too.

      • AMD_Afficionado

        Just about the only good Mike Pence has ever done for the USA: giving us the Pence Rule.


    People think I’m joking when I talk about White Sharia, but we’ve reached a point where it’s the only way.

    • Maxim Sukharev

      Sure, but… Isn’t Sharia is a bit too liberal??

      Not that I have anything against Classical Liberalism, the survival of the fittest is my motto. It’s STILL better than ANYTHING of even mildly leftists has to offer, though.

      EDIT: Screw that, unlimited sex slaves + purge of the unclean infidels, consider me as one.

      • MC Syzler

        you do realise that necrophilia is banned, bestiality is banned to the point that even the animal is killed and you cant even eat it because its “unclean”, cannibalism is banned right?

        what sharia law are you even referencing?

        • Chris Redfield
          • MC Syzler
          • Maxim Sukharev
          • MC Syzler


            almost as if abrahamic religions banned beastiality hmmmmm

            why are you spreading lies? are you jewish

          • Chris Redfield

            I am not spreading lies. Neither am I jew. The quote comes Dr. Zakir Naik – a noted Quranic scholar. It is a known that muslims
            do engage in bestiality. Are you christarded or muslim?

            “Zoosexual activity is not mentioned in the Quran at all (which starkly contrasts with its plentiful mentions in the Jewish and Christian traditions).

            Similar to how Christians all regard The Holy Bible as the word of God, Muslims regard the Quran in the same way. However they also have hadiths, which are stories about the lives of the prophets. Some of the hadiths are contradictory to one another, including the only two which relate to bestiality (which is why Islam’s stance on the matter remains unclear).

            The first, Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas says this:

            The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: If anyone has sexual intercourse with an animal, kill him and kill it along with him. I (Ikrimah) said: I asked him (Ibn Abbas): What offence can be attributed to the animal/ He replied: I think he (the Prophet) disapproved of its flesh being eaten when such a thing had been done to it.

            Sunan Abu Dawud 38:4449

            Immediately after it is a hadith which directly contradicts the first, Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas:

            There is no prescribed punishment for one who has sexual intercourse with an animal.

            Sunan Abu Dawud 38:4450”


        • Maxim Sukharev

          I think you’re overthinking an crappy overused image meme that was popular on internet a while back.

          I seriously don’t give a poop about sandnigger religion and their culture in the slightest, so I CBА to actually check if all of these “facts” are correct. I simply found it funny because it represent rather surprisingly “liberal” view at things and so I decided to share it.

          I’m neither seriously consider myself as follower of Sharia law and believe all of the Whites should stay away from sandnigger culture and their traditionsreligion as far as possible and think of something natural and organic that would work the best for our culture and future of White generations.

          P.S. Not that I’m against sex slaves tho, neither against the law that would give me right to purge the foreign fanatics.

          • MC Syzler

            lol yeah islam is liberal if you consider before it came they literally sometimes kill daughters for the lulz

      • Moving Urbanly

        thats more jewish nonsense muslims don’t believe ina ny of that go kys jew bitch

        • Maxim Sukharev

          Lmao, “it was not REAL islam” argument.

          Implying that invading islamicfag are less evil than jews that are behind this (and FYI, islamic arabs, most notable in Saudi Arabia, are behind this one too) just shows you to be a hypocritical filth dumbass that just want play their games and switch the blame on just one group instead.

          You’d be first to hang in public once public finally gets redpilled, you sandnigger scum faggot goatloving dirt retard.

  • StonetossIsAWanker


  • Maxim Sukharev

    Why is it an obligatory to get married with notary? A couple doesn’t need a fuсking paper document to stay together and be loyal. With current law systems, I am not surprised that МGТОW getting more popular daily.

  • Major Matt Mason


  • Ender Einstein

    Honorary Jew

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