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  • android927

    Bad example. The F-35 is a piece of flying garbage that is intended to do the jobs of several different aircraft, despite being less capable than all of them at their respective roles.

    • Jason

      This is an incorrect opinion

    • Alex Roberts

      It’s actually pretty great at everything, and the price tag is for a fleet of planes and spare parts. It’s not even as expensive as it’s claimed. It’s also got the radar signature of a golf ball.

  • Scott Tenerman


  • ahhh yes, I am amused.

  • Grabadora 304

    Maybe trans people wouldn’t kill themselves if transphobic people didn’t harass them constantly.

    • evilsandmich

      Chelsea Manning seems pretty unstable despite even having a President of the U.S. hot for xer

    • Francesco

      So-called nazis and fascists are harassed pretty often, and yet they don’t kill themselves as much as trans.

  • Thomas Barajas

    The F-35 is a flaming pile of dogshit tho

    • C.G.Kenway

      Outdated opinion. Red flags shit on your opinion.

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