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  • android927

    Bad example. The F-35 is a piece of flying garbage that is intended to do the jobs of several different aircraft, despite being less capable than all of them at their respective roles.

    • Jason

      This is an incorrect opinion

    • Alex Roberts

      It’s actually pretty great at everything, and the price tag is for a fleet of planes and spare parts. It’s not even as expensive as it’s claimed. It’s also got the radar signature of a golf ball.

    • TeamMudLing

      F-22 is better

    • buy antonovs or su

    • İbrahim Çetin

      it’s true but you’re saving money by having only one platform in your inventory.

      That being said I’d go for the Su57

  • Scott Tenerman


  • ahhh yes, I am amused.

  • Grabadora 304

    Maybe trans people wouldn’t kill themselves if transphobic people didn’t harass them constantly.

    • evilsandmich

      Chelsea Manning seems pretty unstable despite even having a President of the U.S. hot for xer

    • Francesco

      So-called nazis and fascists are harassed pretty often, and yet they don’t kill themselves as much as trans.

      • Jakob Fletcher

        Francesco being a neo-nazi is an ideology, meaning it’s way easier to hide, making it easier to function in society. Having something like gender dysphoria is way different. Someone going through that can’t just say “I’m tired of having gender dysphoria. I’ll stop having it. I’m just gonna be like the other cis people.”
        That would be like telling a depressed person to “just be happy.”

    • Ryan Smith

      Imagine thinking strangers want to talk to, look at, or ‘harass’ some strange dude in a dress.

      99% of everybody will say and do whatever it takes to make a tranny leave them the fuck alone in meatspace. Nobody wants to start a screaming match with a he/she or be responsible for them cutting themselves.

      • Jakob Fletcher

        Ryan If you’re talking to a trans person, and your first thought is “oh god I better make them leave me alone or I might say something that will make them cut themselves”, then you are doing it wrong.

    • xvtc

      they deserve to be harrassed. the world is made better by their suicides.

      • Simon Lee

        The world would be made better with your suicide

    • V.S. Dal’Sheron

      The harassment is not what kills them, tinkering with things they have no business changing is what kills them

  • Thomas Barajas

    The F-35 is a flaming pile of dogshit tho

    • C.G.Kenway

      Outdated opinion. Red flags shit on your opinion.

  • What a madman.

  • frick stonetoss

    this is almost pro-trans, as it (possibly unintentionally) displays the high suicide rate among trans people, and might make some people more understanding of trans issues, and the pain they go through, for no good reason, maybe this comic will help a few people have second thoughts before posting a comic portraying a trans woman as a man with a ponytail… like seriously do you think we dont shave or something?

  • Szymon Pańczyk

    I feel sorry for you, taking this subject so light. There are questions regarding transsexualism that I don’t want to ask here and now, but the answers to those questions doesn’t matter when it comes to the suicides. Those people, like all people, do not deserve to feel so bad as to kill themselves. They are not directly and objectively hurting anyone, they are just trying to be happy people, and it’s way harder for them than most others. If they are mistaken about things, anyone can choose their opinion about that, but it doesn’t mean they should die.

    • ssgtnelson

      They’re killing themselves because they have severe neurological problems that we can’t treat because idiots will be offended.

      • Szymon Pańczyk

        Maybe yes, maybe no (I doubt you or guys upvoting you have any knowledge in the field and your opinion is probably purely ideological, so I suppose rather not) – my point was just that those people do not deserve to die for not fitting in your ideal society.

  • Edriss Scofield

    This one just felt mean-spirited

    • Szymon Pańczyk

      Exactly. Even the smartest fascists out there, who are on their quest of trying to look good enough for other right-wingers to cooperate and such, they will always show their true colours for a brief moment now and then.

      It’s only primitive types and fascists on the right-wing who actually hate people for being different. The rest of us are not bent on making life miserable for someone just because they have a different life. This is why there is no place for fascist scum in the real conservative crowd. Especially Christians should keep in mind that fascism is NOT their ally.

  • RedstonekPL


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