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  • Love and Justice

    Well that seems a little unfair, women dominate the field of biology.

    • Stiffy Weiner


    • Erik Jarl

      In raw numbers, sure.

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Weew slayed my sis

  • Stiffy Weiner

    The most hilarious part is that Kennedy is a Gemini. Oh, women. You can’t do anything right.

  • Albionic American

    More likely she would say, “You’re boring.”

    Because today’s adult women tend to have the emotional maturity of children.

  • Fantaman

    Or more like they’d get a male doctor to do the diagnostic while taking selfies and taking all the credit like the black hole cunt

    • Zack Wagoner

      You mean the lady who’s gone on record saying it was a group effort?

      • AxiomaticSystem

        She was the assigned figurehead ever since she gave the TED talk about it two(?) years ago.

        • Fantaman

          No, she was the only woman in the team and they pretended she wrote the whole thing.

  • being a sagittarius has nothing to do with being sick
    you’re a fucking idiot more and more everyday

    • Cinj

      The irony.

    • Speg.

      Jesus christ, can we highlight the absolute fucken idiot. This is the second time of caught you being a dumb fuck. THE IRNOY HIT’S HARD FOLKS. It’s clearly a fucken joke. I mean how dumb minded can you be to even state this.

  • Anthony Leone

    When was this comic made, in the 1950s? Women doctors and scientists aren’t like this at all.

    I mean, I guess this is funny if you honestly believe women are air heads and should be in the kitchen.

    • KrugalSvylse

      When was this comment written, in the 1990’s?

      In 2019, everyone knows that caving in to the suffragette movement was our first mistake.

      • Anthony Leone

        It’s 2019 and people know that it’s outdated thinking that women cannot be anything more than housewives.

      • Mariana Ortiz

        Why, because women have standards now? Until you give evidence, this comment makes you look like a fucking incel, bud

        • KrugalSvylse

          Lol, if only you knew how extremely far from the mark you’re hitting with that incel remark.

          Women should have standards. They should not be allowed to vote though, which was the point I was making.

    • You are Not a Victim
      • Anthony Leone

        Hey, I know of many female doctors who are well educated and have treated and cured many diseases.

        They are not the airheads that are shown in a cartoon and to believe otherwise is pretty foolish.

        • Erik Jarl

          Hey I know no men who have raped but I know one girl who has, obviously statistics claiming most rapists are men don’t matter now.

          My narrative and my analogy automatically supersede any scientific evidence or data which go against it!

        • LiberalsDeserveCancer

          Great job! You know some female doctors! That totally invalidates statistics.

          Jesus, you ‘groids are fucking retarded.

      • Speg.

        Im gonna say blue is men correct? I mean it’s “really” hard to say knowing the generation

      • vonakt

        I can’t help but notice that you just used a graph describing the average healthcare major as a female with above-average IQ to make the point that female doctors are stupid.

        You were saying about scientific denialism?

  • PeePeeLarge

    Aight. This one’s lame, but at least it’s not another one of those comics where you pretend you don’t gobble black cock on a weekly basis.

  • shnazzyone


  • fascists are also misogynists and invariably this is evident in their work. a good cartoon

  • Jesher

    Those are some diverse looking thots.

  • Jesher

    Why is disqus/the commenting script such hot garbage? Signs me out every time I turn the page, and absolutely fucks up everything I type in the text field.

  • Matt

    A comic whose punchline is “Women are stupid”, Wow. Got some pent up incel rage there stonetoss?

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