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  • quickshooter

    genital mutilation is a disgusting practice
    weather it’s a boy or a girl it’s still mutilation

    • Charles Holmes

      And yet I feel perfectly fine.

      • BigBox

        People born without limbs probably feel “fine” but that doesn’t mean you get to chop off baby limbs because the doctor says they might break them.

    • John Javier

      dude if that extra foreskin theres a change you might get infection from it. happened already to my son a doctor recommended to cut it off

      • quickshooter

        a simple solution for the “foreskin hygiene”
        wash your penis, it’s 2019
        we’re not living in the desert where access to water and soap is limited

        • Krystal

          It being clean is only part of the issue, it looks and feels fucking gross too. Ever wonder why you never see uncircumcised men in porn? It’s because it’s fucking disgusting.

          • quickshooter

            i have seen uncircumcised men in porn and it’s not really gross

            if their penis is white and clean is actually looks BETTER than a circumsized penis
            then again, why the fuck do you care how one’s penis look?
            mutilating one’s penis for “aesthetics” is the most retarded shit i’ve ever heard

            if it “feels” gross to you i’ed recommend you stop sucking dicks and stop consuming pornography
            it’s all jewish poison, but i’m sure you’re well aware of that mr (((Krystal)))

    • Mister Twister

      But what if the sky gods kill us all with thunderbolts if we do not do as they said?

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