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  • Indra Kaw

    I don’t really get how election works in USA, probably different than the rest of world. But okay.

    Edit: It says “Comic about Bernie Sanders being cheated by the Democrat party.” Okay.

  • Niel

    It’s funny watching him continously getting fucked over.

    • Moving Urbanly

      its hysterical the jew bernie of mossad is there to stalinize and mossadyize and screech then give it to other false faced kikes

    • Soviet☭Loli

      But somehow socialist Jews are in power anyway, right?

  • Major Matt Mason

    Cheer up, Bernie. They’ll have a nice singalong of “The Internationale” at the next stop.

  • FlyingThunder

    Really hoping Bernie can win in 2020, its fun to laugh at Americans because of Trump but im starting to feel bad about them lol

    • Never feel bad about what Democrats do to themselves. It distracts them from doing worse to the rest of us.

      • EnvyReaper

        I can’t agree more

    • EnvyReaper

      No, we literally haven’t been better in a good while.

      • Niki Avranov

        No you are not better. The nation is divided. It spends its resources in unnessasery places. US and A needs to be the leaders of freedom but look what they actually are.

        • Lesbian

          the usa needs to be isolationist again not leaders of your faggy free world

  • The people who can’t manage to quietly cheat at an election in one state want to manage everything everywhere.

    It’s almost like they think “We have all the power, why shouldn’t we use it openly?”

    • TRVTH

      The mask is slipping. They’ve been throwing a tantrum for three years. Donald Trump wasn’t supposed to win. It was HER TURN! Oh-em-gee, it’s CURRENT YEAR, can’t you people see that it was HER TURN?
      These people are evil and insane. They’ve been trying to start another civil war in this country since the 1970s. The next time a Democrat wins the Presidency, they may succeed and get their wish.

      • QuickshooterMk2
      • Shadowban This Cowards

        If jews wanted civil war, they would have civil war. They’ve done nothing for the last 70 years but attempt to prevent it.

        • TRVTH

          It’s already all around you. Come up to Detroit, any Saturday night. You’ll see. The death toll grows higher and higher and the bullets continue to fly.

          Of course, if you are a White man you are required to pretend you can’t see it. Otherwise you risk being made unemployable for “racisms.” This is one reason that only one side is fighting right now.

          As a neutral and dispassionate observer of history, I offer the hypothesis that the only thing keeping the lid on is the common knowledge that the (((State))) will fall like the fist of God upon any White man who does anything but run away and try to hide as best he can. I also offer the hypothesis that between the national debt and the trade deficit, the (((State)))’s days are numbered–it has been hollowed out almost completely, like the nation it purports to govern and represent (partially purposefully–see Cloward-Piven Strategy), and its collapse is only a matter of time.

          When the economy and government finish collapsing under their own necrotic weight, the EBT cards will stop working, and I think it is very likely that a whole lot of people currently trying to serve two masters, make everyone happy, and offend no one, are going to have to choose which side they’re on. This is just an observation. This information is descriptive, not prescriptive. In the end each of us is responsible to his own conscience.

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            >>It’s already all around you. Come up to Detroit, any Saturday night. You’ll see. The death toll grows higher and higher and the bullets continue to fly.

            You’re right in some ways, of course. Discussion of the topic hinges entirely on what we want to call “war.” White genocide is occurring, and it’s definitionally war. That whites refuse to fight back in any way, shape, or form does not mean that the other races haven’t declared war on us. It’s just not what is classically considered a “civil war”, and as such there isn’t one happening.

            >>What (((they))) want is to bring the war out into the open

            They don’t. Again, they’ve spent the last 75 years doing everything they can to prevent that. They know whites would win a race war. We still would. Which is why they’re doing everything covertly, and will do so until they know whites can’t win anymore.

            >>Of course, if you are a White man you are required to pretend you can’t see the war already.

            It’s also the reason whites will never fight back.

            >>I offer the hypothesis that the only thing keeping the lid on at this point is the common knowledge that the (((State))) will fall like the fist of God upon any White man who does anything but run away and try to hide as best he can

            And even then they come after us, since it’s illegal for whites to have white-only towns. And what lid? Whites will NEVER fight back.

            >>I also offer the hypothesis that between the national debt and the trade deficit, the (((State)))’s days are numbered

            Nope. You’re still operating based on logic and reason. You think the numbers matter; they don’t matter. Every economy on Earth is owned by jews as part of a single financial entity. It can never collapse again, by definition. There’s no external metric against which it can be measured. Debt can rise infinitely; nothing has to stop it.

            >>the EBT cards will stop working

            You know this will never happen. They’ll literally just keep typing zeroes into a computer and the cards will keep working, causing everyone with a job to be unable to afford food, causing them to go on EBT, causing the state to keep its control.

            >>This is just an observation.

            Abandon your optimism. It’ll kill you like it did me.

          • TRVTH

            This blackpill nonsense does not help matters.

            (((They))) are only human. They aren’t gods–though they think they are. They aren’t all-knowing, nor all-powerful. They have been defeated and driven from power before, again and again and again. Their schemes have collapsed over and over throughout history–as recently as 1991, where their masterpiece, the Soviet Empire, fell apart–because they aren’t anywhere near as clever, powerful, or wise as they think they are. The fact that they’re evil and insane, and out of touch with objective reality, means the castles they try to build in the air sooner or later always fall from the sky. Their utopias never last.

            (((They))) want you to despair. They want you to roll over and die. It’s easier for them that way. They want you to stay drunk, stay high, sit in front of the televitz and rot your brain with sportsball and Dancing with the Stars instead of getting fit, training, and making connections with like-minded people to band together to survive what’s coming.

            The US is showing all the same signs of advanced economic and cultural rot that the Soviet Union did. When–not if, but when–it collapses, there will be “interesting times.” And it is later than you think. Will you stand up and be a man? Or will you meekly kneel beside the ditch?

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            Don’t use jewish buzzwords. Blackpills don’t exist. There is truth, and there are lies. Red, blue. No other colors. Your emotions do not matter. Your emotions do not matter. YOUR EMOTIONS DO NOT MATTER. Your response to truth does not change truth. It’s still true.

            >>✡They✡ are only human

            You give them too much credit.

            >>Soviet Empire fell apart

            Communism won the Cold War. You desperately need to understand this. The UN still exists. Supranational unions still exist. All Western governments are at least 50% communist now.

            >sooner or later always fail

            Today is literally unprecedented in human history.

            >there will be interesting times

            Those times have come and gone. 50% of white males are already infertile. All of us are poisoned with xenoestrogens, neurotoxins, and hormonal blockers, fed to us in food and water. We cannot escape it. No one, anywhere, at any time, on any level, is going to fight back against this. THEY HAVE PSYCHOLOGICALLY AND CHEMICALLY CASTRATED US. Our will to fight no longer exists.

          • TRVTH

            OK, Doomer.

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            Not an argument. Disprove a word I said or don’t reply.

          • TRVTH

            Either you’re so completely demoralized as to be worthless, or you’re a Fed trolling for someone you can taunt into trying to prove you wrong –and winning a 2am visit from the SWAT team.

            Either way, this has been amusing, but maybe you should run along now. Either stick your head back in the noose or tell your Fed handlers you failed again.

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            >>You’re a fed because you posted facts and I can’t refute them

            Is this really the best you gøddåmn rétards can do? This is a real question; I want an answer. Is this the best you can do? How many rétards do I have to deal with who say the same thing? You can’t refute a word I said. You don’t have an argument of your own. You have no comprehension of the situation we’re in. You can’t seem to wrap your head around HOW jews have maintained control all these centuries… What else is there to be said to you? You lack information and refuse to even try to get it. Sit down and shut up. You know nothing.

            I had a body text here that proves everything I said but it was eaten five times, so you can go ƒuck yourself. I’m not dealing with this bullßhit. The last century of human history proves you wrong and me right. Absolutely no one, anywhere, has done anything about this. You don’t have an argument.

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            Let’s see if it automatically shadowbans images, too.

            EDIT: Yep, won’t let me add an image because “I have to be logged in”, despite already being logged in. ƒuck yourself, then. We’re done here. I’m right, yet again, and nothing, anywhere, proves anything you said.


          • Shadowban This Cowards

            Wow, it might have actually worked for once. Normally all links are instantly shadowbanned. If you can see that image, let me know by refusing to have an argument, refusing to disprove anything I said, and refusing to substantiate your own claims. Cheers.

    • You see that Niki Avranov guy (kid?) with his two alternate FireFighter accounts?

      Likes his own comments and replies to himself.

      Now he changed his name from New England Firefighter to Slovak Firefighter.

  • ImaMeatPopsicle

    One of my favorite things about that fiasco done by clowns and supervised by monkeys was that ‘I-Love-Mayo’ Pete has been talking repeatedly about doing away with the electoral college. Here he is gaining an upper hand in the delegate count in what has to be the most unbelievable f*ck-up in their party’s history outside of secession, and caused specifically by an app snafu created by a company he’s got deep ties to (Shadow) and – as revealed yesterday – owned by a company (Acronym) who’s biggest contributor is George Soros.

    You can’t make this up. And then you could watch IA dems bending themselves like pretzels to justify and maintain legitimacy for the count. De-Nile is not a river in Africa…it runs straight through downtown Duh-Moines apparently.

  • New England Firefighter

    I’m only voting for Bernie because he’s a New England senator

    • Of course you would.

      You’re the type of douchebag who makes alternate accounts to talk trash when people call you out on being a woke douchebag and have no legitimate arguments.

      Go away.

      You and your ItalianEMT alternate profile.

      Nobody wants you here.

      • ItalianEMT

        Grow up

        • Says the person making an alternate account to attack “people with mental problems”.

          Now everybody on here sees what a creep you are, New England Firefighter.

      • Niki Avranov

        No you are wrong. I want him here.

        • Probably just another alternate account. He already made one.

        • New England Firefighter

          Thank You 🙂

    • Lauren Froment

      Eh, go Bruins!

      • New England Firefighter

        Go Bruins!


    This is hilarious. Batshit Bernie can’t complain when the Authorities redistribute the stuff he worked for, now, can he?

    Also, anyone wondering what a Sanders Presidency would look like, by the way, can just re-watch this little gem from Seattle, four years ago. Point and laugh when a gaggle of obese head-bobbing IQ-55 angry Shaneequas stormed the stage, snatched the microphone out of his hands, shoved him away from the podium, and ranted at the crowd about muh racisms.

    Sanders showed his Presidential temperament, decisive nature, and strong will by letting them do it without a word of complaint and then standing on the back corner of the stage on the verge of tears, looking like the sad, broken, crazy old man he is. I don’t know why he didn’t get out of politics that same day, since the whole world saw his own supporters making a fool of him. This is just the kind of hard-headed leader Ameri-Kwa needs across the negotiating table with Vladimir Putin, amirite guise? Bwa ha ha ha.

    Also, golly gosh, I wonder where his Secret Service detail was when he was getting manhandled. Paid off by Hillary to all be taking a dump at once, you suppose?

    • Niki Avranov

      wow this is crazy. First time I see this video. As someone who hoped he actually could bring good changes it kinda saddens me.

      I am trying to think what a better reaction would be. doing anything drastic/fighting back would paint a very bad picture for him either. Truth is they wanted a reaction and knew he was filmed.

      I mean, it is a screw up of the organization and security teams. It could have been prevented but once it got to that situation, what he could have done better?

      I mean yea – you can do something drastic. like insult them, fight them. But do you understand how it would picture him?

      I’m really interested to see if others here could think of a good way to handle such an embarrassment.

      • TRVTH

        The President is supposed to be a leader. Any reaction other than “This is my podium, not yours. Security, get these people off my stage” is absolutely unacceptable from someone who says he wants the job.

        It looks like they knew exactly how he’d react and they knew exactly what kind of man he is.

        Imagine this soft-headed, weak-willed fool across a negotiating table from Kim Jong-Un. Or Vladimir Putin. Or the Iranians. Or the Chinese.

        • Niki Avranov

          From the video how it looks like is that his security are the ones who let this happen.

      • Ethelred

        It just happened again! He tried to stop her, but was overpowered by a short young girl who wouldn’t let go of the microphone! He’s weak.

  • Lhassir

    Weren’t they handing out delegates through a coin toss? Sounds absurd but at this point, nothing is out of the scope of Democrat incompetence.

    • Not just a coin toss. A coin toss they openly cheated at.

  • George Goldman

    Missed opportunity – cointoss in center

  • Moving Urbanly

    its almost as if politics is jewish theater and their is this no goyim need apply law

  • John Javier
  • T4M3R

    This doesn’t make sense

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