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  • Albionic American

    I’d worry more about Kamala Harris. When you flood the country with deracinated, atomized individuals with no investment in the United States, you wind up with carpetbaggers like the childless adventuress Harris who treat this country as a pile of wealth to loot.

    Whereas the Old Stock Americans from organic families and communities, like the ones who voted for Trump, view this country as an inheritance and an asset which needs competent management to maintain its value for future generations.

    It all comes down to a matter of time preferences. Established Americans take the longer view of the country than the newcomers who don’t appreciate the value of what they want to confiscate for their own short-sighted goals.

    • Rhapsody The Blue

      Except they didn’t manage anything. They let the Left march through every institution that propagates our values and culture. They thought “Posterity” was a new fad diet. And then they have the nerve to act surprised when the younger generations hate them and reject everything they claim to stand for.

    • slither61

      If Biden loses, Kamala will run 2024 and she could win like Obama did.

      • Bandit Keith

        No she couldnt everyone hates her

  • NPC the Clown

    That guy is really worried about Biden sniffing his head again than the polls.


    I will begin by observing tha tKamala Harris is a crazy True Believer, as power-mad and amoral as Hillary but also more of an ideologue. Joe Biden is a very old, very sick, very weak, very weak-willed man with obvious crippling cognitive problems and a textbook case of Wernicke’s Aphasia, and possibly also incipient Parkinson’s. His candidacy amounts to elder abuse. However, he is a placeholder. If he is elected–and I use that word guardedly, in light of the election shenanigans already uncovered–he won’t hold office for long, or perhaps at all. He will step aside for Kamala Harris, who is likely to choose Hillary Clinton to be her VP–if Shirley Sherrod, Maxine Waters, and Carol Moseley-Braun have preexisting commitments. This will be hailed by all the usual suspects as a yet another milestone in the Great March Forward of Diversity and Grrrl Powah, because screw you Whitey. Such is the tone of the chosen voices and faces of the We Hate Wypipo Party. They appear to mean it and I take them at their word.

    Both she and Sleepy Joe have promised to disarm Whitey, and appear to mean it. Both have made all the proper approving noises when approached with questions about packing the Supreme Court and unbalancing the Senate by giving the status of State and Senate seats, to be held in perpetuity by Democrats, to assorted flyspeck overseas territories–while still refusing to assent unambiguously, as plausible deniability for the rubes in the cheap seats, so that they can feign surprise when the new Senators from Midway Atoll (population: 40), Palmyra Atoll (population: 12), Johnston Reef (uninhabited), Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Washington DC, and the US Virgin Islands give the Democrats a permanent irrevocable supermajority in the Senate and allow them to do the things they’ve always wanted to do but were never brave enough to admit to. I believe you may already have read the article in The Atlantic last month in which they floated a terrifying trial balloon: abolishing the Constitution by simple majority vote in Congress, in order to swap the existing social contract and highest law of the land for a scrap of brown grocery bag upon which is scrawled in crayon “TRUST US. THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. YOU’LL LIKE IT.” Presumably the R’s and S’s are, charmingly, backwards.

    It is, of course, illustrative to see what they want to do, and what they see as obstacles to The Plan: armed Whites, the Constitution, the courts, the Constitution. Packing the courts would, of course, be a putsch against the branch of government that has previously been the most effective at getting them what they want over the objections of the voters; this indicates that even the idea that it may for a few years have a majority of people who consider the actual words of the Constitution instead of pulling emanations and penumbras out of their asses terrifies them. More to the point, packing the court would, obviously, utterly destroy any remaining shred of legitimacy the people perceive the system as retaining–and perception matters. Legitimacy isn’t what the law book says you have, it’s what the people believe you have, and governments older than ours have lost it for abusing their power sufficiently.

    Rewriting the rules about what can and can’t be a state (Washington DC was specifically excluded in the Constitution for a reason) in order to pack the Senate with rubber-stamp Democrats is an obvious, shameless, crass, banana republic power grab so obvious and so alarming that has the potential even to wake up the normies. Attempting to disarm Whitey–no one pretends that they’re going to send the Army to go door to door in Harlem or Detroit confiscating guns–would have been a pretty damn good way of starting another civil war in the US even were it not the cherry on a feces sundae Kamala and Hillary want to cram down the nation’s throat.

    Everything I see about this election, of course, for the past several months has suggested that the newsmedia are and have been ever since Trump announced his candidacy in 2015 trying to gaslight us–not just slanting the news coverage, but lying outright and presenting agitprop masquerading as news of the day. Trump’s rallies sell out stadiums and draw crowds in the hundreds of thousands. Convoys of Trump enthusiasts over ninety miles in length were spotted again and again. By comparison, Biden and Kamala can’t fill an elementary school cafeteria with bored-looking wine moms. And some are blaming this on the paralyzing fear of the Chinese Flu–but that fear isn’t affecting Trump supporters, nor could Hillary fill elementary school cafeterias with supporters either, four years ago, before the Wubonic Plague.

    Voter registration just since spring in Pennsylvania, which “they” tell us is vitally important to the election results, has had new Republican voters outnumbering new Democrats by two or three to one, with registered Republicans now vastly outnumbering registered Democrats in the state. Yet “they” tell us that Biden is up by some preposterous number of percentage points in the polls in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Attorney General, a slimy little individual named Shapiro, has already gone to the TV cameras and announced that it is impossible for the election results to be legitimate if Biden does not win. This is an alarming statement to make, and could even be construed as incitement to riot. I find it implausible that it isn’t intended exactly that way.

    I also suspect, though cannot know for sure, that phony mail-in ballots from all the dead people in Chicago and NYC, plus tens of millions of nonexistent people, haven’t been already printed up and stuffed into mailboxes by assorted George Soros front groups. I suspect this happens every election. James O’Keefe and Project Veritas caught them red-handed in 2008 and again in 2012, for all the good it did. Obama and Eric Holder made the investigations go away, the News-Entertainment-Industrial Complex dropped the story down the Memory Holes, and no one went to jail. No one ever goes to jail, unless the FBI can interview one of the President’s acquaintances twice a year apart and accuse him of lying based on some insignificant detail differing between the two interviews, like what he had for lunch on May 17th, 1994–and that only if the President is a Republican. I hate to throw around terms like “banana republic” but, well, I suppose I’m preaching to the choir.

    Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Good luck, everyone. This may be the year that we need it.

    • pxf29123


    • Vanessa McKinney

      Ok jew

  • alexjones millr time
    • TRVTH

      Sorry your girl lost.

      • alexjones millr time

        ok boomer

        • Alistair Grove

          Whatever communist.

          • alexjones millr time

            sour grapes, Trump lost.

      • alexjones millr time

        lol this did not age well

  • Major Matt Mason

    He’s actually sweating because Joe is sniffing him.

  • Alberto Soares
    • TRVTH

      The Democrats do this in every election, sometimes even more brazenly–and I think we haven’t seen anything yet, the fraud machine is just getting started. There is never an investigation. No one ever goes to jail.

      You can vote your way into Clown World. This is why you can’t vote your way back out. Honk.

    • Twilk9

      All false and talked about with no context


    Overnight, while all of you were in bed, Democrats in Michigan magically found a treasure trove of 138,339 votes that had been “misplaced,” and all 138,339 of those “votes” magically went to Biden. That doesn’t look the least bit suspicious, amirite guise?

    This happens in every single election, by the way, and it’s always this brazen and shameless, if not more so. In 2016 there were some precincts in Detroit that recorded vote totals of over 300% of the numbers of registered voters in those precincts, and all 100% for Hillary. Over one third of Detroit’s precincts recorded more votes than they had registered voters. The news story was printed, then dropped down the Memory Hole. There has been no investigation. No one has gone to jail.

    *cough* banana republic *cough*

    • alexjones millr time

      you really want Zion Don that badly, and for MIGA to continue eh?

      Donald Trump is a zionist in the same vein as all the others before him.

      Donald Trump is a neoconservative in the same vein as all the others before him.

      Donald Trump is a civic nationalist.

      Donald Trump disavows and condemns white nationalism.

      Donald Trump supports white genocide in all of his policies.

      Donald Trump supports YouTube murdering any white person who hates jews.

      Donald Trump’s entire family either married or dates jews.

      Donald Trump’s dad was personal friends with Netanyahu and local New York rabbis. Never mind Kushner.

      Donald Trump wants to give 500 billion dollars to blacks for being black. 0 for Whitey.

      • TRVTH

        Why are you shilling for Kamala Harris, who is a Communist and a puppet of China, and who has already promised to send the police door to door confiscating firearms from White people? Whatever Trump’s faults, he was infinitely preferable to this. Unless you were hoping to kick off the next civil war immediately, that is.

    • Twilk9

      Man if only you did more research than taking a single tweet at face value

      That 138000 “added” number was actually a subtraction – it was added on accident due to a typo and reduced back to the true value once found.

      The (right wing) pollster who saw it originally and posted it has deleted it and said “my bad, didnt realize they fixed it”

      • Alberto Soares
        • Twilk9

          Lol is that supposed to be a response

      • Nikola Smolenski

        Ah yes, it often happens to me too. I want to type in 0 but I type in 138,339. A common typo.

        • Twilk9

          That’s not what happened but if it makes you feel better, than sure

          • Nikola Smolenski

            So, what happened?

          • Twilk9

            A single county accidentally entered 150,000 instead of 15,000.

            They accidentally hit zero too many times

            Isn’t it crazy what you can find out if you actually do some research instead of plugging your ears

          • That is the excuse they gave you. God only knows how many other “mistakes” like this one were done and nobody noticed.

          • Twilk9

            Right, and your ‘feelings’ tell you otherwise hm

  • slither61

    If Biden will lose. Kamala will run 2024.

  • Alberto Soares
  • Matt

    This didnt age well

    • slither61

      Obama did win.

    • I do not think you understood the cartoon

  • Adil Ahmad


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