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"This is MAGA country."


Whem racism is demanded but the suply is low.

Always assume a race “hate crime” is a hoax and you’ll rarely be wrong

just because it was fake this time doesn’t mean it was any other time. you nazis.

i dont believe chicago pd for a second. we know how fucking racist they are.
btw why is not listed as a hate speech site by the splc already

The Cheif of Police, Eddie Johnson, is literally a black man who refused to charge those black teenagers with a hate crime for kidnapping, beating, and abusing that white boy and streaming it to facebook. Oh he’s racist all right, but not against his kin.

At least 3 out of the 4 got convicted of a hate crime. I think the one who was the youngest/did the least got the lightest charge, but he didn’t get away scot free. The CCoP was hesitant to destroy the lives of these kids, but ultimately they did get what they deserved.

Except if it were as common as he claims, he wouldn’t have needed to fake it. And every fake crime takes police resources away from real crimes and makes real victims less likely to be believed. There were more than 20 detectives dedicated to this case alone because of how much attention the media gave it. their time would have literally been more valuable on any other case or even no case.

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