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  • Algures Cara de Mais

    But the slavers were hebrews

    • To be honest, Hebrews are forbade to have slaves or doing slavery deeds. It was written on their disciplines.

      Then, what’s now? It’s simple. Just make them a slave but don’t look like slave. Minimum wages, bank debts, let them be ethernal tools/consumers by written contract, etc.

      Also see what @noambenarih wrote.

      • Raidho Coaxil

        It’s simpler than that. They own slaves but pretend they’re not slaves. Jews do it all the time to bypass their scriptures; famously, they tie a string around their entire neighborhood so they can bypass religious restriction on entering other people’s houses on sabbath.

    • Mr.Sixes

      DAS RIte!

  • quickshooter

    The Muslims caught the slaves, the Jews transported&sold them, and the Christians freed them.
    yet the (((brainwashing))) that YT wanted them as [broken] farm equipment is too ingrained in pop-culture
    when in reality, nobody wanted these dirty niggers on their ranches

    • antifa supersoldier

      Jews are white, buddy

      • quickshooter

        with a username like that, arguing with you would be a waste of time
        Jews are not fucking white, they themselves admit it

        • antifa supersoldier

          Do they pass as white? Yes, they’re even in the alt-right movement
          Do they have white privilege? Yes

          They’re white

          • quickshooter

            Strange, when Kikes address blacks they claim they’re non-whites
            when they address whites they claim they are white
            but in reality they’re neither
            they are racially mixed somewhat inbred Semitic mutts
            (cousin marriages still occur in the orthodox Sephardi community)

            also it took you two months to reply to this comment, why?

          • co

            Asians pass as white and have privilege. Arabs pass as white and have privilege. Hispanics pass as white and have privilege.
            No, jews aren’t white.

          • John_Stump

            (White privlege)
            You got you guys with your Jews and these guys with their scary white man who secretly controls everything. Yall are weird.

      • Jas

        Not according to them

    • Carver Harrison

      This is false. The US population wasn’t even 1% Jewish. 8% of people in the US owned slaves. Even if 100% of Jews owned slaves, that would only be 12.5% of all slave owners. Also is that all the slave ships owned by Jews? There were hundreds of slave ships ( Stop saying BS.

    • jax

      Couple of Quakers were pivotal and convinced a bunch of other Christians to vote it through. Loads of the rest of the Christians, especially the ones in the deep south fucking hated them and resisted bitterly. Not _really_ a win for Christianity there mate.

  • Albionic American

    Many of America’s founders owned slaves, not because they were bad, but because they were badasses! They put modern white men to shame, because we don’t want to go anywhere near to enslaving anyone now.

    Also these men had no trouble attracting white women who wanted to marry them and bear their children. You couldn’t find an incel among them, because white women back then saw that a white man would could keep Africans in subjection and productive on his farm would make an excellent husband.

    • Soooooooo what happened?

      • Lucas Desjarlais

        Pussies who cared about other people other than their own kin

    • Anthony Leone

      There is nothing “bad ass” about slavery.

  • Ethelred


  • Benny Sørensen

    I think we should pay repatriation and then demand royalties for all the good things our ancestors created that they enjoy every day, Electricity, Modern medicine, The Railroads, The highways, Insulation, Central heating, Democracy, Freedom of speech, Computers, Telecommunication and so on. Our ancestors made the mistake of using people of another skin color as themselves as slaves for a few hundred years and colonizing nations. but the advancements they made will affect people across the globe positively for millenniums. We can pay out the millions when you pay up the billions!

  • Mister Twister

    Okay, hilarious.

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