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bird brain.


If only an ordinary suburban fence could protect normal white Americans from the social devastation caused by civil rights legislation and the Hart-Celler Act.

I find it really sad you think human rights hurts people

If equality hurts you, good

Human rights acts always was about hurting people.

Hurting people in the name of a fake love called equality.

If people who are different getting the same rights as you hurts you in any way honestly you deserve it

Those who betray their own societies are always criminals, and punishing them for their crimes is not a feature limited to nor indicative of totalitarian regimes. The Rosenbergs, for example, were traitors and got their just punishment–but it would have been better if they’d never allowed (((Communists))) access to nuclear secrets in the first place. For other examples, look at John Brown, Mary Surrat, Walter Allen, William Bruce Mumford, and Max Stephan.

“Those who betray their own societies are always criminal”, >Says the person who wants to kick people out of their society for being the wrong color

What does this have to do with communists? Dear lord you racists can’t seem to go one sentence without bring up communists

The answer is extremely simple, and already answered by the Romans and modern western societies: our people are those who wholeheartedly embrace our liberal culture that based itself on the tenets of Judeo-Christianity. See the enlightenment movement and the origins of our rule of law.

That does in fact include the freedom to expound racist ideals, however wrong they may be.

Thinking that ethnicity is what constitutes “our people” is completely inaccurate, from a historic perspective. There was never an ethnically homogenous Europe that developed into the most advanced society in the world. That is a myth.

What if I told you that standing on the Magic Dirt doesn’t make anyone American? What if “our posterity” are blood descendants of those who were here in 1776, and them alone? What if diversity + proximity always equals war?

We were never going to see eye-to-eye, but I am grateful for your replies. I have lived in the UK, US, now I live in Switzerland. Absolutely love it here, and the people are fiercely proud of their cultural roots. The younger generation is not, and it’s a threat to the greatness of the country. To me, it is clear that their superior culture is what makes them better than any other place, not their skin color. And as you know, Poland is losing its workers – they are still moving in large numbers towards the West. A superior culture should, in my opinion, be attractive to its own people first and foremost, just like Switzerland’s is.

And, by the way, 70% of Switzerland speaks a dialect of German, 20% speaks French, 10% speaks Italian. I also used to think language was paramount, and was shocked to find out this great country I live in has four official state languages (Räto-Romansch is the fourth).

Your left-wing cult is only fightning for power and possibility to oppress their political opponents hitler-way, not for the human rights. The most amazing part is that you’re so set on repeating the scripted lines they gave you, you’ll never even stop and think about it.

The entire point of the phrase ‘human rights’ is to appeal to bigots such as yourself. You have no interest in thinking about moral philosophy or the nature of ‘rights’ or their externalities.

You have the ‘I call myself the good guy squad how could I be evil?’ Thing going, and you’re too bigoted to understand that you are in fact evil.

Ah! Denying the right to expression to people who disagree with you and you don’t understand.

That’s what a bigot is. Also a hypocrite.

The fact is you don’t know anything about rights other that the word sounds nice to you. You don’t think about anything past that. That’s why you’re so easily lead around by people who hate you.

“Denying the right to expression to people who disagree with you and you don’t understand.”, you are free to say your dumb ideas, its my right to call you out on it

Stop acting like you are oppressed, no one is trying to kill you and have the ablity to get away with it

“you have no right to talk”

“, you are free to say your dumb ideas”

How much less self-awareness could you possibly have? You claimed there was no right then admitted there was…

Taking a year or two to seriously study moral philosophy may do you good, if you applied yourself.

Equality is only possible by bringing everyone to the lowest common denominator. Equality is a lie.

“Equality is only possible by bringing everyone to the lowest common denominator.”, I don’t see the issue with that

The mentally disabled who cannot take care of itself or the most wretched drug addicts are not equal to the highly intelligent, contributing, and lawful members of society. To argue otherwise is foolish and undermines the worth of those who are clearly are better.

Not disagreeing with you, exactly, but you might be surprised how many people there are out there cashing a “crazy check” from SSI, usually for some form of “anxiety” or “autism,” and living in Mommy’s basement. The number of people getting long-term SSI disability almost tripled between 2008 and 2016, thanks to the Kenyan.

They sit in front of the screen eighteen hours a day, mouse in one hand and bong in the other, picking fights with badthinkers on the Internet, running to the moderators to report thoughtcrime, and so on.

It’s a very fulfilling existence, I’m sure, and in no way, I’m sure, is their bizarre compulsive behavior an attempt to escape from the urge to fellate a shotgun. Surely.

Equality before the law, however, is not a lie.

Men and women are not currently treated equally under the law in reality. Neither are when decent men who defend themselves or others are treated fairly compared to violent criminals who attack others on the streets or invade people’s homes.

Equality under the law is an ideal but not reality.

More and more I suspect that John Wilkes Booth was working on behalf of the Radical Republicans in Congress, as Lincoln was hell-bent on deporting the blacks.

Without the blacks, could any of that horrid legislation have happened?

The “Mister Rogers” of American nationalism, Jared Taylor, once recounted how Booker T. Washington got his fellow blacks to candidly admit that their voting habit was to find what and for whom Whites were voting, and then vote the opposite, out of spite.

Southerners ragging on “King Lincoln” are as guilty of not doing their homework as a “wind and solar power” liberal.

I’m not sure I’m following this as Lincoln was indeed a tyrant, dude wiped with the Constitution, and he was only elected because he sold out to big business.

However, he made the Courts his servants, he literally deported the Congressman who most publicly opposed him, and he arrested the state legislatures + rewrote state constitutions in states that he did not like, and imposed martial law in states that he did.

Since Lincoln is hailed as best prezzy evar, Trump could take a lot from Lincoln’s playbook right now.

Crazy, isn’t it? How sometimes vote totals change over time

Particularly when they do it the moment nobody is supposed to be counting. 😀

No, they did it while they were supposed to be counting.

They just REPORTED it later after counting had stopped, because (as you said) they had to stop counting for the night and turn it what they had counted.

Right, so:

These ballots that were being counted were mail in ballots, and were largely for biden because trump (for some ungodly reason) spent the weeks leading up to election day telling his voters not to vote by mail.

In michigan, Pennsylvania, and several other states, it is ILLEGAL to start counting mail ballots before election day.

They could only start to be counted on election day itself, and were counted throughout the day until the business day was done and they had to stop temporarily. The count for the day was tallied and then submitted in the next few hours.

This was all verified by poll watchers and third parties which (despite what others would tell you) DID include Republicans and neutral parties.

But of course, your EMOTIONS and FEELINGS tell you otherwise, right?

Do you have evidence other than from Veritas?

Hardly reliable. The filmmaker has gotten in trouble numerous times for bribing the peoples he’s filming into doing things like this so he can generate outrage. Look into it sometime

To start with, his record of democrats trying to “buy” votes in Minnesota. His man on the ground went around offering people money to claim this, and one or two shots in the film of people accepting money are actually money that was offered by his man.

And then there was his attempt to catch a CNN reporter in a sex scandal. The sex scandal was going to be him hounding her constantly with pick up lines and bribes and invitations to a boat cruise and other things.

Nice to see your copy game has gotten better though

“Yeah, how about some examples of what you’re talking about?”

Gives examples

“Wait never mind, forget your examples and forget what we were talking about, because look at what the LIBS are doing”


Its priceless, how yall have been acting these past couple weeks. Haven’t stopped laughing once

And in Pennsylvania they have, so far, counted 2.6 million mail-in ballots. The state only mailed out 1.8 million.

You don’t have to have grown up on a farm to notice and recognize a certain smell here.

And it all goes on, and on, and on, and on, in state after state after state.

And yes, every election has been like this since before anyone reading this was born. Or your father. Or your grandfather.

Ahahaha and again

That 1.8 millions number is the number of ballots mailed out to requesting democrats. Just under a million were ALSO sent out to Republicans, equalling about 3 million ballots sent out in total when you count your friendly third parties.

Or maybe you mixed up the primary and gwneral election stats? For the primaries, 1.8 million or so people total DID request mail ballots. Maybe you mixed up the words primary and general? I know the longer words are hard for you

Come on, TRVTH. Its almost like you’re just pulling up this bullsh!t because you know ill get a chuckle out of it. Nobody can be this illiterate

It’s both. Plus systems designed where there is no known chain of custody for ballots.

In a bank, if an envelope has a single dollar bill on it, its chain of custody is recorded and tracked at all times, and there is a record of where it was, who possessed it, and who touched it each time it is moved. This is because money is important.

But ballots aren’t, and most voting and vote-counting systems in the US seem to be designed to be as insecure as possible. Because a Communist intellectual, (((Noam Chomsky))), told us that “intent can be inferred from predictable outcomes,” we cn only conclude that the purpose is to allow for the maximum creative latitude for ballot-box stuffing for Democrats.

Just wondering, don’t most of the people saying that wear masks at those rallies you’re talking about?

daily reminder that media actually seriously literally said that BLM protests REDUCE the spread of covid

Our elites have cobbled together this coalition of outsiders, misfits, weirdos, losers, dysfunctionals, utopian kooks, etc., when in other contexts this alliance wouldn’t cohere or make any sense, because they want an army with the task of making normal white Americans’ lives worse.

They can never reach their stated goal of “social justice” any way because their grievances come into conflict. For example, The New Yorker magazine a few years back published an article about how feminists don’t want transgender nuts showing up at their events because these men larping as women give real women the creeps (they fall into the Uncanny Valley, in other words), even though theoretically feminists and transgenders should work together as partners in the same uprising of society’s oppressed against normal white people.

You aren’t wrong. Blacks hate Mexicans hate gays hate animal rights activists hate environmentalists hate globalists hate Moslems hate feminists. The fact that the Republican Party has never made any serious attempt to poke at the weak spots in this anti-civilizational crazy-quilt coalition of malcontents and crazies who all hate one another is just more evidence that they’re controlled opposition.

I personally dream of an America in which a shrunken remnant of the GOP is still permitted to exist, but it is the furthest left serious party, being well to the left of White nationalist and Nazbol parties, which would be centrist. What would be on the right here is left as an exercise for the astute reader.

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