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  • Alberto Soares

    In 1950s leftists said that capitalists formed a reserve of slave labor.

    In 2000s leftists say capitalist countries must open their borders for third world immigrants.

  • Indra Kaw

    “Workers rise up!”
    “Which workers???”

    • Pink Axolotl


  • There is an entire country that Mexicans can “improve” and make great again. It’s called Mexico.

    Mass immigration is war.

    • TRVTH

      Of course, if they were capable of improving it, it wouldn’t be a Third World cesspit.

      • that was done by governments

        • TRVTH

          Governments they created.

          Culture is inescapably a human creation. Man creates culture. Culture does not create man.

          • AMD_Afficionado

            Culture does not create man? How can this be?

            Both the lefties and the neocons swear to me that “bad neighborhoods” and “bad schools” create bad people, and that if we move these people into good schools and good neighborhoods, both of which happen to be massively White, then these people will become good.

          • TRVTH

            Both Leftists and Civnat cucks profess unending, enormous faith in Magic Dirt Theory. How long do IQ-55 African cannibals need to stand on the Magic Dirt in order to turn into productive Westerners? 400 years and counting.

        • Pink Axolotl

          I am Mexican and what they say about us is 100% real. Immigration is and must be perpetually illegal. Globalism is nonsense with a natural inclination to chaos.

    • Nope, no such thing as ‘illegal immigration’ just crossing an invisible line, I would do the same for my kids. Mexico is better than America anyways I’m moving there someday, more freedoms. Most come from socialist Venezuela or Nicaragua,

      • TRVTH

        Here we see the Kwantung Army of Imperial Japan crossing an invisible line into Manchuria in 1931. Certainly not illegal. Certainly not an invasion.

        • SuperSeal

          How are you gonna compare a mexican family to the Imperial Japanese invasion of mancuria

          • TRVTH

            How can’t you? What’s the difference?

          • 69YearsYoung

            The difference is that Japanese were trying to make Asia better whereas Mexicans only make America worse.

          • That’s not true at all

          • japan is tyrany because they ripped away people’s individuality for hammer and sickle

        • 69YearsYoung

          Han Chinese are the Jews of Asia.
          Puyi, China’s last emperor, escaped into the Japanese Embassy from the Forbidden City, where he was confined after being dethroned. He asked for help. The Han Chinese were keeping him to make it look as if Manchuria belonged to the ROC. But with all his ancestor’s graves being destroyed and all the treasures stolen, Puyi really became sick of the Han Chinese and demanded to go back to Manchuria as an emperor. Since then some 700 representatives of Manchurians, Mongols, Koreans, youth, and other groups living in Manchuria got together in Fengtian and decided to found Manchukuo.
          So, Machukuo was established with the help of the Japanese government but all of its ministers and politicians were Manchurians. And with the return of the emperor, all the robbers, burglars and the like were subjugated under him, and soon order was restored to Manchuria.
          Some people call it a puppet state. But if this was a puppet state, what about all the Latin American and Caribbean countries of the time supported by US? What about Hawaii? What about India supported by the British? The truth is that it was a country all Manchurians wanted and welcomed.

      • Holyphonic

        If you’re going to troll, you should at least make an effort.

        Arguing that “invisible lines” are a thing while also acknowledging a real distinction between “Mexico” and “America” is low effort.

        • TRVTH

          I can’t help noticing that he doesn’t even try to respond to this.

          • Eh I was tired of trying to rationalize with children, but I’ll do it now anyhow.

        • There is but it’s a false dichotomy and you’re not defining your term thereby gaslighting people and using the hidden schizophrenic messaging. Borders are still social constructs but people only live there because there is lines and you assign them to groups, idiot. It all hinges on sociology-economics and the status and formation of government.

          • Holyphonic

            Word salad

          • Or you’re just a low iq moron who can’t read more than 3 syllable words.

      • Sheputster sadfvreb

        Ok, the Soviet army simply “crossed an invisible line” when they took Berlin in 1945?

      • Pink Axolotl

        As a Mexican who lives on the edge and whose family is from all over Mexico I can tell you that although in certain areas Mexico is better, in general the US is undoubtedly a MUCH better place to live, although sadly, the country that previously emanated a feeling of progress and perfection is becoming a black spot on the map and in a short time it will become as detestable as Mexico because of people with the same ideology.

        You do not know what you say. And the fact that you have a Mexican girlfriend does not make your comments more valid, most Mexicans are a ball of indecent people without culture who hardly stop listening to trash music and start reading a little.
        Nationalism is the best option IN EVERYTHING.

        So please stop fooling around and do what most Mexicans don’t do: read and meditate on the implications of what you say.

      • NeonPanda


    • Also my girlfriend is hispanic and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • Major Matt Mason

    “You a scab?”
    “You here to take my job?”
    “What’s your name?”

    -With apologies to Jack Benny and Mel Blanc

  • Albionic American

    Mexicans show a better attitude towards work than our own black people.

    • TRVTH

      That’s not a high bar to pass.

      • lol

      • Albionic American

        Not if you run a hotel and need housekeepers who show up reliably.

        • TRVTH

          That was never a problem when businesses were allowed to put out signs that said “WHITES ONLY, No Negroes or Foreigners Need Apply.” Of course, they had to pay a decent wage, too, and I suspect half the reason (((they))) love “civil rights” so much is that it allowed them to force down White men’s wages.

    • That’s what I’ve been saying for the past several months, deport the nlggers, they are far more lazy and commit way more crime than hispanics.

      • TRVTH

        Embrace the power of “and.”

        • no, I am hispanic asshole

          • TRVTH

            Then this isn’t your country and can never be. At best, at BEST, you can be a guest here. It is a shame that so many of our guests wear out their welcome so quickly.

          • I was BORN here dipshit, unlike you. no such thing as ‘planet america’

          • TRVTH

            It doesn’t matter. This is a White nation, of the White race, by the White race, and for the White race. Invaders are unwelcome, as are their children and descendants forever. Your kind have your own nations. This one is ours. The only right that confers citizenship here is blood right, not birth right.

          • slither16

            Don’t say white to the Spaniard, this is a ANGLO nation.

          • then why do all the people who run your government are jewish? wow you’re an idiot! What a joke! lol!

          • OberMirasu

            You’re making a point with something we also hate, dumbass.

          • yeah but you’re jewish

          • Correct. You are an Hispanic asshole.

          • okay McCuck

  • Black Spruce

    Californians are a far greater threat than any illegal immigrant could ever be.

    • NPC the Clown

      Let’s also tack on Portland to that too since the mayor really loves freeing criminals/ anitifa.

      • Jaqen H’ghar

        When the American Balkanization happens, Portland will become a Chinese puppet colony

        • TRVTH

          You mean it isn’t already?

      • TRVTH

        Portland and Seattle were–supposedly–good places to live until they got colonized by Californians in the 80s and 90s.

    • Chris Redfield

      They are both bad. The traitorous leftists enable illegal immigrants enter and settle in the nation, increasing crime and devaluing the labour of citizens. Illegal immigration is already bad enough, the flood of legal non-white immigration is another matter to consider. Non-whites statistically prefer bigger government compared to White Europeans who prefer smaller government.

      • WeWuzKangz

        Haha look at us EVROPEANS supporting cucked individualism and liberalism VVGGGGHHHHH we mvst retvrn to tradition….

        • AWACS SkyEye

          Ask your parents for permission before posting online again

      • Hammerstrike

        “Actual liberalism!”
        “Return to tradition!”

        Read the Turner Diaries.

    • 100% agree, a lot of immigrants bring cheap labor and help the economy, it’s the leftists that enable them with the welfare state so the immigrants can leech.

      • TRVTH

        Forcing down the pay of people who work for a living is the very definition of harming the economy, not helping it.

        Tell us, what happens when so many foreign colonists show up that they become the majority and can vote to take your stuff?

        Do you have doors on your house?

        • That’s the worse analogy I’ve ever heard

          • TRVTH

            Answer the question. Do you have doors on your house, or do you allow anyone to cross the “invisible line” at your door way, walk in and settle down, and take your property and your home from you?

          • AWACS SkyEye

            It’s not happening, my friend. Once a communist decides to refuse to respond to your argument, it’s just going to continue sperging.

          • TRVTH

            You are correct, of course. That doesn’t mean a record can’t be here for the world to see.

          • William Brennan

            He’s literally the opposite of a communist

    • Industrialist Machinist

      Please remove the Turning Point USA cuckservative logo and repost.

    • Except that all the illegal immigrants are fleeing places that have already been made worse than California. To them, California is still a golden place that could benefit from their experience and just a bit more socialism.

  • Alistair Grove

    I love it when the Left eats itself.

  • Bidewfus

    Stone whenever you draw working class men why do you cover their eyes?

    • Sheputster sadfvreb

      Because covering up your face is considered divine and honorable, which is why Aurelian, possibly one of the greatest Roman Emperors, did it. Idk, but maybe its a cool way to show respect.

    • AWACS SkyEye

      Maybe he doesn’t know how to draw goggles, but still wants to pay respects to Engineer.

  • Cave Opp

    Its intentional, diversity prevents unions according to several studies..

    • TRVTH

      It also destroys social capital, which is always the first duty of the Party Vanguard, according to Gramsci.

      It also creates a fragmented, atomized, alienated, anomic low-trust society where everyone feels like a foreigner surrounded by strangers, no one can ever feel truly safe, truly at peace, or like he’s at home, ever, even for an instant. The (((Tribe that Shall Not be Named))) has complained for centuries that they feel like this everywhere, so they make sure everyone shares their misery. Of course, they also complained for centuries that they were the only people in the world not to have a homeland of their own. Since 1947 they have one, but they won’t stay there. I wonder why that is.

  • Paul Wood

    That’s why rich capitalists are always trying to use them…either here or by shipping jobs there.

    • TRVTH

      (((rich capitalists)))

      • oh shut your hole you don’t even know what capitalism is

    • shut up , we know you’re a plant

  • QuickshooterMk4
  • Maxim Sukharev


    • MaxRideWizardLord

      It cost 420,000$ to welfare this Mexican family, for 12 seconds.

  • Pink Axolotl

    As a Mexican from Tijuana (on the edge) I can say that they have all the reason, immigration is and should be illegal. You as Americans must cling to nationalism and you have every right to defend the integrity of your country and to select those who migrate to it and those who do not.

    In my country the political party that won is socialist and believe me IT IS A CHAOS, a stupid hippie named AMLO entered as president and everything has gone downhill.

    Every time the news talks about immigration as a good thing, the only thing I hear is “I want to commit crimes and be applauded for it”, as in the US, in Mexico the news are bought by socialists who drink soy milk.

  • Ayyy lmao Bezos be mad at unions

  • LetsPlayPC

    Any supposed economic value that immigrants supposedly bring by picking fruit or cleaning hotel rooms for minimum wage is likely more than offset by the massively disproportionate amounts of welfare and social services that they consume, a phenomenon that has been documented copiously. Immigrants come to this country in no small part because it is a gigantic feeding trough.

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