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  • Pete Zaitcev


  • Deplorable Z. Ben

    It was a bubble.

  • It’s not a bubble. It’s a pyramid scheme.

    • Indra Kaw

      Real Man using Real Money: Dinner and Shekels.

  • tragic the gathering

    The gambling man is rich and the working man is poor and I ain’t got no home in this world any more

    • HOH

      Gambling? Rich? Only if you’re the owner of the slot machines, buddy.

  • BearGlitch

    This aged really well lol

    • ribeiro j

      This aged really well lol

  • Gecko

    Just checking in to make sure you didn’t forget this comic and how stupid it makes you look.

    • Danny Grayson

      Just checking in to make sure you don’t forget how stupid you look for complaining about a satire comic instead of just not reading it.

      • Gecko

        He is the one putting himself on an open stage not me. I’m seeing his stupid comics everywhere, so I came to check this shit out for myself and the general absence of any logic is looking stupid. I’m not the one pushing my shit into every corner of the net.

  • Stiffy Weiner
  • Deplorable Aaron M

    Hehe, yeah….

  • Bluemushroom studios

    this aged terribly

    • Tsayper

      why aged, it didnt burst, 7k$ now

      • Now it is around $10k but it is not good.

        If you buy, then you loss money.
        if you sell (if you can), then you loss money.
        if you transfer, then you loss money.
        And bitcoin was valued in $15k.

        So,, bitcoin is a game where you HODL but nobody earn money doing that.

        • CGJ

          You have to catch it at an upswing, i got in at $2k and sold around $12k so there was some money in it, but its just risky af.

  • Hairo Aguilera

    This aged decently

  • Sankari✓Fᵉᵈᵉʳᵃˡ ᶦˢᵗ

    Yikes, this didn’t age well.

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