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  • quickshooter


  • Pedro


  • Jas

    Sad is right, sad that people believe NASA at all, cons.

    • John_Stump

      The earth is a pizza with a hole in the center for the garlic sauce we all know this.

      • Jas

        Well the NASA satellite high resolution pictures of Antarctica has a hole in the middle. A perfect circle they couldn’t photograph.

  • James A. Pyrich

    > seen

    • Mr.Sixes

      that hurts more

  • disqus_M2vcDNqEtu

    it’s mad funny that in between the deranged comics that are like “the KIKES want to turn you into a FAGGOT who fucks NIGGERS, also pwease don’t call me a fash” he also makes these buzzfeed normiebait comics.

    • Isaac Howard

      yeah its hilarious

  • Luxo Lizón

    Help me, I do not understand, my mother tongue is Spanish, and I do not know what the “k” message is funny about.

    • Raidho Coaxil

      It’s short for “ok”. The aliens dismiss Earth’s message as irrelevant.

  • Anthony Leone

    Oh, I’m sure some NASA official who knows more about life out there than what can be said in public.

  • Mr.Sixes

    “….bitch you wanna get war of the worlds?”

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