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  • quickshooter


  • Pedro


  • Jas

    Sad is right, sad that people believe NASA at all, cons.

    • John_Stump

      The earth is a pizza with a hole in the center for the garlic sauce we all know this.

      • Jas

        Well the NASA satellite high resolution pictures of Antarctica has a hole in the middle. A perfect circle they couldn’t photograph.

        • Maxim Sukharev

          Do you want a shovel to scoop up the pieces of your brain pouring out of your ears? I’ll help if you’d like.

  • James A. Pyrich

    > seen

    • Mr.Sixes

      that hurts more

  • disqus_M2vcDNqEtu

    it’s mad funny that in between the deranged comics that are like “the KIKES want to turn you into a FAGGOT who fucks NIGGERS, also pwease don’t call me a fash” he also makes these buzzfeed normiebait comics.

    • Isaac Howard

      yeah its hilarious

    • Dr.Weird

      You almost sound mad that the kikes turned you into a faggot who fucks niggers, you should cool it with the anti-semitism pal.

      • Matt

        It was the Jewish people who turned me into a gay man who is sexually attracted to african american men? Wtf I love jews now

        • John Doe

          I think the politically correct term for cocksucking, queer-ass, faggotty, faggot-ass faggots is “Homosexual-Americans”

          • Matt

            You say those things like they’re bad. What did gay peole ever do to you?

          • John Doe

            Well for one, they’ve encouraged degeneracy and confused young generations with it. They’ve ruined comedy and general social interactions with political correctness, if you’re talking to a liberal you can’t make any jokes unless they’re squeaky-clean, G-rated jokes that squirrel could understand, and they’ve just pushed society as a whole in a negative direction. We could have been mining other planets for resources, bringing them back to Earth and building the massive futuristic skyscraper cities we’ve always envisioned by now, but instead we’re fighting over who gets to use which bathroom, and whether or not a kid should be allowed to transition.

  • Luxo Lizón

    Help me, I do not understand, my mother tongue is Spanish, and I do not know what the “k” message is funny about.

    • Raidho Coaxil

      It’s short for “ok”. The aliens dismiss Earth’s message as irrelevant.

  • Anthony Leone

    Oh, I’m sure some NASA official who knows more about life out there than what can be said in public.

  • Mr.Sixes

    “….bitch you wanna get war of the worlds?”

  • Minty Chewrin (MintyCMS)


  • Jeremy


  • Maxim Sukharev

    >tfw you expecting the superior alien race to completely exterminate the whole of humanity, but they only write “k”

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