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I LOVE the gays...


stonetoss finally got one right
all of you nazis are gay as fuck and crave man meat
might as well move to canada and come kiss me you c-coward

I need the sauce on this asap

To be fair it does say “BlueBreed” at the top. Look his stuff up on, or whereever you usually go. And take some higher-tier edits on the way out. I am happy about fellow degenerates though!

Have a topical thing from not too long ago, that illustrates the truth of this, at least when it comes the jews.

Allison Mack, smallville actress, was busted for bringing women into a sex cult.
The leader of the sex cult is jewish, Allison Mack is jewish, many of the women brought into the cult were jewish.
How, and why did the cult leader make the women have sex with him? He told them that they were reincarnations of “Nazi criminals”, that they were nazis in the past life.

Of course the lawyer/judge who went through this case was also jewish. Which amuses me.
Look up the case for yourself, this is just a summary. There are more “jewish nazi” (as in, the ‘evil neo nazi hollywood strawman’) than there are actual, unironic, true to 1940s NSDAP National Socialists.
If you find anything grotesquely “nazi” nowadays, there’s a 1488 chance out of 1500 that there’s jews or golems behind it, but in this case, the jews actually lead. Not even their dumb shabbos goyim, who so readily parody ‘nazis’ outnumber the output of jewish nazi bullshit.

Sadly, for them, the amount of actual jew degeneracy committed that gets reported, is actually also committed by actual jews, and not detractors.
Bad luck on them.

I didn’t know they were all jewish, I read about it everywhere, even in 4chan, and it wasn’t describing they were jews and that explain a lot the absolute state of that place. For all I know now, Mack’s mother is indeed jewish. Raniere too? Didn’t find info on this one. Dayumm!

I feel you’ve done the “Rubber/Glue” talking point before. But hey, it worked for “OK”. Now we move onto Phase 2, co-opting LGBTQ into Let’s Go Beat Those Queers; and showing the rainbow flag is beautiful because it keeps colors separated.

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