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For real now, do you honestly think leftists are making kids trans?

No. Being trans is sorta inherent. You can’t make someone trans. However, letting kids learn about transness can help us in discovering who we are and make trans kids more likely to realize they are trans. So no, but kinda.
Source: am trans kid

The problem with transgender, etc. is that there is gender dysphoria which is a serious psychological issue that needs to be addressed and people who become transgender because they think its trendy, and if you try to help someone come to terms with their gender instead of immediately encouraging a transition (which greatly increases risk of suicide) then you’re deemed a “transphobe.”

Right. It’s impossible for years of telling kids that straight white males are evil and lavishing trannies and homos with attention and special events to have any effect on somebody’s developing sexuality or gender identity.

It’s simply inconceivable. And this you know, because what causes transgenderism is settled science and definitely not completely unknown.

yeah it’s not like little kids will wear dresses and take hormones and let their dicks get chopped off because they want the approval of their single mother who really wanted a daughter, and who can now get away with this child abuse since there’s no one to tell her no, or take the kid into protective custody; that would be transphobic after all. then the kids hit their late teens, realize what they’ve done, and kill themselves.

I will never forgive your kind for what you’ve done to my family, my friends, and my community. If there is a god, may he curse you and every generation of your descendants with misery and disease forever.

Moderates, atheists, and RINOs are constantly cucking to the homos and fag-enabling, but let’s pretend that the Christian Conservatives are the problem.

Are you unable to exist outside of the binary political spectrum? They suck equally.

More like 75% fagthiestleftrinotards, 25% churchians.

The roles are actually reversed, with 75% of ATHEISTS being (far) left, and a similar percentage of Christians being right-wing.

I just re-read your comment and I agree, Western Christians suck at being right-wing and Christian, but they’re still the only major group that is largely right-wing, there is simply no alternative. Exclude white Christians from the white voting base, and the rest of whites votes for mass immigration etc. Should the (undeletable) comment in waiting get through, I want to apologize in advance for the condescending tone

Convenient how you left out all the pedophiles in your group

You realize that according to the studies into general child abuse, you are less likely to be abused by a priest than by the general public? Stop believing the lies of Hollywood. Percentagewise and numberwise, teachers are worse, too. But you don’t hear about that

You mean you have data on how many cover ups the church has done?

It doesn’t take an argument to discredit your none argument. You made a baseless claim and never supported it with evidence. Then you evaded and changed “the goal post”. You are wrong. More people get Sexually abused by the church then in education. Stop pretending differently so you can excuse your own vapidness

No, you don’t understand. The burden of proof that the coverup in public education would be any less is ON YOU.

Sexual abuse by public educators is at 5-7%:

Abuse by catholics at 4%:
“These different methods both yielded the
same statistic: approximately 4% of Catholic priests and deacons in active ministry between
1950 and 2002 have been accused of the sexual abuse of a youth under the age of 18. ”

The total number of sexual abuses in edu is likely to be more than a hundred times bigger due to the sheer size, yet all we hear about is catholicism. Why?

christians are constantly failing in reading proficiency. Phil 3.2 “Beware of those dogs: those people who do evil: those mutilators who say you must be circumcised to be saved.” = 50-90% of american males have been forcibly circumcised as children.
sodomy etymology = “the sum of sodom”. what kind of idiot hears a story about a city full of rape, torture, mutilation, murder, and human sacrifice, and thinks to themselves “oh, god blew them up for sticking things up their butt”?

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