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  • Afs Don

    lmao nice title

  • west

    So the communists are shooting other communists, and not dissidents? So what’s the point here, he’s a dissident because he doesn’t think that they’re real communists and communists kill dissidents, or communists kill each other because reasons?


    • Ukrutor

      Party purges don’t need any reason. As recorded in an old Soviet joke:

      Three men in the prison cell are sharing their stories.
      – “I’m here because I spoke ill of comrade Ovechkin,” says the first guy.
      – “I’m here because I spoke well of comrade Ovechkin,” says the second guy.
      The third guy looks up.
      – “I’m Ovechkin,” he says.

      • Nicholas Blackman

        dying to know how that third guy got out of prison to birth one of the greatest hockey players of all time

  • Rickety Janes


  • LMTR14

    well this one doesn’t make any sense whatsoever

    • ElJugador

      if you’re smarter than a doorknob you can figure this out

  • Filmore Bloom

    The original concept of communism has never been successfully executed in any government because of:

    1. There needs to be an excess of supplies and services in the society for it to work.

    2. All communist governments have been corrupted in some way or form so that the spread isn’t equal among all citizens.

    3. None of the communist societies have been able to make the original concept work in the real world.

    Communism in its purest form isn’t a bad idea [read Looking Backwards by Edward Bellamy for an example], but it hasn’t ever been executed in this manner because people tend to corrupt things with their greed, and there aren’t any countries with the elements needed to make a successful communist republic.

    • Home

      Actually communism is basically slavery in it’s truest form

    • Adam Darwin

      Gee, I guess we’d better try again.

  • Stiffy Weiner

    Fucking tankies.

  • Frans Cobben

    Many followers of L Trotsky were killed by other “fellow” communists!

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