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  • Afs Don

    lmao nice title

  • west

    So the communists are shooting other communists, and not dissidents? So what’s the point here, he’s a dissident because he doesn’t think that they’re real communists and communists kill dissidents, or communists kill each other because reasons?


    • Ukrutor

      Party purges don’t need any reason. As recorded in an old Soviet joke:

      Three men in the prison cell are sharing their stories.
      – “I’m here because I spoke ill of comrade Ovechkin,” says the first guy.
      – “I’m here because I spoke well of comrade Ovechkin,” says the second guy.
      The third guy looks up.
      – “I’m Ovechkin,” he says.

      • Nicholas Blackman

        dying to know how that third guy got out of prison to birth one of the greatest hockey players of all time

  • Rickety Janes


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