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Reminder: If you own an Apple Laptop, you're part of the bourgeois.


So the communists are shooting other communists, and not dissidents? So what’s the point here, he’s a dissident because he doesn’t think that they’re real communists and communists kill dissidents, or communists kill each other because reasons?


Party purges don’t need any reason. As recorded in an old Soviet joke:

Three men in the prison cell are sharing their stories.
– “I’m here because I spoke ill of comrade Ovechkin,” says the first guy.
– “I’m here because I spoke well of comrade Ovechkin,” says the second guy.
The third guy looks up.
– “I’m Ovechkin,” he says.

The original concept of communism has never been successfully executed in any government because of:

1. There needs to be an excess of supplies and services in the society for it to work.

2. All communist governments have been corrupted in some way or form so that the spread isn’t equal among all citizens.

3. None of the communist societies have been able to make the original concept work in the real world.

Communism in its purest form isn’t a bad idea [read Looking Backwards by Edward Bellamy for an example], but it hasn’t ever been executed in this manner because people tend to corrupt things with their greed, and there aren’t any countries with the elements needed to make a successful communist republic.

Actually communism is basically slavery in it’s truest form

If you look properly you’ll see Communism is basically Feudalism repackaged. Serfs with minimal to no rights toiling away in a state close to or outright poverty to fund the excesses of a tiny ruling elite caste.

…And then the college tankies will cry about capitalism from the safety of the college dorm room paid for by their parents.

Gee, I guess we’d better try again.

True communism actually has been tried! In the 1930s during the Spanish civil war, Catalonia adopted the envisioned democratic communist government form. It rapidly saw increases in freedom and standard of living, while the rest of the country only fell apart. And yes, there was a conservative republic in Spain as well at the time. It faired worse off. The fascists won the civil war, and everything went downhill.

Stalin was a class traitor, don’t trust tankies

I hate Stalin, I hate the USSR, I hate forced collectivization and I hate the idea of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Communism, as most often put in practice, is horrible.
But that doesn’t mean socialism is bad. The idea of socialism is to ensure that people have the ability to live with their necessities fulfilled. No matter if you were born with less skills and dedication so you can’t start a business or find a well- paying job, you’re still a human being with thoughts and feelings. Everyone has the right to food, shelter, health, and, if possible, happiness. That is what democratic socialism fights for.

So you support arbitary hierachies? Just wait til the rich’s robots take over and we live off the crumbs of their UBI

That’s perhaps capitalism endgame, ghettos with free Hulu and Taco bell drones, while the rich live in their pleasure palaces with their sex robots

I wouldn’t label myself just yet, but pushing society toward sophisticated technologies that would give independence and self-reliance back to the people is what I advocate. I’m sure the military has the means already. I’m talking about devices as ubiquitous as cellphones that can form or grow homes and vehicles from soil; chimera plants that can even grow meats; organic-digital hybrid technology to replace plastics and metals.

But in my system we would still be a republic. A federation of republics with limited and decentralized power. Basically peacekeepers that keep anyone from causing too much imbalance or ruining the local environment. Otherwise you would be free to do as you please; and if nothing else, you could start your own sovereignty by terraforming previously uninhabited regions of the sea, sky, underground, or space.

Unfortunately evil is metaphysical and will seep into the hearts of men one way or another. Unless we figure out whatever the hell interdimensional demons are and kill them all lol.

Actually, as long as we’re talking about the hypotheticals of breakthrough miracle technology, we could always partition off our own universes or dimensions to rule as we see fit. Go be a nuisance somewhere else, basically.

It would be like VR except without the crippling atrophy.

well then George Washington should also be consider one since during his years of power the native population of america was wiped out and we also should consider Franklin Roosevelt as a dictator since he ordered the death of millions Japanese CIVILIANS whit the nukes and we also should consider George Bush one cuz he ruined the middle east but no one of those people even Hitler is bad as Pinochet which was also put by the us government in Chili

well yes but even USSR did better whit their version of it than any of the European nations no joke it took Russia 80 years to become nuclear power from countrie whit 0% electricity or industrialization also durring the “great depression the comic of USSR become 200% more efficient

if you dont believe me then look China countrie whit “no people rights” “dictators” no free market and genocides and then compared it to Africa the complete opposite

Any fantasy story sounds plausible in your head if you want it badly enough, still total garbage with no basis in reality.

Communism will never work. Ever. Humanity wont allow it. Reality will not allow it. maybe when we’re turned into some hive-mind where we’re not even human any more, until then no bueno.

The Manifesto explicitly calls for a ruling class of elites to force others into compliance… that some must be elite to keep the rubes equal. Then, that nothing is iff limits to achieve utopia… it wasn’t about equality, it’s about achieving the perfect society.

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