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  • pecunia strigis

    A+ fellow wrong thinker

  • they don’t like when the boot is on the other foot.

  • it’s like when a bully gets bully he runs off crying to mommy

  • quickshooter

    the eternal plebbit

  • An Cat Dubh

    So now you’re bitching about people just… not listening to you? Not shutting you up by force, not shaming you, just… turning away.
    Cuntservatives are a bunch of fucking snowflakes.

    • Dip Shitterson

      How terribly astute of you. Nailed it all. Simply put, censorship is people not listening to people.

      Oh wow, with your intellectual capacity for interpretation, why waste your time here with a bunch of cuntservatives snowflakes?

    • Lahel Light

      Where the fuck did you get that?

    • I’ve been watching tons of YouTube to pass the time during slow work hours and the censorship is surreal. I wish all it did was censor MAGA hat wearing hyper-retards. It goes far, far beyond that, however.

    • KrakenFartz

      Anyone else get past ‘So now you’re bitching…’ without switching off?

    • ElJugador

      If you think that’s what’s happening, you’re actually retarded

    • xvtc

      lol fag

  • now the chinese are censoring reddit and its the end of the world… bitch MDE, FJR, FPH and coontown got banned ages ago and noone cared, now that you’re affected though censorship is a big deal?

  • Stiffy Weiner
  • Antisemitism lsavirtue

    I have never needed reddit, the chans, voat, or any forum to spread the truth.

    Plus, it’s the people living around you that are the most important, anyway. Live in a village, it makes things easier.

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