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"I've never seen a thin person drink diet coke" -Donald Trump


are bug burgers an actual thing

theyre just a ben garrison strawman for hating (for whatever reason) on people that care about the planet – there are meat replacements out of proteins from insects, but ive never seen those actually being sold anywhere, pretty sure that was just a concept from a science side.

It’s a trial balloon (((they))) float every few years in the mass media that (((they))) own. “You stupid goyim have sinned against Gaea by building civilzation! Your children and grandchildren will eat bugs forever, while (((we))) eat steak!”

And yes, this stuff is being sold. If you haven’t seen it, you haven’t looked very hard.

Yeah come on! Just like TRVTH said, you didn’t check vat19, the site that bills itself as an unusual curiosity shop and sells pickle candy, bacon soda, and of course, the poop knife.

Clearly if you didn’t check a place like vat19, you haven’t really understood how much bug food has entered all corners of the market. If they’re sold there, they’re sold everywhere!

Trying? Have you been following the SJW shenanigans in Wayne County, Michigan?

The county election board had two Democrats and two Republicans. There have been serious, severe, and persistent anomalies in the vote counts, with numerous precincts counting more votes than registered voters. Of those counting stations established in Wayne County for mail-in ballots, about 75% counted significantly more ballots than were mailed out to residents of the area. The two Republicans at first refused to sign off on this obvious, in-your-face, banana republic style ballot-box stuffing. Their bold stand lasted about 25 minutes, because the city council called them “racist.” The local Antifa/BLM contingent threatened to doxx them. The state attorney general–a Stronk Womyn Democrat and open lesbian, of course–threatened to have them arrested and charged with “contempt,” though it is not clear she has that statutory authority over election officials and may in fact have committed multiple federal felonies by attempting to intimidate election officials. If you believe the material circulating on the chans, a Detroit city council member named Abraham Aiyash threatened them and their families with violence in a Zoom meeting on the afternoon of the 17th.

So they folded like a cheap suit and signed off on obvious fraud. And got doxxed anyway, complete with pictures of their houses and the names and ages of their children, and addresses of the schools they attend, being put online by cackling SJWs who said things like “gosh, hope nobody kidnaps your kids, fascist” and “hope nobody burns your house down, you racist trash.” They’d have been no worse off if they’d stood firm. But Charlie Brown is going to just keep on letting Lucy pull that football away at the last moment and laugh at him. It’s been the running gag of American politics since Nixon.

And yes, intimidation of election officials in the US is highly illegal, in theory. In practice, the Deep State protects its own and there will be no consequences for anyone but the Republican election officials, who have been made unemployable nationwide for the rest of their lives as “Nazis,” while Mr. Aiyash, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and the people who doxxed them will skate. Just as the same FBI that previously spent a decade kicking in the doors of families where a teenager had downloaded an .mp3 let Hillary skate on four hundred felony counts for her illegal private email server, because “no reasonable prosecutor would try to make the case,” i.e., she’s a Leftist and can do what she wants, laws are for the hoi polloi.

They’d have been no worse off if they’d given the mob the one-finger salute and stuck to their principles and given the Twitter mob and the corrupt Detroit ward-heelers and wire-pullers a thumb in the eye–then under the state constitution, and under Article II Section 2 of the US Constitution, the state legislature of Michigan, which is heavily Republican-dominated, would have voted to assign the state’s electors. Good ol’ Charlie Brown had to try to kick that football again. Good ol’ Republicans had to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again. Roll the laugh track. Welcome to Clown World.

I hope you’re right. Then, too, these are not exactly the actions of people confident of victory, are they? Getting caught red-handed stuffing the ballot boxes, then going directly to insulting and libeling the people who caught them, then making open threats of violence, reeks of desperation.

Also, one of the Republican electors has now publicly recanted on her certification, testifying that she signed the papers under duress because threats of violence were made against her and her children–given the time stamp it appears she got out of Detroit as fast as she could and did this within an hour or two of the certification vote.

One wonders where the other Republican is. If he doesn’t do something similar, the vote will still be at 2:1 and I don’t know whether state law on this requires a unanimous vote.

Desperation or a tactic of destruction. (((They))) want to destroy America and acting so corrupt that we have no choice, other than total surrender and capitulation, but to bring about the Boogaloo is one option. Of course (((they))) will then claim the moral high ground, but we all know how hollow that is.

Well, you’re not wrong. I think the Left in the US has wanted a civil war, badly, since the 1970s. Go read “Prairie Fire,” the book about “de revolooshun” written by Obama’s mentor, William Ayers, and the rest of the Weather Underground terrorists, back in the early 1970s. They desperately wanted to get America off the world stage altogether–partially for nihilism and destruction for its own sake, partially to allow poor misunderstood Pol Pot and Robert Mugabe to bring about Heaven on Earth with their own local revolutions, without Western interference. They were absolutely gleeful about the idea of overthrowing the US government with the assistance of Soviet and Chinese troops, and building “reeducation camps” in Alaska and Arizona where 10% or more of the population, the “hard-core irreconcilables,” would be “liquidated” in order to “safeguard the revolution.” At the time this was 25 million people, at a minimum.

And since the Clinton Administration, they’ve been pushing harder and harder and harder to bring it about. I remember when I heard about the truck bomb in Oklahoma City–if that’s what it was, and not an accidental detonation of many tons of stored “evidence” in BATFE underground vaults beneath the building–and wondering if that was the beginning of it.

Speaking hypothetically, if something like this is to happen, better with Trump at the helm than Biden. Let the green-haired SJWs be the ones to play “urban guerrilla” and see how far they get when the gloves come off.

Hahahaha oh man. So many things here that are just so effing ticklish

First off, wayne county didn’t have an overrepresentstion of voters. 878,000 or so votes were cast, in a county with over a million registered voters. In addition to checking those numbers, you can go through the tabulation precinct by precinct here:

If you go through the data, not a single precinct goes over the 80s in percent turnout. The average is about 67%.

Its over a hundred pages though! And I know how much you hate reading things.

Second off, your claim of multiple precincts reporting mail in ballots that are about 75% more than those sent out:

This is originally a claim from Giuliani, who provided a list of the precincts in question.

The (hilarious) problem was, the precincts he named as examples weren’t in wayne county. They weren’t even in michigan. They were in Minnesota, and were using voter registration and mailed out ballot numbers for Minnesota.

Its funny! You relying on information from Giuliani, who ALSO doesn’t appear to read what he puts out.

Like peas in a pod, aren’t you?

bug burger, maybe not, but in california they do sell bugs processed for human consumption. I only knew that even because of Markiplier’s Unus Annus channel, one of the episodes was him and his friend Eathen challenging themselves (and each other) to eat bugs . . . . so yeah, it’s not something I’m aware of *currently* but it’s within the realm of possibility

most processed foods have trace amounts of bugs, only because they get into everything. its not intentional.

but no, i have never seen a bug burger. bugs are popular snacks in a lot of eastern countries though.

Which, combined with Starship Troopers, is why I am very confused by this “bugmen” meme online not being a reference to Asians exclusively.

Bugmen are that specific category of nerdy urban soyboy manchildren who unironically watch juvenile superhero movies and buy the comic books and the merchandise, and who are always HYPED HYPED HYPED for a chance to fork over cash for the next iPhone, tickets for the next superhero movie, the next collection of anime character figurines shipped direct from Japan, and all manner of other pointless conspicuous consumption of plastic toys and popculture ephemera in a vain attempt to fill the hole where normal people have patriotism, pride, and family.

It is not a racial category. Most bugmen are white, but not all. Bugmen are the ones who obey enthusiastically, without thought, and would take the glasses off because they are comfortable in their role as CONSOOMERS.

The only actual bug-based food I’ve heard about is that cockroach bread some scientists in Brazil made, anything else I’ve seen was just straight-up “look, we ground up a bunch of grasshoppers and made them into a shake!”, deep-fried tarantula, or etc. I think the bug burger is more a joke at how some environmentalist groups have been trying to suggest that replacing real meat with bug-based substitutes will be essential for saving the planet.

I’ve tried some of that fake meat…. not all bad. As long as I get the same taste / texture, I don’t mind eating “healthier”. (Morningstar spicy breakfast sausage patties aren’t half bad!)

Let me tell you a story about an acquaintance of mine. He was in his forties, in very good shape. He worked out, he wasn’t overweight, he didn’t drink or smoke or use drugs. But he had high blood cholesterol, which ran in his family. He and his doctor decided it was better for him to have a low-fat, low-meat diet than go on a cholesterol drug. So he ate all the vegetarian stuff, the veggie patties, the tofu hot dogs, and so on. That got his cholesterol under control.

He was in really great health when he died in an automobile accident at the age of 42.

It’s good to exercise. It’s good to eat healthy food. But–nobody lives forever. Every time you get out of bed and step out the front door, you’re rolling the dice. Memento mori.

You say that’s evidence of the fickleness of fate. I say it’s evidence that cars are inherently unacceptably dangerous and their use should be strongly discouraged by fuel taxes and public transit subsidies at least until self-driving vehicles can drive much better than humans. Driving is by far the most dangerous thing people do in their daily lives, statistically.

And high fructose corn syrup isn’t very healthy for us either. And there are questions about how well some municipal water systems treat their water and whether it’s safe for consumption–and not just in the Third World, either. Flint, Michigan, for example.

You pays your taxes and you takes your choice, I guess.

Was cola any healthier when it was still using sugar?

It irks me that every single politician cucks bigly to these corporate welfare loving big corn farmers. I’m surprised that Trump’s team thought that they would vote for him if he kept their gravy train flowing since his then-public postilion on immigration would have sent their entire labor force packing.

I was under the impression that large-scale agriculture with corn is almost entirely mechanized these days. It’s the tomato growers and owners of fruit orchards who insist that having to pay minimum wage to American citizens will put them out of business, it’s anudda shoah, oy vey!

of all the things i dont get “alt rights” hating on, veganism and enviromentalism is one thing that baffles me. shouldnt people who value homeland and tradition fight against corporations exhausting and polluting their land, and gigantic meat factories ruining the ground water?

I will start by saying I don’t speak for the entire New Right movement, and even in the movement there is a lot of disagreement on things like this.

It is my impression–since you seem to be asking about the movement and not individuals–that they hold agrarian societies and pre-20th-Century agrarian values in high esteem, and see them as an ideal toward which to move, circumstances permitting. At the same time I believe it’s a conscious trade-off, because mass industrialization and mercantilism make nations wealthy and powerful. A nation that is weak is not in any position to decide its own fate. A people can’t have self-determination if their nation-state lacks the means to make their decisions stick. That productive farmland is very noticeable from outside the borders and it isn’t realistic to assume the neighbors will leave them alone.

To put it in terms that might be more readily grasped and accepted by normies and Leftists, look at World War II. The narrative we are all taught in school is that the Axis was an existential threat to the US. And the war was won in very large part by American industry. That meant, among other things, so much smog from the steel mills in Pittsburgh during the war that the skies were black as midnight at noon, and people with asthma were dying by the hundreds, coughing up blood from the polluted air. It was recognized, not as positive, not as a model for the future, not as an ideal, but as a necessary price to pay in order to win the war. If we had lost–according to the Narrative, anyway–we would not now have the luxury of being able to talk about how best to organize our society and determine our future, because our enemies would have defeated us and occupied us and they would be making those decisions instead of us.

I also suspect that veganism might be more broadly accepted if vegans weren’t such smug, self-righteous, preachy assholes. If they acted like normal people, it’d be viewed as a dietary choice and not immediately associated with green hair, man-buns, nose rings, tattoos, vaping, and a Prius covered in bumper stickers with Leftist slogans on them.

“I also suspect that veganism might be more broadly accepted if vegans
weren’t such smug, self-righteous, preachy assholes who can’t shut up
about their diet fad”
honestly thats really a social media bubble trap that people fall into with any movement – people judge right-winged people because of trump fetishist nutjobs on twitter, people judge the left because of some crazy hyper SJW blue checkmarks on twitter, same with veganism and every other group – ive personally never seen one of these people in real life, for any movement, and i can strongly recommend just not using twitter as its pure cancer

That meant, among other things, so much smog from the steel mills in
Pittsburgh during the war that the skies were black as midnight at noon,
and people with asthma were dying by the hundreds

Is this extreme hyperbole?

I have seen film made during the war years in Pittsburgh purporting to show this. It certainly looked like it was shot at night. “The smog in Pittsburgh is SOOOOOOOO bad” jokes were a staple of 20th Century late night TV comedian monologues right up until the Clintons sent all the steel mills to China and Mexico in the 1990s.

Likewise, the public health authorities have been telling us for generations now that the health effects of even one one-hundredth or one one-thousandth as much air pollution as Pittsburgh had circa 1944 causes thousands of premature deaths each year in an urban area thusly afflicted. They couldn’t be lying, could they?

I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s not about “hating on” veganism of enviromentalism for me.

I hate on people that extort money from me, supposedly to save the world, when in reality they’re lining their own pockets. Not only am I then making these sacrifices for nothing, but I’m helping create a world where only certain elites can afford beef, plane travel, personal transportation and so on.

I would be on board with renewable energies, as long as we’re not outsourcing the production overseas or making electricity so expensive heating or warm water becomes a luxury only reserved for a chosen few.

is that how it is in the US? in my country electricity is still very cheap and we have 42% renewables… but i get you, when theres profit to be made people always abuse good faith, although the worst ive seen is big corporations using legal loopholes for green verifications that they didnt really earn, nothing as horrible as you suggest…

Nope, in the USA we only really get new natural gas powered plants for generating electricity.

The problem is that these natural gas plants do not really lower the cost of electricity as these plants cost yuge sums to build since they are “disguised” as wind farms and solar plants.

Most notorious is Ivanpah, a sprawling “solar power” facility that is effectively a natural gas powered plant built in the middle of a desert and surrounded by a bazillion overpriced mirrors. Would’ve been way cheaper, and more efficient, if we had used that money to build several natural gas plants instead.

There is a small but extremely vocal, well organized, and very well funded portion of the environmental movement that appear to view nuclear power with unreasoning superstitious terror. Their leaders hate it because the US has substantial reserves of uranium ore and would become independent of the rest of the world, at least in terms of energy, and might even sell surplus power to the power grids of Canada and Mexico. They hate that. Anything that makes America stronger and wealthier, they hate. They love “renewable energy” but all the good places for a hydroelectric dam already had dams constructed there before 1960, and some dams have been demolished in recent years for “environmental reasons,” and all the rest of the “green energy,” like ethanol from corn, solar power, wind power, is bullshit that violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics and results in net losses of energy rather than gains. The anti-nuclear movement in the US is funded very heavily by the Saudis, just like the anti-fracking movement.

Let me bring up some illustrative quotes from the Galaxy Brains behind the movement, from an LA Times article from 1989 about the possibility of cheap energy from nuclear fusion.

“Complex technology of any sort is an assault on human dignity. It would be little short of disastrous for us to discover a source of clean, cheap, abundant energy, because of what we might do with it.” Amory Lovins

“Giving inexpensive and abundant energy to Americans today would be like giving a machine gun to an idiot child.” Paul Ehrlich

These people are few in number but they are absolutely serious. Go look at the Georgia Guidestones, one of their cries from the heart, and notice that it basically involves getting rid of 90-95% of the Earth’s current population. Environmentalists are anti-human in general, anti-White in particular, and as much of a death-cult as Islam.

No country of any size (or population) can use 42% renewables and still keep the lights on. It’s coal, oil and gas that keep the lights on at night when the wind isn’t blowing. Hydro is good, but there are only so many places to build a dam, and the salmon really suffer. Mmm, tasty, tasty salmon.

This is why “environmentalism” is hated as it is never, ever about “saving the planet” but is always about lining corporate pockets and oppressing the people in general.

For example, the anti-strip mining protestors are no where to be found when mountains are being dynamited to install those fugly and more destructive (and worthless for electricity) wind farms.

The hippies who protest pipelines and road improvement are never to be found when some deep-pocketed developer wants to raze acres of forest to install a McMansion community, but then they pop up months afterwards to gripe about all the new runoff that is mysteriously appearing and polluting our rivers. Hmmmm

0bama wrote that it was necessary for energy prices to skyrocket for his agenda, the leftist agenda, to be implemented. Environmentalism is always a means to that end.

Don’t forget that every wind turbine is also made 100% in China. Every wind turbine generator contains four tons of rare earth metals in the magnets, in a form making them prohibitively difficult to recycle. All that rotating mass, due to weight and size constraints, must be held by tiny bearings that get a constant flow of oil for lubrication. If the oil pump fails, there is one and only one failure mode:

Which happens hundreds of times a year, because the oil pumps are made in China too.

Solar panels are objectively even worse on almost all counts. It takes so much energy to manufacture a solar panel that you’d have to put it in the sun all day every day for thirty years just to recoup the initial expenditure. If you are in a place that gets normal weather, it might take fifty or a hundred years. This is because solar panels only convert around one third of one percent of the light falling upon them to electricity, a figure not significantly changed in a century of R&D and $billions in subsidies lavished upon “green energy research” in the US. Manufacture of solar cells requires etching silicon wafers with hydrofluoric acid, one of the dirtiest manufacturing processes going, environmentally speaking. Solar cell manufacturers in China get to buy gold and silver, used for the connectors and conductors, at yuge discounts from the US government, and if not for these welfare checks your government is writing to the Chinese with your tax dollars, solar panels would cost ten times what they do. How much of the gold and silver you’re buying for this is being diverted to the Chinese government’s hard currency reserves is left as an exercise for the alert reader.

Everything about solar and wind power makes us poorer and our nation’s enemies, like China, richer and more powerful, and makes the national power grid less and less able to supply the public’s needs. I guess this is just another of those mysterious coincidences. It couldn’t possibly be intentional, could it?

Funny how leftists who obsess over “natural” living don’t have a problem with gay homofecalism, transgender bodily mutilations and using artificial hormones, produced by Big Pharma, to sabotage women’s natural fertility cycle so that these women can engage in sterile and emotionally damaging sexual relationships with men who treat them as throwaways.

“Dontcha know the whales are gay, bro?”
“Bruh: frogs change their sex”

That seems to be the go-to response from the lefties, that because animals may do something naturally it is therefore “natural” for humans to do something unnaturally.

I also question all of these observations of “gay” animals as not only could this be (willful) misinterpretation by the human observers but being observed by humans could make the animals do unnatural things.

…the Big Pharma concoction also has the side benefit of filling all of our water supplies with synthetic estrogen. The quasi-scientific campaign to shame smokers out of existence because their “secondhand smoke” affected others really needs to be brought back and focused on hormonal birth control, where it indubitably applies.

Perpendicular to your comment, but don’t frogs change gender when from chemical exposure?

It’s true.

What a world we live in, when Alex Jones is a better source of accurate information than CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and all the rest.

What a world we live in, when Alex Jones, on the Right, comes forward with a message that human activity is having dangerous and destructive effects on the environment, only to be mocked by Leftists and environmentalists, rather than being congratulated for coming around to their way of thinking.

Birth control also interferes with human pair bonding. Women will date men while talking the Pill, then when they stop after they get married, they discover that they don’t feel attracted to their husbands any more.

And no, I didn’t find this on some Manosphere forum. You can read descriptions of the phenomenon in mainstream college textbooks on human sexuality, like The Psychology of Human Sexuality, by Justin J. Lehmiller. (Sorry, I don’t have my copy handy to give a page reference.)

Leftists are people who think it’s unconscionable to administer hormones to dairy cows to increase their milk output, but administering hormones to eight-year-old boys to make them grow tits is A-OK.

In the old days house slaves had their genitals castrated to increase loyalty to the king. In modern times they tries speech therapy (showing understanding be being compliant) & Slaves to the Company Store by drugging them on Hormones, Ritalin & Prozac. They typically target the most out going or rebelus of us for this conversion therapy. The goal is to make it so we can’t function in society.

I like cola, be it Coke or Pepsi, but I abhor the diet and zero sugar stuff. It tastes like sweetened urine and feels drier, paradoxically. I hate how Pepsi Max is the standard in Pubs now, like they want me to start drinking.

Never liked drinking all the “soft” drinks that are full of sugar and fake flavors

just make your own iced tea and you’ll never crave any (((Americanized))) drinks again
it’s literally 4 ingredients (5 if you want it sweet)
Mineral water, tea, Lemon or lemon juice and some fruit (mostly for flavoring) for sweetening use Liquid Stevia
incase you don’t know how to make iced tea i’ll give a simple recipe that even Coco the Gorilla could do

get a nice decent container like this
some Frozen fruit (Raspberries, blueberries or even strawberries)
the lemon juice and of course the tea
tea doesn’t matter because green tea works with blueberries and other frozen fruits
but normally you’d want Hibiscus (caffeine free) and you want berries

i’m not gonna go on about which brand you should buy but the key factors is that the tea should contain some actual dried fruit
such as raspberries, and some flavoring herbs/spices like lemongrass and licorice root (quality matters)

set up the container, put 4-5 selected bags of tea into the container
put some frozen fruit of your choice into the container
now pour hot mineral water into the container
now add 25-50 ML for pure lemon juice (you can also add lemon slices)
add some stevia for sweetening (optional)
if you really wanna be fancy you can add either mint leaves or cinnamon sticks into the container as well
stir and close the container

put the container in the fridge

congrats, after several hours you’ll have an iced tea with quality unmatched by anything you can buy in the supermarket

side note, i make multiple containers a day
haven’t drank coke or other jew’d sugary drink in literally years
and for stevia i highly recommend a brand that doesn’t use alcoholic sugar or Vegetable glycerin (which is derived from corn)

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