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  • the #ThotAudit is hilarious

    • Edriss Scofield

      No it’s not

  • Whammin are stupid. What else is new?

  • quickshooter


  • Algures Cara de Mais

    The BitchCoin bubble popped like a nuke

  • sex workers still face horrific misogyny and exploitation in their jobs, and must be supported accordingly. a good cartoon

    • ElJugador

      Your nuclear-hot retard takes are the best

      • using completely unnecessary and inflammatory slurs really drives home your point. a good comment

        • ElJugador

          you’re never going to be a real girl so this is how you deal with that pain i guess

          • lmao. a good comment

          • ElJugador

            I shitpost to deal with the fact I’m never going to be a real tiger either so

          • you do you i guess

    • Russ Lindquist

      misogynists still face horrific exploitation by sex workers, and must be supported accordingly.

      • do you think about the words you write before posting them? like, at all?

        • Russ Lindquist

          yo mama

          • that’s a funny way to spell “no”

          • Russ Lindquist

            your fat mom is a funny way to spell no

          • do you think about the words you write before posting them? like, at all?

          • Russ Lindquist

            “Don’t mind Danielle: she is just overcompensating for her unattractiveness” -Danielle’s fat mom.

          • huh, you’ve met my mother? what’s her name?

          • Russ Lindquist

            Fat-bitch McLean, sr.

          • oh. so you haven’t, then.

          • Dr.Weird

            Jesus Christ Russ, I smelled the fat cooking from the heat of that burn about Danielle’s fat whore of a mother.

    • Indra Kaw

      Don’t be a sex worker then. Get a favorable and a respectable job. Even being an employee in Chick-fil-A with minimum wage is more respectful than being a sex worker.

      It’s about provision.

      And yeah, being an employee for rest of your life will not make you rich, there will be a slight of time to chose to go to the next stage with higher difficult (critical zone) or stay as it (safe zone).

      • being a sex worker is a much more favourable and respectable job than working at chick-fucking-fil-a, actually

        • Indra Kaw

          I see.

          I concluded this as “subjective”.

          • it’s not. chick-fil-a is a specific and evil corporation, and supporting them as a customer or as a worker is reprehensible. sex work is an entire industry, and sex workers deserve far more respect than they get.

          • Thisoneweirdguy

            I’m sorry, but I really feel the need to say that your last comment truly is subjective.
            I’ve eaten at chick-fil-a a bunch of times, and I didn’t know anything about what they did behind the scenes. Does that really make my actions so reprehensible when I’m not in favor of that stuff? Saying that supporting them as a customer is really judgemental, as it’s saying that nearly everyone who goes into that place to buy some food is ‘evil’. It’s a business, they bring in customers, it’s how they work, really.

          • um, it’s not “subjective”, unless you intend to insist on moral relativism. chick-fil-a objectively do evil stuff. unknowingly supporting their evil is less bad than knowingly and deliberately supporting their evil, but either way it’s supporting evil shit and objectively so.

          • Indra Kaw

            Maybe using chick-fil-a as analogy was a mistake. I haven’t go to US and had my lip touch their food.

            Let’s subtitle it with other same class fast food company; It’s up to you to decided. I hope you could understand what I meant.

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