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sex workers still face horrific misogyny and exploitation in their jobs, and must be supported accordingly. a good cartoon

Your nuclear-hot retard takes are the best

using completely unnecessary and inflammatory slurs really drives home your point. a good comment

you’re never going to be a real girl so this is how you deal with that pain i guess

misogynists still face horrific exploitation by sex workers, and must be supported accordingly.

do you think about the words you write before posting them? like, at all?

yo mama

Don’t be a sex worker then. Get a favorable and a respectable job. Even being an employee in Chick-fil-A with minimum wage is more respectful than being a sex worker.

It’s about provision.

And yeah, being an employee for rest of your life will not make you rich, there will be a slight of time to chose to go to the next stage with higher difficult (critical zone) or stay as it (safe zone).

being a sex worker is a much more favourable and respectable job than working at chick-fucking-fil-a, actually

I see.

I concluded this as “subjective”.

I’m sorry, but I really feel the need to say that your last comment truly is subjective.
I’ve eaten at chick-fil-a a bunch of times, and I didn’t know anything about what they did behind the scenes. Does that really make my actions so reprehensible when I’m not in favor of that stuff? Saying that supporting them as a customer is really judgemental, as it’s saying that nearly everyone who goes into that place to buy some food is ‘evil’. It’s a business, they bring in customers, it’s how they work, really.

Maybe using chick-fil-a as analogy was a mistake. I haven’t go to US and had my lip touch their food.

Let’s subtitle it with other same class fast food company; It’s up to you to decided. I hope you could understand what I meant.

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