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  • the #ThotAudit is hilarious

  • Whammin are stupid. What else is new?

  • quickshooter


  • Algures Cara de Mais

    The BitchCoin bubble popped like a nuke

  • sex workers still face horrific misogyny and exploitation in their jobs, and must be supported accordingly. a good cartoon

    • ElJugador

      Your nuclear-hot retard takes are the best

      • using completely unnecessary and inflammatory slurs really drives home your point. a good comment

        • ElJugador

          you’re never going to be a real girl so this is how you deal with that pain i guess

          • lmao. a good comment

          • ElJugador

            I shitpost to deal with the fact I’m never going to be a real tiger either so

          • you do you i guess

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