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The proceeds to stuff face with McDonalds fries, you know the largest communist fast food chain.

Stonetoss, are you a damned Communist?

He’s obviously a lolbert
with the possibly of being a j*w (it’s the circumcision question, lotsa of j*ws hate that $hit)
edited because of f****y profanity filter

Bruh imagine thinking all liberals and jews are bad

Imagine being a sodomite Zoophile in your mid teens thinking this is how you want society to remember you

It could be worst you could be gay as well

After looking at this comic a second time, I realized how absurd this comment is. I suppose that, in a flash of thought considering Stonetoss’s support of Boulderlob, I had the thought that Stonetoss might be a Communist. It was early in the morning.

hey notice how most soviet art features Aryan men

It’s because both Nazism and Communism are twin ideologies sons of the same father: socialism

imagine being this much of retard boomer jew

Image you being a proud Hitler’s cocksucker

>no evidence of vast overrepresentation of jews in govt, media, banking
>no evidence of nationalism for me, xenophobia for thee hypocrisy RE: israel
>no evidence of jewish social philosophers promoting canards of racism/phobias to control narrative
>no evidence of talmudic ritual sex organ abuse

From your own source, retard: “ Second, it is an undeniable fact that, in the past few hundred years, Jews have had a disproportionate influence on politics and culture in the Western world, if not the whole world.“

Soicalism and Nazism are two different things

Nazism is pretty much as extreme as you can get consertivsm

While communism is a subset of the liberal ideology of Soicalism

Both advocate for government control of the means of production in order to protect the masses and government control of most nationalized industries.
Both rely on overly powerful governments controlling society.
Both are contrary to Conservative beliefs that want small, less intrusive government.

Russian = Aryan?


Also look at the way the covers of pulp science fiction magazines and old science fiction movies decades ago portrayed Future Women in the 21st Century: As fit, well appointed white women. I don’t know of any story which predicted our reality: Obese, mystery-meat women with tattoos, piercings and hair dyed unnatural colors.

Yeah, all (most of us) we really care about is that we receive equal treatment

Basically, as long as there isnt a medical reason for something, we shouldn’t have any different rights and privileges than a straight man

As for illness, not safe sex, it would happen if straight people did it

Gays need to use more rubber, thats 100% a culture issue

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