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  • Lenin

    Lol @ the assumption that anyone in the alt-right gives a rat’s ass what black people “think.”

    • Gargantuar01

      It’s about cuckservatives, notice the red hat

      • YoreyC

        alt rights are cuckservatives

        • Gargantuar01

          Wtf no. Conservatives want to preserve things as they are, the alt-right wants to change the system.

          • Nihlus x

            you see this specifically with “classical liberals” and “civic nationalists”

          • BearGlitch

            Into a worse system that ended up with millions of so called “BASED WHITES” dead?

          • nick

            what white people died in nazi germany?

          • BearGlitch

            The hundreds of thousands of civilian and military causalities fueling a mad tyrant’s goals

          • xvtc

            sacrificing themselves for truth and goodness*

          • Shaun

            Polish, russians, germans are not white?!

          • Shaun

            Jews are white as well regardless of what Stevie molyneux says, we can use so to determine colors

        • James

          No. Fail.

    • Stiffy Weiner

      They do! The alt right LOVES nigger dick!!

      • kara

        i only love white dick thank you

        • Stiffy Weiner

          *GOBLINO dick

  • James

    Brilliant portrayal of Republican Party attitudes.

  • Jack

    True and concerning. Meaning many have lost all common sense in the right wing, not only in the left wing. Impressive to see it so clearly and brilliantly expressed in a comic.

  • Bix Nood


  • Chris Redfield
    • AFox

      I guess we should burn down the movement, there is a jew in it. How about we accept that they are making whites more nationalist, and when they won’t push, we ignore them and keep pushing.

      Don’t get hung up on individuals, focus on pushing the message. Enoch, Spencer, and Trump shouldn’t be seen as irrefutable if they don’t serve pushing white nationalism.

      • Shaun

        White nationalists should be shot in the back of their heads and I determine you yo be a jew so off to the gas chamber

  • Anon

    What about this guy then?

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