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  • Why do you keep calling us? No, you can’t have my home phone number. No, I won’t take you out to lunch.

    • Soviet_ Samuelson

      For the last time, were not killing the gays. Im going to block you after the next 3 times buddy.

  • while communism is just fascism with a nice hat

    • Fascists kill million of their people’s enemies. Communists kill millions of their own people.

      • DatBoi

        Fascists also kill dissidents and Communists kill the people in the areas they invade.

        • You know, you’re right. “Dissidents”, in this case, mostly being enemies of the people. And they numbered a few thousand, not tens of millions.

          Saying that Commies go out of their way to kill millions of innocent foreigners, in addition to tens of millions of their own, isn’t exactly painting them in the best light. But that’s reality for you.

          • DatBoi

            “Enemies of the people.” Because that term isn’t incredibly broad. Also, since when did I say I liked commies? They’re god awful human beings who push a failed and murderous system, but that doesn’t mean I support NATSOC. All forms of Authoritarianism and Socialism are detestable.

          • Samuel Levinsky

            If you’ve seen what (((they))) were up to in Germany before Hitler rose to power, you would be singing a different tune.

            Oh and the Germans absolutely loved Uncle Adolf, just an FYI if you’re thinking the Germans were some super oppressed group when Adolf was in power.

      • don quixotes fetid corpse

        A socialist by any other name?

  • 12judges

    Meanwhile, real communism has never been tried.

  • Blackbeard

    If this were real, he would write to his reddit mod buddy to get the dude banned.

  • Meme Lord

    Yea imma just admit for the greater good that i don’t get it

    • HailTheGodTwains

      The communist character is stating that Fascism is decayed Capitalism and then recognizes that a guy can get fired from his job for supporting Trump.

      • free_peach

        That is not all, you can also point that capitalismXcomunism are both sides to the same coin. Why? Because once Fascism rises, both will be crushed eternally, so when the enemy is fascism they both join forces. Hence the communist calling the capitalism to tip him about anything resembling it.

    • TCC

      “Capitalism and fascism are evil and ineffectual, unless I can use them to destroy the lives of my enemies, in which case they’re alright.”

    • Helping the decay along.

    • Rando Numba Nine

      No shame.

    • I suspect that there isn’t really anything to get in this comic

  • Albionic American

    I keep telling you white nationalists that you have to plan ahead financially for the coming struggle. Live frugally, get out of debt and save up enough cash for a year’s living expenses so that you can protect your family and yourself in case you lose your job, especially for political reasons.

    White nationalists talk a good game about white people’s superior intelligence, low time preference and agency. How about demonstrating these strengths to show our adversaries that they face a better quality of white male opposition now?

    • Holyphonic

      This is undoubtedly the biggest problem with organized white nationalism: They’re very good at talking, but terrible at doing anything and leading by example. I have friends like this, where they talk about how we need to “organize all-white micro communities” or talk about all this “self-improvement” they’re going to do. I hear them make all these promises, then I’ll see them six months later and they’re still exactly where they were at before.

      I cringe when I see christcucks brag about how they went and helped white homeless people, etc. when most white nationalists I know are telling me about how we “need Hitler back” as they munch away on a donair they just got from Mohammad’s shop. Most of them are also pussies to boot and insist that we “keep our heads down” in public and on public platforms. I stopped giving a damn about that a long time ago and talk openly. What do I care if I get banned from fucking Facebook or lose a few stupid “friends” over it? Like, how the hell do you expect to “convert” normies when you won’t even talk to them?

      “You might lose your job!” Half of these people don’t have families as it is, are making zero effort toward it, and are working the same, low-paying jobs that can’t support a family like almost all the rest of the white world are.

      • Albionic American

        Just from objective metrics, white Americans have way more on the ball than the other racial groups cluttering up our nation.

      • Albionic American

        I can see a market niche in the white nationalist community for a podcast about personal finance, or at least as a recurring topic of discussion in the current WN media. Some WN’s like Andrew Anglin have noted that white men generally don’t buy much “product” marketed to them compared to spendthrift blacks.

  • QuickshooterMk2
  • Major Matt Mason

    A sneaky Communist rat! But I repeat myself.

  • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags
  • Artur Agard

    Bernie 2020 y’all

    • ssgtnelson

      *oof* this didn’t age well.

  • Jeg Simmons

    its funny because fascism is really socialism straight out of Marx’s book

  • don quixotes fetid corpse

    How dare he try and get that Mexican man fired! What a racist.

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