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Set phasers to shill.


The highest racial group per capita:
-presence in government
-presence in media and communications
-presence in international finance

But pointing out any of those things makes you an evil Nazi, a genocide advocate, and are therefore wrong.

WASPs run everything you retards. The fact that Jewish people have managed to find themselves in so many positions of power just makes it clear that despite the overwhelming majority Christians have, too many of them are fucking spineless lazy idiots full of hate or apathy. Reject all religions and shut the fuck up you dildos

“The fact that the majority population doesn’t have control, and that this minority does, is evidence that the majority has control! How do I know this? Because if the majority didn’t have control, this minority wouldn’t have control!”


Don’t be a dumbass. You read what I said and you reductive response is utter nonsense and makes even less sense than the rest of the bullshit on this page.

“We’re in power because you all are lazy!”

Uh-huh, sure bud. Obviously the only possible explanation.

Thank you (((Stolz))), very cool!

I do reject all religions

Then you’re barely above an animal. Humans believe in something greater, always have. It is our nature.

You don’t get what I meant. You do not believe in something greater to push towards, of course you are more like an animal than the one who does. All you need to fulfill in your life is base desires like sex, hunger, safety and so on, a Christian is pushed to a greater ideal. Your moral standard is comfortably in your comfort zone. How many of the screeching feminists and self-hating white leftists, and the hedonists without children are Christian, I wonder?

That is funny given how atheists vote 70% for globalism and leftism, how they have the lowest birthrates and highest suicide rates. Transsexuals are also almost entirely atheist. The decline of a nation is proportional to its atheism, look at atheist Sweden, Germany, Britain, France and compare with more religious Poland, Italy, Hungary, and so on. All these things only became a problem with the advent of atheism.

Please, stop being autistic. If atheism was a successful group strategy, rather than the lack of one, we’d have had many atheist empires. Any animal is atheist, it takes a human to believe in something greater.

Jews played a role in developing modern psychotherapy. So what do psychotherapists tell us to do for “mental health”? Let go of the past, diminish valuing the ego and live in the moment.

But what do Jews do regarding the things they really care about? They obsess over their history of persecution, especially under Nazi Germany; they show fragile egos, for example, when a random goy posts a tweet about “bedbugs,” which must obviously refer to Jews; and they worry constantly that some redneck has the potential to become the next Literally Hitler.

Jews need to follow their own psychotherapists’ advice and get over themselves.

BTW, notice that Jews don’t believe that a woman, a diversitarian or some misfit with broken sexuality has the potential to become Literally Hitler. Even they acknowledge that only an exceptional white man with normal sexuality could have the goods to pull this off.

Heck, during Purim they eat a pastry called Haman’s Ears…

…and that nigga died 465 BC

Diversity allegedly improves our cuisines, but Jewish food seems pretty undistinguished to me, and we could have done just fine without it. Not to mention that the other immigrants we’ve brought in from the world’s least competent countries to harvest, transport, process and serve our food don’t have traditions of good hygiene. When you have to teach adults how to use our toilets, and then how to wash their hands with soap and water – something which white American children can learn to do early in life – then that should tell you something about the quality of the “food” these people customarily ate, and found acceptable to eat.

Psychotherapists have taken the role of the priest; they tell you what is normal, what is not, what you should do, what you should not do. They are the person who you give your confession, entrust with your secrets, to whom you place yourself vulnerable and to whom’s advice you listen in the sure knowledge that they have your best interest at heart.

This despite all the flaws in scientific methodology. Just look at things like the “Thud” experiment. The only way that they could recover was by claiming (without evidence) that mental health is the result of wrong hormones and brain chemistry and that it could be solved by taking the right drugs.

The evidence for the improvement gained through drugs such as ADHD medication (things like methylphenidate) as well as SSRI’s, has very poor scientific evidence and there is considerable evidence that in the long term they are a detriment to mental health.

Professional psychotherapists and doctors who have talked about this evidence often get harried by lawsuits intended to harrass and demoralize. Don’t take it from me. Look into it for yourself.

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