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  • Let’s give them what they want. Social justice.
    They kill one of ours, we kill 8 of theirs.

  • NPC the Clown

    Sure ill give you “reparations”. Hands out a job application.

  • jbryan314

    How about we just start fighting back? That’s a novel idea.

    And no, I don’t mean by voting.

    • Major Matt Mason

      I think the Popeye Point has been reached.

      • Albionic American

        Blacks already eat canned greens, you know.

        • Major Matt Mason

          Ah, but is it magic cartoon spinach? I doubt it.

        • TRVTH

          Do they? I thought the Ghetto Food Pyramid was Twinkies, menthol cigarettes, blunt wrappers, and malt liquor.

          • Alistair Grove

            That sounds like a good diet, actually.

          • TRVTH

            Forty million Africans-in-America can’t be wrong.

          • Alistair Grove

            Actually yes they can, because they’re N…

          • Lauren Froment

            You forgot the chicken and watermelon, pleb.

    • LetsPlayPC

      Because you’ll go to prison if you fight back. Self defense is being criminalized.

      • Then the cops and the courts are accessories to the crime. Act appropriately.

        • TRVTH


          People on the Right in the US currently have this very counterproductive, demonstrably false belief that there are Rules, that the courts must sooner or later hew to the Constitution and defend our rights, that centuries-old blackletter law can’t just be dismissed with a wave of the hand and a giggle, that at some point the laws of the land, as duly written and passed by the elected representatives of the people, must come into play. That the social contract isn’t in abeyance.

          Anyone watching the (((legal system))) knows that this is pernicious nonsense. There are no rules. When you step into a courtroom, it’s Calvinball, with your life and freedom as the stakes–and Judge Feinberg and District Attorney Goldman, and your lawyer, that nice Mr. Katzenstein, have all already decided what the outcome will be, which will be played out with the maximum number of billable hours and minimum amount of kayfabe to appease an audience made up more and more of IQ-55 Turd Worlders, which decreases asymptotically year by year.

          The (((System))) is not legitimate and has not been at least since Lincoln. You owe the State all the respect and loyalty and fealty that it merits as the biggest and best organized and best armed gang on the block, and not one iota more.

          • KGB

            Five star comment for using “kayfabe” in a novel yet perfectly applicable sense.

    • Lauren Froment
  • Major Matt Mason

    If, by “reparations” you mean a Mozambique Drill, I’m all for it.

  • ImaMeatPopsicle

    Say his name. Cannon Hinnant. Say it in every comments section. If I’m not allowed to ignore fentanyl floyd, then by God they don’t get to ignore Cannon.

  • Black Spruce

    What we are seeing is the formation of an apartheid state in real time.

    Does anybody really think that the media, the government, the big
    corporations, and the non-white cultures will stop demonizing and
    reviling white people once white people become a minority? That
    affirmative action and other programs will start going in our favor? Of
    course they won’t. That will be the prime opportunity to put the boot to
    the throat of the hated minority, and white people won’t have any guns,
    will continue to be discriminated against in the public and private
    sector, and by the culture which would be dominated by vindictive,
    spiteful non-whites.

    Conservatives keep trying to appeal to minorities with arguments for the 2nd amendment, saying that the KKK supported gun control so they could freely lynch blacks. Well soon
    enough, we’re gonna be the oppressed minority that needs guns, because
    all the nations are ruled and populated by people who hate us,
    our culture, our ideas, and our history, and want to see us gone.

    Don’t think that white people as a minority will be treated anywhere near as
    well as white people have treated other minorities in their countries.
    We can see it in South Africa and Zimbabwe. As soon as white people
    became the minority, it turned into a massacre. As soon as
    we go over the demographic cliff, it will be no different from any other
    country where it happened. Open and overt violence, discrimination,
    apartheid, and massacre. We see signs of it right now, the media going bonkers any time a white person kills a non-white person, but says absolutely nothing about when a non-white person kidnaps, and brutally tortures, and murders white children.
    What do you think it’s going to look like once they’re the majority?


    Repatriation? Sure! I hear Liberia is lovely this time of year.

    • slither16

      They even got to own their own slaves there.


    What, they want even MORE gibsmedats?
    It’d be cheaper to give them an entire country of their own. In Africa. Oh, wait. We did.


    Just so everybody understands.

    When a White woman is harassed and threatened by an African-in-America who engages in the behaviors that, when a White man does them, are called “stalking,” and calls the police in fear for her life, this is national news.

    The cold-blooded premeditated murder of a five-year-old White child by an African savage with a violent felony record as long as your arm… isn’t.

    This is everything you need to know about Ameri-Kwa in 2020.

  • Maxim Sukharev

    One word, Haiti (1804)

    Where are my reparations, nigga?

  • slither16

    Give them forty acres and mule.

    • NuckFiggsNateHiggs

      They’d rape the mule and burn the 40 acres.

      • slither16

        Doing work is still slavery.

    • In Liberia.

  • Death to monsters!

  • Albionic American

    Given how badly blacks suck at personal finance, we would do them a favor by bringing back redlining. Keep blacks from getting bank loans and credit cards, and restrict what they can buy, and that would force them to live more frugally than they show the ability to do when they live under white-level economic freedom.

    Basically I’d restrict blacks from buying firearms and ammo; tattoos; most bling unless they want to buy numismatic or bullion gold and silver coins like libertarians (at least those will hold their value); and new and luxury cars. Instead I would offer them a choice of good, used economy cars that they have to buy with cash. On the other hand, I would offer them discounts if they want to buy books, tools, work clothes, exercise equipment and similar objectively useful goods. Oh, and discounts on nutritious foods to incentivize them to improve their diets.

    • TRVTH

      I’d offer them a one-way trip to Liberia, preferably aboard leaky Liberty Ships, if any can still be found.

      They are not like us. They do not belong here. And we owe them nothing.

      • Lauren Froment

        airlines take welfare stamps in the US?

    • Bidewfus

      Wouldn’t that help anyone that is poor. And what about middle class blacks?

      • TRVTH

        “Middle class blacks” in the US are an illusion. 99.9% of them are either stuck to the government tit, working do-nothing GS15 “Regional Vice-Chairperson of Diversity & Inclusion Policy” featherbed jobs, in which they create and dictate public policy in violation of both the letter and spirit of the law, that create absolutely nothing but more grievance and more sense of entitlement. Otherwise they’re in equally lucrative, equally non-productive, do-nothing Affirmative Action positions in private industry, for which they would not have been hired unless the State held their employers at bayonet point, usually in HR where they implement their own policies regardless of company rules or even law. The Deep State, in other words.

        Take the government out of the equation and all but a handful out of forty million would be in tin-roofed shacks, scratching their asses with one hand and eating a tasty roasted infant leg with the other.

        Others here have said it. The human capital Africans represent has a big fat minus sign in front of it, no matter how long they stand on the Magic Dirt, no matter how many generations of degenerate Whites miscegenate with them to make, in the words of the great Revilo P. Oliver, “coffee-colored creatures with the minds of rats,” who might have IQs of 70 instead of the African norm of 55. In the aggregate, with a negligible number of exceptions, they are incapable of civilization. In the aggregate, with a negligible number of exceptions, they lack the cognitive wherewithal to contribute to the economy of a 20th or 21st Century nation-state by any means requiring greater capacity for abstract thought than picking the white bits off the cotton plant and stuffing them in a sack–and we have robots that can do that now, faster, more efficiently and effectively, and without any likelihood of getting drunk on Friday night and going out to rape and strangle White women.

        They are not like us. They do not belong here. They have no place among us. And we owe them nothing.

        • Albionic American

          Ayn Rand showed some wrong-headed thinking, but at least she accurately recognized the role of man’s mind as his basic tool of survival. Blacks can’t survive in the world whites have built because they don’t have the minds for it.

          • TRVTH

            And that’s not their fault. They were born that way. It’s not a moral failing. Hating them for it would be like hating fish for not being able to breathe when you pull them out of the water.

            They still don’t belong here, and pretending they do doesn’t help matters.

          • Lauren Froment

            sure mr. expert

        • Lauren Froment

          Says the niice white man

    • Dpete

      You’d allow? Sounding a little authoritarian, huh?

  • Albionic American

    And if we have to pay restitution to these high time preference people, at least set up something like a Sovereign Negro Wealth Fund which invests the principal and pays blacks an annual income from the returns on investment. At least that capital would do some good by generating wealth indefinitely, instead of its all going down the Black Hole in one big spending orgy.

  • TrueWOPR

    At least this time he was caught and will take a long walk to a short doctor’s visit.

    • TRVTH

      Will he, though? Or will he plead guilty to misdemeanor malicious mischief and get probation through a “youthful offender diversion program,” AGAIN?

      The victim’s father, of course, would get the death penalty if he sought vengeance. Justice, he will not get.

      • TrueWOPR

        I guess only time will tell. What I can say for sure is the news is going to sweep this under the rug as quickly as possible because “black on white crime can’t exist!”

        Edit: Wait, “again”? You have a citation on the first instance? I’d love to read it.

        • TRVTH

          My apologies. I said “again” as a guess. It’s the norm for career violent criminals who have the Magical Melanin that grants so many rights and privileges the rest of us don’t have.

          The first twenty or thirty times the typical career violent criminal robs people, people are so browbeaten and afraid of accusations of “racism” that no one even wants to call the police–recall that in some jurisdictions it’s now illegal for honkeys to call 911 to report Africans-in-America committing crime if no arrests are made–plus a certain proportion of the population are self-hating moronic do-gooder true-believers who won’t because “it could go on his permanent record and follow him the rest of his life.”

          The first twenty or thirty times people do call the cops, the cops don’t want to arrest him, because they’re scared to confront a perpetrator who has the Magical Melanin, much less book one at the station, because the Department of Justice is looking over their shoulders, counting heads, and waving a finger under their noses every time they arrest an African-in-America. So Li’l Shitavious gets stuffed in the cruiser, rides twenty blocks, then gets turned loose with a sternly worded warning, which he has already learned means nothing.

          And the first twenty or thirty times Li’l Shitavious sees the inside of the station house and gets a few free meals in the jail–this generally requires him to have done something serious in view of a cop, like dealing heroin, or arson, or armed robbery, or rape–the DA and the arresting officers pressure the complainant to drop the charges, because “the system is overburdened,” “it was a youthful indiscretion,” and so on. And if the charges aren’t dropped, bail is set at $200 and Li’l Shitavious promises to show up for his court hearing next month–and is then never seen again, and the cops don’t bother to look for him either, despite the warrant that gets generated, because “the system is overburdened,” because his social worker testifies and says “he’s a youthful offender,” because the DoJ says “disproportionate impact on Communities of Color.” Not until six months later, anyway, then he gets picked up on an attempted murder charge. And turned loose again, because the witnesses refuse to testify, because a judge says “he didn’t understand his Miranda Rights.”

          And on and on and on and on and on. Li’l Shitavious has an IQ of 55, but behind his smirk, he knows exactly what the score is, and he may bitch about “racism” but he likes the way things are just fine. A hundred years ago he’d have gotten hanged by the neck until dead or a ride on the electric chair for the first violent conviction. Those who bitch about the barbarity of this are instructed to compare the violent crime rate in the US in 1900 vs. 2000.

          Some majority-African cities in the US, like Detroit, have homicide clearance rates of 10% or less. Every spring when the snow melts they find decomposing corpses by the dozen in the rubble of half-collapsed buildings, and the Affirmative Action police departments and prosecutors’ offices don’t even investigate, because “ain’t nobody got time fo dat,” and they are written up as homeless people who froze to death–bullet holes and all.

          Remember, it’s not officially a “murder” until someone’s convicted. You have to wonder what the real violent crime figures would look like in Detroit or Cleveland or New Orleans or Philadelphia, if they had halfway competent police departments and prosecutors who actually did their jobs, and actually reported truthfully. It really gets the old noggin joggin, doesn’t it?

          • TrueWOPR

            Ah that’s fair then, I just misread it. I was thinking “wait, he’s a repeat offender and this happened wtf?!” but a quick search was only bringing up how one of his brothers is in prison for raping a 6 year old. …while his other brother was celebrating the murder saying “it’s time we took vengeance on whitey.”

          • TRVTH

            Par for the course.

            And, though I have not been able to dig up information on the shooter, I think it’s highly, highly, highly unlikely this is his first offense. I have seen him described in some material as a “convicted felon illegally in possession of a firearm,” which would not surprise me a bit, but more data is needed.

  • QuickshooterMk4
    • TRVTH

      And Cannon Hinnant’s mother is already blubbering to the news cameras about how “anti-racist” she is. A bereaved mother, who–sincerely or otherwise–feels compelled to react to the death of her own child, at the hands of an IQ-55 violent felon who should never have been on the same continent in the first place, by denouncing her own kind and denying any desire for vengeance–I can only shake my head.

      What (((the Tribe))) has done to us is unforgivable.

      • Lauren Froment

        oh you got shot too?

  • Bidewfus

    Stone Toss, as much as I enjoy your comics you have an awkward setup for your punchline.
    Most of your comics show one party doing something then another party does same thing, then the punchline is look how stupid second party.

    Example. Darkie ask for reparations, “this is something I am totally against” then white person says yeah give us reparations.

    So are you implying that the idea of reparations is good or are you insulting both parties?

    • TRVTH

      I don’t speak for Stonetoss, obviously. But the meaning of the comic and the joke are clear enough: if anyone owes anybody “repa-ma-rations,” it is Africans-in-America who owe Whites for the past hundred and sixty years of murder and mayhem in which they have chosen to engage. Think of it as “civilizational rent.”

  • OberMirasu

    Cannon Hinnant
    Emily Jones
    Ebba Akerlund.
    Post more of their names, White man, and remember them.

  • Lauren Froment
  • Lauren Froment

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