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  • Fletcher Fraher

    this is actually one of the funniest things i’ve seen in quite a while. It really made my day. Hats off to you! Jolly good show!

    • Stiffy Weiner

      Shut the fuck up.

      • xvtc

        lol calm down nerd

      • Blarg Blarg

        Ha, you’re a damn trap!

      • phtb13

        Shut up retard

  • Isaac Cheung

    It’s time to settle this once and for all. Traps are gay.

    They are anatomically male, but are attempting relationships with males. Therefore, they are homosexuals, thus gay.

    • Blarg Blarg

      Perfectly sound reasoning.

    • Mikee Daherr

      still cute would suck 10/10

    • A hole is a hole.

    • WRONG.

      How can it be gay if you are attracted to the femininity? Unless you are calling femininity homosexual.

      • dzsozi30

        Little tip: Dicks are not feminine.

        • True that.

          That what defines “trap” to the point it isn’t equivalent to “trans”.

        • Little tip?

          Speak for yourself.

  • BearGlitch

    Epic alt-right faps to underage boys and Japanese girls to save the white race, epic.

    • Energetic Yellow


    • xvtc


    • Blarg Blarg

      Your comments are consistently stupid.

    • Paul Genovese

      Hey, im a centralist and I fap to keep the kids fed

      • BearGlitch

        Ok furfag

        • Paul Genovese

          *Proud fur

          • BearGlitch

            Proud of being a zoophile? yeah I bet

  • LMTR14

    what traps? what the fuck are you talking about?!!

    • Scarcat

      traps are men who dress up as women

      • Stiffy Weiner

        Traps used to be shemales, or passing crossdressers.

        Now you put some greasy nerd in girls clothes and BAM, trap.

        • xvtc


          • Stiffy Weiner

            There’s a reason the term “Trap” originally became popular.
            The term was used more for people who weren’t crossdressers, but straight up passed.

            If you weren’t passing, you weren’t a trap. The label nowadays is bastardized beyond belief but I digress.

          • xvtc

            there has never been a passing trap, tranny or crossdresser.

          • Stiffy Weiner

            Not anymore.

          • Paul Genovese

            You are wrong,

            Blaire white, and any trap from japan

            Looks exactly like a girl

          • Ah, so those are the “trap houses” rappers are always talking about.

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