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I love how the anti-police rioters call the police when somebody finally stands up to them and fights back.

I hate how the police respond to the calls of the rioters and ignore the calls of everyone else.

Defund the Police=we just want them to continually go after white people and leave Crimin*ggers alone

abolish police, abolish taxation, abolish the welfare state, abolish anti-gun legislation, abolish borders, and lastly END THE FED! make the world free again!

>abolish borders

lol no. Regardless of the intent, the inevitable result is:

Step 1: abolish borders
Step 2: abolish voting
Step 3: a hundred million little-brown IQ-55 goblins from the most violent and backward parts of the Third World show up
Step 4: they vote to reinstate voting
Step 5: they vote to take your stuff away from you, since you’re now in the minority in the nation your ancestors built

Try to keep up. When it was called “the Browning of America” and the Kenyan was gloating about it to Oprah Winfrey in front of TV cameras and microphones, it was the culmination of four decades of public policy directed from the highest levels to achieve exactly that. It wasn’t a “conspiracy theory” or a “myth” until White people noticed and objected.

You are assuming that all human races are all inherently the same and equally capable. South Africa became a shithole because the blacks from other parts of Africa immigrated there, increased in number, and took control of the country with the help of (((communists))). Now the White Europeans are a brutally persecuted minority in the nation they once built up.

You’re not wrong.

I think most of them grasp that a free-for-all means White men are likely to arm themselves and come in to restore a rough kind of order with great rapidly, one that history suggests would feature tens of thousands of of Antifa and BLM troublemakers, along with the local politicians who egged them on and police department officials who willingly passed down “hands off the kids” orders, radical judges and radical lawyers who conspired to release these those few terrorists who managed to get themselves arrested, without bond, and so on in chain gangs forced to do cleanup and rebuilding labor, all under the unseeing gaze of thousands more of their former comrades dangling by their necks from lampposts and telephone poles with signs hanging about their necks listing their crimes. Severed heads might even conceivably be found decorating the signs at city limits as a message to would-be imitators. (“Commies, wetbacks, and groids take warning. Don’t let the sun set on you in Multnomah County.”)

The Commies and “anarchists” don’t actually want to get rid of the police–not when it’s so useful for the State to have mercenary hired gunmen at its disposal, ready, willing, and able to arrest Whitey for badthink. They might change the name, and they’re even likely to rehire all the same people who carried badges and guns before. The Cheka hired most of the Okhrana, the former Tsar’s secret police. In East Germany the Stasi was full of old Gestapo men well into the 1970s. It’s just too useful.

This doesn’t mean they won’t change the uniforms, the names, and the slogans. But the plan is still that they will be taking orders from all the same evil, insane Marxist crank politicians who now order them to stand around uselessly and let the rioters burn, loot, and murder, then leap into action and arrest anyone who tries to defend himself, or even just questions the Revolution. Look for that to become their new main role, one enshrined in local law.

abolish police! They are stattst thugs! Peace voluntaryism and anarchy!

Anarchists are the handmaids of the communists.

I think you mean the anarcho-communists, my bio on Disqus even said i’m an anarcho-capitalist. I believe in private property rights, I am not a maid either.

Yes, you prefer the CEO owns all the land and everyone is a serf to the chairman owning all the land and everyone is a serf.

The results of your ideas may be identical to communism but at least you call it something different.

Modern America, the picture of capitalism, is feudalism already.

But there is a big difference between old feudalism and Capitalcommunist feudalism. The old lords had to rely on the respect of their subjects, the new ones will just replace them if they get uppity.

Distributivism/socred with a mixed, regulated economy. You know the kinds of things that have actually been tried and worked quite well.

Real Capitalism is merely communism in another shirt. If the corportation or the state owns all the property there is no difference.

America’s gun owners didn’t stop the Federal Reserve, the income tax, the New Deal, the activation of the National Guard to force white Southerners at gunpoint to accept desegregation, civil rights legislation, the Great Society, the Hart-Celler Act, Affirmative Action, Reagan’s amnesty for illegals, the Patriot Act and other assaults on a functional civilization. Why do they think their guns will make any difference now?

The left took off their “smiley face masks” in the USSR. They starved millions of people to the point of Cannibalism, threw them in gulags, etc. There was no white uprising despite the bolsheviks and Stalinist being outnumbered by a large number and Russian surveys show that there is still strong support for communism despite all of what happened. The soviet union only collapsed because they let it when they saw that capitalism was more successful at internationalism than communism was.

There was also no civilian revolt any other time in white history where we were placed among or near a non-white population.

What all of this suggests is that it doesn’t matter how bad things get, how many of us there are or how many guns the population has. The common people will do nothing.

Whites require a warrior class with the best technology and provisions (the military) in order to displace a racial enemy or ruling class and “Joe Sixpack” is not that warrior.

The USSR collapsed because it was an artificial bogeyman created by (((Wall Street))) to insure perpetual profits for the (((stockholders))) of munitions manufacturers in the West. It was a tottering wreck from the beginning, only propped up by constant transfer payments, technology transfers, and taxpayer-subsidized trade with Western nations, in between wars where we armed it and gave it direct economic aid.

When Reagan cut off trade subsidies and armed anti-Communist guerrilla movements in places like Angola, the USSR imploded over the course of a handful of years, no longer able to maintain its outsized nuclear arsenal, its murderous internal security services, or its extremely expensive proxy wars all over Africa, Latin America, and Asia in which Cuban, Russian, and East German Janissaries died by the tens of thousands propping up brutal, corrupt Soviet puppet regimes from Angola to Nicaragua to Yemen to Afghanistan.

The USSR was (((their))) creation, and when we chose to stop paying for the guns pointed at our heads, it disintegrated.

For someone who actually born in the heart of the red evil and for someone who isn’t economically illiterate, I can say with 100% confidence that the only reason USSR is collapsed is because it was doomed to inevitable collapse with it’s counterproductive oxymоrоniс economical system based on public property (state capitalism) and planned economics. The system was shiet from it’s core and there is no way it could sustain itself a single month more.

The political and economical system that is based entirely on extreme level of marasmus of artificial deficiency and forced elimination of unemployment where a fresh made good (super expensive) photo-cameras and food were intentionally and purposefully terminated to avoid “overproduction crisis” made up BS and tractor factories were built next to scrap metal recycling, and the freshly done tractors were going to get RECYCLED in to scrap metal just after a few hours after they were produced just to fight with unemployment, is inevitably rushes to collapse. Let alone have freedom of enterprise, supply and demand, and something that in USSR never heard of – competition, that the “evil” capitalism brings. Planned economy and public property is impossible to be efficient and not get doomed for collapse.

The majority of regions of Siberia were already starving in beginning of 80’s before Gorbachev nor even Andropov get to the power. In the mid 80’s, a big cities start to starve too and the artificial deficiency start to get really bad, the civil unrest start hitting big cities and so the people start a demand for a change, the times for notorious Perestroika begin. It started to slowly give more freedom for it’s citizens to give them rights to own small business or having mere tiny farm just to feed yourself, as well as allow a very few of international companies to build their business on territory of USSR. This was still not enough and the USSR gets more and more impoverished each year and it’s gets critical by the end of 80’s-beginning of 90’s. The attached republics, these who were captured by force like Baltic countries, the socialist protege countries like Poland, Romania, etc, had civil unrest as well and USSR was wasting it’s already dwindling resources to restraining forces just so it won’t collapse. As result, the economy gets so poor that majority of people in big cities couldn’t afford to buy bread nor have any food even in the biggest and richest (expensivest) supermarkets and soon many republics start to detach, first Baltic countries, then Ukraine and Belarus, and then the rest. The USSR just couldn’t possible sustain itself and feedfinance it’s law enforcement agenciesmilitary authorities to defend them from falling apart, and no longer could even sustain a single factory with it’s state capitalism system (i.e. socialism), and as result there was no more USSR in December 26, 1991; and as result we had harsh times of basically (almost) anarchy and strict oligarchy system as the ex-commies has just “privatized” most of the “public property” that has been divided between them since 60’s by simply claiming it to be their and not paying a penny for them.

Yes, that’s still a hundred times better than what Stalinism and Leninism was. But the BS oligarchist system we have now is all thanks to the failure of the USSR’s socialist project and it’s centralized power of nomenclature that now basically owns everything legally that once was a “public property”. You can google “USSR empty shelves” and these are mostly photos taken during from late 70’s to beginning of 90’s. 60’s were even worse economically but at least the artificial deficiency wasn’t as bad.
And yes, unfortunately majority of people who live in russia (I refuse to call them russians, we call them noviops
) absorb propaganda like sponge, and as result they are legit mentally rеtаrdеd and stay ignorant commie filth.

P.S. It’s my second attempt to post this message, if it get flagged as “spam”, I’d be mad.

Do what Kyle did, always carry your gun in case of there crazy socialist attack your family and house.

I agree you can kill socialists but kyle rittenhouse is very cringe

So says the anti-borders anarchist.
“No, American, don’t do that! Our people don’t approve of your people defending themselves and each other, and teaching values to young men!”

i’ve shown my face and voice on my bitchute channel link in the bio yet you have not seemingly

A bit OT, but the intersection of anarchists with sexual predators goes way back. The main anarchist character in one of Dostoevsky’s novels recounts how he violated an 11-year-old girl. Dostoevsky must have dropped a hint here of what he knew about anarchists from real life, just as I suspect Thomas Mann hinted that he knew about gay sex tourists from experience when he wrote “Death in Venice.”

Despite being only 7% of the protests, riots make up 100% of the Burning, Looting, and Murdering.

The other 93% of protests are really shows of force. The don’t want peaceful change. They want revolution.

You are correct, sir. A fellow calling himself Mencius Moldbug made that observation around twelve years back.

Every “peaceful demonstration” is a dress rehearsal for a riot. The intended message is always “Nice downtown business district you’ve got here. It’d be a terrible shame if something happened to it.” That’s the purpose of Antifa, or, as they called themselves 25 years ago, the black bloc. They burn and loot and bust heads, usually just enough to make sure the city’s “business community” gets the message loud and clear. The “legitimate businessmen” from the Chamber of Commerce are then guaranteed to scream at the Mayor and the City Council every time any “peaceful protestors” show up: “I can’t afford to have my business burned down again! Give them everything they want or no more donations for you!”

This is, of course, terrorism, by both the dictionary and legal definitions:

Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85).

Why aren’t they all arrested en masse and sent to Gitmo? Don’t be silly. The appearance of the Black Block in the 90s coincides with the appointment of Louis Freeh as head of the FBI and Janet Reno as Attorney General. They were MUCH more interested in burning American citizens alive at Waco and then making sure there could never be justice for the Waco killers, or for Lon Horiuchi, the FBI sniper at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, who murdered an eight-year-old boy and a pregnant woman in order to enforce a blatantly unconstitutional law. The Deep State protects its own.

Meanwhile, anti-abortion activists from Operation Rescue who engaged in peaceful protests in which there was no violence or threat thereof got jailed en masse and sued down to an inch from the ground on bogus “civil rights” charges by the Department of Justice, then got their assets seized under RICO. The RICO seizures were held to be a bit much and reversed by the Supreme Court–twenty years after the fact, after the anti-abortion movement had been utterly gutted and utterly destroyed by the security apparatus of the State.

This is, incidentally, why the “peaceful protest” and “civil disobedience” tactics can only work for the Left, never the Right. It requires an army of (((radical lawyers))) and (((sympathetic judges))) in the Federal judiciary and a hands-off approach from a sympathetic Federal law enforcement apparatus. It also requires a portion of the “peaceful protestors” to be willing to engage in literal, out-and-out arson and terrorism against random targets so as to intimidate the local “business community” into putting pressure on local politicians to knuckle under to their demands. Which is why the “Tea Party” was a joke. These were decent people with day jobs who couldn’t afford to go to jail, who weren’t willing to burn down random small businesses and gain what they wanted by naked fear. And everyone knew, even at the time, that all the exact same cops who stand around with their thumbs inserted rectally, looking bored as they watch armed anarkiddies beat and shoot random people and burn down businesses ten feet away would have transformed into Robocop if anyone had stepped one inch out of line and swooped down upon them, truncheons swinging and guns blazing, if anyone had so much as dropped a sandwich wrapper on the sidewalk.

But then, we also all already knew that unequal application of the law and for political purposes is a feature of the society in which we live. Anarchotyranny is the defining feature of Clown World. And you can’t vote your way out of Clown World. HONK HONK

Why do you draw your characters with poophead haircuts?

because antifa are poopheads, duh. Besides, this is what real life majority of antifa do look like:

So saying it’s a poophead is a compliment. In reality, it’s a big sticky stack of shiet.

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