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  • themann235

    the difference being that the Ex can wash herself after.

    • StoneToss

      Can’t you wash a couch?

      • themann235

        not really, it gets into the fabric and it never really goes away.

        • StoneToss

          Where do you think the skeet goes after the blow job?

          • Captain

            It eventually goes away forever though, self-cleaning organs and baths you know?

          • StoneToss

            rather, it gets absorbed and your gf becomes the skeet.

          • George VanderHaar

            dats gay bro

          • Stiffy Weiner

            To be fair, we came from skeet to begin with.
            Also, I’m making a superstonestoss verse in voat. You gotta be more extreme.

            Your “I wonder what their kid is like” comic should have had a baby screaming “HELP! I’M BEING MOLESTED CALL THE POLICE!” in the third panel instead of literal shit.

            You should have a “re-written”, “EX” or “2.0” type deal where you come back and do a rewrite, add an additional (more offensive) joke or thought into one of your older comics and republish it as new.

        • Scott Tenerman

          Other dude’s D’s get into the fabric of a woman’s soul, and they never come out

        • Dr.Weird

          what is microchimerism

    • Kagami Maeda

      Yeah nobody cares about the physical stuff though. It’s the emotional/mental aspect of it. She washed, so what? A guy still came inside her. Get a virgin wife, no need to be a cuck (as long as you are a virgin too).

  • chµbr3 2 bl4ck

    Had a good laugh ^^

  • Amir Tenion

    Is any deepeer meaning present here?

    • Fox Carson

      Could always go balls deep into her to find it

    • Deborah Lancaster

      Not really. Passing around an ex is gross.

  • An Cat Dubh

    By that logic, a chick shouldn’t have a guy who’s had his dick in another chick, because pussy juice. And heaven forbid he’s done anal…

    • Francesco

      Yes, I would agree with that.

      • Kakurenjou

        Guess people can never remarry then. Oh your husband died ten years ago? Tough luck, you fucking whore.

        • Dr.Weird

          yep, now you get it, you gross prostitute

          • Kakurenjou

            TIL remarrying after your spouse’s death equates literal prostitution.

            What ever happened to “’til death do us part?”
            Or hell even if a spouse DOESN’T die, what if they’re abusive? Should we remain in an unhappy and abusive marriage for no other reason than “skeet cooties”? Or do you think people with your opinion should grow up and accept that people have control over their own lives, marriages, and sexuality?

          • Kagami Maeda

            Remarrying is ridiculous. If you separated, then you should have chose better. That’s very selfish to do especially if you have kids. If they died, then you wouldn’t want to go to someone else because you loved the first person.

          • KingofIronFist

            So if a 25 year-old man’s wife dies in an accident, he should be alone for the rest of his life out of some weird sense of obligation to his dead wife? And on top of that never even have sex with a woman again?

            Sounds kinda… gay.

          • xvtc

            Yes, you degenerate.

          • KingofIronFist

            Ha! Gaaaaaaay

        • xvtc

          Correct, the only acceptable relationship is lifelong monogamy.

    • Kagami Maeda


    • Assjacket

      You say this like you were expecting people to disagree with it. I guess when you’re a feminist you expect everyone else to carry hilarious double standards in every single one of their positions.

      • An Cat Dubh

        And yet, somehow this argument is never made about men.

        • Ryan Smith

          Who would make it? Lesbian feminists? Sluts?

          Traditional women? When was the last time you even talked to one?

        • Anna Kalita

          I am a woman, and I do want to be my husband’s first and I want him to be my first.

      • KingofIronFist

        I’m sorry but not wanting to fuck a beautiful women because she’s had sex before is kinda gay my dude

    • Ryan Smith

      You just accidentally advocated for monogamy.

  • Guy

    Good point. I wouldn’t accept anything but a virgin.

    • American Apartheid

      I don’t think you’re in a position to be picky.

      • Guy

        You are wrong.

        • gay retard here

          you have a pokemon avatar my guy

        • Kakurenjou

          You radiate autism.

      • Chad: Gotta catch ’em all.

  • Andrew Meyer

    The difference is a person is not an object.
    Though given her past activities I wouldn’t take here either.

    • Kagami Maeda

      Exactly! So don’t treat a person like an object. You shouldn’t use people for sex then throw them away.

  • Stiffy Weiner

    I mean, if it’s free I’ll take all four.
    The skeet gives it t e x t u r e.

  • Stiffy Weiner

    He should swallow the skeet directly

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