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  • themann235

    the difference being that the Ex can wash herself after.

    • StoneToss

      Can’t you wash a couch?

      • themann235

        not really, it gets into the fabric and it never really goes away.

        • StoneToss

          Where do you think the skeet goes after the blow job?

          • Captain

            It eventually goes away forever though, self-cleaning organs and baths you know?

          • StoneToss

            rather, it gets absorbed and your gf becomes the skeet.

          • George VanderHaar

            dats gay bro

        • Scott Tenerman

          Other dude’s D’s get into the fabric of a woman’s soul, and they never come out

  • chµbr3 2 bl4ck

    Had a good laugh ^^

  • Amir Tenion

    Is any deepeer meaning present here?

    • Fox Carson

      Could always go balls deep into her to find it

    • Deborah Lancaster

      Not really. Passing around an ex is gross.

  • An Cat Dubh

    By that logic, a chick shouldn’t have a guy who’s had his dick in another chick, because pussy juice. And heaven forbid he’s done anal…

    • Francesco

      Yes, I would agree with that.

      • Kakurenjou

        Guess people can never remarry then. Oh your husband died ten years ago? Tough luck, you fucking whore.

  • Guy

    Good point. I wouldn’t accept anything but a virgin.

    • American Apartheid

      I don’t think you’re in a position to be picky.

      • Guy

        You are wrong.

        • gay retard here

          you have a pokemon avatar my guy

        • Kakurenjou

          You radiate autism.

  • Andrew Meyer

    The difference is a person is not an object.
    Though given her past activities I wouldn’t take here either.

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