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  • quickshooter

    Niggers aren’t human

    • Oh, come now. Niggers are arguably human.

      But they’re not people.

      • quickshooter

        >arguably human
        >but not people
        Sub-humans then, which still doesn’t count as human.

        • Christina Phillips

          What even makes someone a person anyways?

    • Archmage Desmond Tutu

      Edgy, but all races were created in God’s image.

      • quickshooter
        • Archmage Desmond Tutu

          Thanks, but I’m fully aware of the IQ gap and reasonably certain it’s highly inheritable. You’re not giving me any new information. Also I listen to AmRen pretty frequently as well as some Ryan Faulk.

        • ElJugador

          is that john boyega?

        • Christina Phillips

          Oh please, white people loot too of they’re poor enough or desperate enough. That’s a human thing. Desperate people do desperate things.

          And IQ tests are inaccurate if they’re based on education level instead of actual intelligence, which is a measure of learning ability.

          And black people have the same genes and biology as the rest of humanity, and there are some smart and not so smart members of all races. You know what they say, walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. And the middle picture of the black guy n the skull image thing? Jaw doesn’t look all that pronounced to me…

          • quickshooter

            Sorry Babe, but Whites don’t steal for fun
            niggers do, niggers do it because of their Criminal African nature

            back in Apefrica Niggers didn’t have a sense of ownership
            so they stole from each other, usually violently

            the modern nigger hasn’t changed much since then cause they’re still apes who hasn’t fully evolved
            i reckon my words are not going to affect some “Christian” (Zionist)
            lady who isn’t racially aware, who isn’t redpilled on Niggers and how their criminal behavior is basically what separates niggers from humans

            not to mention blacks are the worst fathers of all the races

            Now either take the redpill or get the fuck out ]
            Niggers are not people, and they will never be.

          • Christina Phillips

            Oh, plenty of white nuts steal for fun. Nuts appear in all races.

            And just because there may be a higher proportion of bad eggs among blacks doesn’t necessarily mean it’s because of their race, it could be a product of too many other people being j*rks to them, so they just go ‘eff this sh*t’ like any other human would and stop caring.

            I’ve known plenty of perfectly nice and I intelligent black people, and NASA used to employ a bunch of them as calculators. Also lots of famous black people out there who are smart and good. Humans in general have quite the capacity for evil (a LOT of famous serial killers were white), not just one race of them.

          • Painting Guardian

            That’s a whole lot of cope tbh. You should really visit Africa some day, and not just the parts that tour guides want you to see.

          • Christina Phillips

            What’s carp about it? And I am aware there’s some crazy tribal crud in Africa and nasty people stealing from everyone else, making charity people’s jobs much harder because both rebels and army are nuts, but that’s culture more than race. The ones raised here are totally fine if taught proper culture, not gang culture. So basically like any other human. Gangs have all races, after all.

            And marginalized people will always fight back eventually. That’s not carp.

        • Logshaman

          Of course two races aren’t going to look alike idiot, and of course different races have different IQ standards, but if you are going to show off your “muh white greatness” fallacy then why are asian children usually smarter when they look different from us

      • SharpOB

        are you saying that god is a nigger

        • steve  galaxius

          no god is a straight up heeb and he’s fiending for your foreskin

        • Christina Phillips

          God doesn’t have a physical form! He looks like whatever He wants to look like. Image probably refers more to our humanity than our looks, and it’s a pale image of God at that.

        • Mr.Sixes

          Partially, like micheal Jackson later years.

    • Mone

      Just wating for some evidance and getting called and n Word in the process

  • Chaos Prodigy

    Now do Israel.

  • Afs Don
  • “one race, the human race” is garbage white guilt nonsense. a good cartoon

    • Logshaman

      Your part about “white guilt” doesn’t make sense, if I remember correctly the Spanish, Muslims, and every race in existence did not view it this way as well, so are you saying we should feel guilty for actions not even perpetuated by white people in the first place? As it is historically evident that Muslims and the Africans were the actual first peoples to have slaves.

      • look up what “white guilt” means.

        • Logshaman

          you say that, but saying “one race, the human race” doesn’t mean you have white guilt, just like saying gender is a social construct doesn’t mean it is actually a social construct

          • look up what “white guilt” and “social construct” mean.

          • Logshaman

            you say that, but still…

  • greg the libertarian lizard

    i agree with this post they are so insufferable all of them…

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