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  • Ender Einstein

    The question is, when will he realize that schools have indoctrinated and propagandized him into believing that white people are to blame for all the other race’s problems and that it’s a crime to say it’s them?

    • My son learned that in kindergarten in Baltimore.

    • Dee Woo

      People are to be held responsible for the actions of their pets.

  • NPC the Clown

    Raises hand: Even our own anatomy?
    Teacher: Don’t be misogynistic.

  • Mr King

    Harrison Bergeron should be required reading in high school, but we can all tell why it isn’t

    • Oof Oof

      Is it not normally? They made me read it last year in highschool

      • Jaqen H’ghar


    • Sheputster sadfvreb

      why i dont get it

      • Mr King

        Harrison Bergeron tells the story of a strong, talented young man who is literally and figuratively shackled by the government until he decides to throw off his chains, at which point he is murdered by the state, represented by an angry woman. Highly recommend you give it a read before it gets burned by the thought police
        EDIT: The reason I bring it up is that Stonetoss mentioned the story in the comic’s description

  • Albionic American

    So can someone other than a straight white guy become Literally Hitler?

    • Dee Woo
      • Allison Kaas


    • AWACS SkyEye

      I wonder if we’ll have a la creatura-lookalike become Literally Hitler. The memes would be 10/10.

    • WeWuzKangz

      Ayo hol up Mussolini wuz a BLACK KANG

    • John Doe

      Well, Milo Yiannopolous is a certified kike-faggot, and they still call him Literally Hitler.

  • Major Matt Mason

    Yesterday’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science fact.

    Welcome to the Crazy Years.

  • Joel Neumann

    Evolution is racist!

    • Jaqen H’ghar


  • Maxim Sukharev

    Even the size of our brain and average IQ per race?

  • Steffen

    Racist AND sexist

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