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Gross. But it shows the weird double standard about public health versus normalizing gay dysfunctions. Developed countries have drinkable tap water because they learned to keep fecal matter from contaminating the water supply. Related to that, notice all the scolding to keep washing our hands as a prophylaxis against the virus. Yet we let gay men contaminate each other’s bodies with fecal matter and associated pathogens as their normal “sexual” behavior.

Yup! Nothing like all that delicious neuro-toxins like fluoride in the water to drink and go straight to your brain!

Plenty of public water systems don’t fluorinate. But they do test aggressively for E. coli bacteria and other pathogens found in fecal matter. I used to work at a resort out in the sticks in Arizona where we had to chlorinate the well water and get it tested for fecal bacteria every month to keep it safe for human consumption.

Boy wait til this guy discovers bathing and cleaning oneself. It’ll be great

Maybe then you’ll finally get a date and stop moaning about it

So you shove an elongated sponge up your colon every time you let a stranger cum in it? And how about your urethra? You stick a little pipe cleaner in there too after you’re done soaking it with septic fluids?

No, you wash and lavage. Literally the same way you wash out a vagina.

And you urinate. That is the body’s way of flushing out UTI causing bacteria and debris and its why drinking lots of fluids is one of the single best ways to prevent UTIs.

But its all moot, because the OP is saying people don’t get as antsy about anal sex as they do about hand washing.

Which is objectively BS. Tell you what; find me a medical professional who thinks condoms/safe sex isn’t as important as washing hands and ill agree that you’re right, kay?

Or is it that all the porn you watch just has people raw dog it all the time? Is that where the confusion is coming from?

ITT: nobody fucked her gf in the ass (if they ever had one)

Real sex is not what xou see in porn, most girls dont do anal for obvious reasons

“Real sex” he says, as though he’s an expert

Lol that is blatantly and objectively false about the nerve endings. Takes a lot of guts to start talking so confidently like that while being so provably wrong though, kudos!

I mean Jesus, you’ve never taken a poop that just felt great? Stone himself tweets about it like every damn week.

In addition to the nerves being sensitive in the area, the prostate in men is incredibly sensitive to pleasure and located along the rectal canal. The vaginal wall lies right along the rectum and is stimulated.

But I mean, you’ve clearly talked to every woman who’s done anal right? Since you know EXACTLY why they do it.

Are you implying that to comment on this topic previously I must ask each woman who performs this practice the reason for her decision?

Tell me about stupid claims.

Stone toss says it jokingly, you on the other hand are defending such dirty, slimy and little (or nothing) pleasant practice.

I’m not saying you should ask it. YOU said it. That girls who do it “only do it to feel the morbid of practicing such an aberration.”

How do you know that? That that’s why girls do it? By asking every girl? By asking ANY girls?

Because if not, you are literally just making that up. Kind of like how you made up that nonsense about nerve endings.

Lol I’m sorry it disgusts you bud. You don’t have to do it if you dont want

“But I mean, you’ve clearly talked to every woman who’s done anal right? Since you know EXACTLY why they do it”

-Talked- -every-

You cannot add logical connotation to an unnatural act. The anus is for shitting, all its muscles were made to push things out, not to get them in. It does not stimulate the prostate or the vagina and if it does it is nothing compared to the pleasure of doing it IN the vagina, why do you want to do it then?

I’m sorry you want to rationalize what you see in porn, but in real life no girl considers having anal sex, the vast HUGE majority think so because they saw it somewhere, or because they are sick.

“but in real life no girl considers having anal sex, the vast HUGE majority think so because they saw it somewhere, or because they are sick”

You keep making these huge generalizations that you claim are exactly what all girls think. But you still haven’t answered – have you even asked a single girl that they actually think that? Or are you just making up what YOU THINK they think?

It DOES stimulate the prostate, the prostate literally lies on colon. That is how you assess prostates; by feeling them through the rectum.

Because some people find it pleasurable? I dont know the exact reasons why a single person would want to have anal sex. I dont pretend to think I know how everybody else thinks, like you do.

“Unnatural” my dude, sitting in chairs is unnatural and collectively destroying humans spines. Shoes have made us walk in such a way that our knees and quads tear because our shoed gait is unnatural. Do you rail as much against shoes and chairs?

Required reading:

Surviving Gay…Barely

Why talk to actual gay people when you can take an anecdotal story of just 1 alleged gay and apply it to all! Time to be over the top!

Look at the comments on Sciambra’s post. Plenty of gay men by middle age have destroyed their colons and their health the way he did.

By contrast, a middle-aged straight guy who has taken care of himself can still enjoy a normal sex life.

Every society on Earth recorded by history stigmatizes homosexuality, the primitives of sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas more so than most. We can pretend this is due solely to an imaginary evil conspiracy among “cis white hetero males” who never met one another, or we can grasp that it is almost always linked with disease and madness.

And never forget that the Left in this country considers putting people like this into the same public restroom with your six-year-old daughter to be their greatest victory.

Why would a gay man care about a little girl that way?

In the world of sexual deviancy, neat labels like “gay” and “straight” often give way to “wants to be alone with your children because they’re weak and can’t fight back.”

You’re an idiot. A lot of gay people hate on us pedos.

LOL WTF, I’ve been a brony for 9 years and I’ve never met anyone in the community who was a ‘nazi’ lol. Sure yeah they’re is racist people but that’s in every community, besides what’s wrong with a good bit of racism? Every good functioning society has a healthy amount of racism to keep certain groups in line.
There is a whole community of brony nazis

From looking around, I am going to give my opinion that the users at that page are just generally right-of-center. I don’t think there are that many actual NatSocs there, but there are people there from AnCap to WN to Nazbol, plus an assortment of people who are just generally contrarian and who are reading the evil Internet Nahtzee page just because the NPCs told them not to.

Yeah I’ve been a brony for 9 years but the community does definitely draw in a crowd of ‘degenerate’ types, —–>

I was a brony for the first few seasons of the show. I even went to two conventions. I was in a hotel elevator with a literal fedora wearing fat neckbeard making sexual comments about one of the characters in the show. I can confirm what you’re saying.

Wasn’t me was it?

Why homosexuality is not a mental disorder anymore?

I think all mental disorders are fake because what is considered normal often times is rather subjective. There is no way to prove that being a ‘sociopath’ is a mental disorder. How do we know that they just don’t have a different neurology that gives them a different personality type and leads them to different behaviors? I talked to a neuro-scientist about this before and he said he agrees. You could say you have chronic depression but that’s only classified by prolonged extreme sadness and suicidal l thoughts. I think many psychologists are dishonest and disingenuous and perhaps some even know their games they play for extra money. Going to therapy is such a scam and never works, as evidenced as many people who go are already anti-social anyways. They are tying to fix what is already normal. What is natural will come as is and not attempted to be changed.

Gay male behavior damages men’s health and interferes with human reproduction. By biological standards that makes it dysfunctional.

I don’t think you can prove that. For example pedophilia is seemingly non-biological but it is beneficial for both parties involved and natural.

Oh really? First, I never said anything anti gay back when it was a thing. Secondly, it turns out the radical Christians were right and some homosexuals do want to convert children. So once again you’re utterly wrong and I’m beginning to suspect you lied about not being a communist.

It’s a sexual disorder. Gays have too much “women genes”.

Redpill of the day: HIV/AIDS is a massive hoax.

GRIDS is the natural consequence of routine perforation of the colon facilitating the introduction of seminal fluid and fecal matter into the bloodstream.

HIV/AIDS was invented as a cover story to explain the deaths of homos.

Hmm, I believe the GRIDS thing but I also believe that HIV/AIDS is real too. Here’s the reason: homosexuals have always lived degenerate lifestyles, however the 20th century opened up new possiblities for homosexuals to engage in even more degeneracy. What was this new form of degeneracy you may ask? Party drugs. Specifically Drugs that weakened the immune system. Here’s another thing that the media won’t cover to protect their little protected class. You see party drugs like Meth and E “the love drug” became prevalent in the 80’s within the homosexual club scene. Well, time passed, their immune systems weakened, and they found the gay plague!

Do you wash your colon when you shower lmao

Steven Pinker defines humanism as the promotion of human flourishing, Frankly I don’t see how any humanist who absorbs this insight can defend normalizing gay male behavior. Human flourishing in the most literal sense means a situation where healthy adults marry, procreate and bring up healthy children in families. Whereas with normalizing homosexuality, you wind up with sickly men who don’t reproduce and consume more health care resources than they deserve, about the exact opposite of human flourishing. You wouldn’t send gay men to populate a Mars colony, for example.

BTW, the SyFy Channel a few years back ran a summer series titled Killjoys, about bounty hunters in space. I started to get into it, until I saw the gay bartender character and realized how such a damaged individual would have no place in a competent interplanetary civilization.

“In the most literal sense”

Your “me try sound smart” thesis here only makes sense if you define human flourishing solely as birth rates and ignore literally any other metric of flourishing like life satisfaction, liberty, security, opportunity, etc.

By your twisted BS logic Somalia is flourishing more than Germany. Thinking of moving to the horn soon?

Wealthy gay men like Anderson Cooper project a false image of most gay men’s physical condition. Just because Cooper and other gay male public figures can afford the health care to patch up their bodies and keep them presentable, it doesn’t reflect the reality for unwealthy gay men who destroy their health and age prematurely through their fecally oriented sex practices.

Even then, have you noticed that gay men like Cooper often turn gray earlier than straight men? Gay sexual behavior resembles what evolutionary biologists call the “fast life strategy,” only it doesn’t result in offspring.

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