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  • Fantaman

    Just imagine how weak and worthless you are if you need to suck the cops’ dick when someone correctly identifies your gender

  • quickshooter

    Cops in the UK are either niggers, or Jews.

  • misgendering people obviously isn’t an example of thought crime. a good cartoon

    • Swede

      It is I NYC, and it will spread.

      • no, it isn’t. it’s harassment, which is a completely different thing from thought crime.

        • disqus_VRwsiLcSXC

          calling someone “he” isn’t “””harassment””” you loon

          • calling a woman “he” with intent to distress her is blatantly harassment but go off

          • kar


          • however yes

          • kar

            you raise a good point
            yet i posit the following counterpoint:

          • hmm, i disagree.

            honestly doing anything whatsoever with the explicit intent of distressing people is harassment so. yeah

          • kar

            harassment is a very strong word
            you think it’s okay to disallow it, but then go on to define harassment as anything which distresses people which is *very* dangerous
            personally i dont really care about people calling me “he”, sure id prefer they didnt but im not going to act like its the end of the world, and neither should you

          • that’s, uh, not how i defined harassment

            do people regularly call you “he” with intent to harm or distress you?

          • kar

            intent can be a hard thing to determine sometimes, and in my opinion, completely irrelevant. to answer your question, sometimes, but if people want to be ignorant thats their loss. i dont see how it could harm someone.

          • it doesn’t hurt when people are ignorant and cruel toward you? really?

          • Anna Kalita

            How is murder even comparable to calling a woman “sir”? This coming from a woman who was called “sir” multiple times, especially during colder season.

          • murder is an example of a crime that requires you to judge the perpetrator’s intent. if you kill someone unintentionally then it’s a different crime, called manslaughter.

          • DatBoi

            Trannies are so weak that they need the government to protect them from hurtful words. Wow, that’s awfully bigoted of you.

          • what are you talking about?? this has nothing to do with the comment you’re replying to

          • Anna Kalita

            What? No. It judges actual action, not “intent”. Mostly the tools used. If you run someone over with a car, it’s an accident; if you stab someone, it’s murder; if you douse someone with gasoline and burn them, it’s murder with extreme cruelty, all judged by action performed.

          • if you run someone over with a car by accident, it’s an accident. if you run someone over with a car deliberately, it’s murder. :/

          • Stiffy Weiner

            What if you slap a sorry sticker and tape a piece of candy to the corpse

          • Anna Kalita

            Where I live, there is no judging of the intent. Specifically because if judges were to determine the intent, it would create terrible legislative and judical mess.

          • kar

            No, because I was fortunate enough to be born with this thing called a “spine”. Ever heard the old adage about sticks and stones?

          • of course, it’s the title of the cartoon we’re discussing. sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will leave deep-seated psychological scars that never heal. a classic adage.

          • kar

            that’s sad

          • yeah, it’s really sad! that’s why i’m so careful about what i say to people

          • Stiffy Weiner

            They aren’t ignorant, but honest, they’re still absolute assholes though. Which stings worse.

            That’s the Achilles heel of right wingers, if they’re ever right, they’ll just express that information they know to try and convince people in the most offensive way, and it backfires hilariously.

          • Anna Kalita

            Judging the intent is EXACTLY what defines it as thoughtcrime.

          • hmm yes i too consider murder to be an example of thoughtcrime

          • Bandit Keith

            danielle youre annoying as fuck and I would really prefer if you stop harassing me with your annoying stupid comments

          • um, hello. i wasn’t talking to you. who are you

          • Bandit Keith

            it doesnt matter just by posting you are targeting me for harassment and you must stop now

          • how can i possibly target you without addressing you, referring to you, or even knowing who you are

          • White Makes Right

            Today I learned that trannies think being annoying is “harassment.” Goddamn, you people are mentally unwell.

          • not what i said but go off i guess

          • The point being that there is no woman, but an insane man.
            The proper pronoun for a man is “he” or “him”.
            Do not encourage the insane in their insanities.
            The law cannot force me to partake in someone else’s insanity.

          • good thing transness factually is not a form of insanity, huh?

          • Kira Yoshikagova

            Except it is.

          • it’s not. the dsm explicitly says otherwise, in accordance with all scientific findings on the subject.

          • Stormwatch

            And calling a delusional man “she” is a denial of reality.

          • sure, why not? but calling a transgender woman “he” is also a denial of reality.

    • There is no such thing as “misgendering”. There are men (he/him), and there are women(she/her). And then there are a few insane men and women who think they are other things, like Napoleon, rabbits, or pokemon.

      • so what are you doing if you meet a woman, call her a man, and use he/him pronouns to refer to her? it sounds like misgendering to me – do you have another word in mind?

        • I am not insane. Men are men, and women are women. I would no more call a man a woman than I would call a horse an airplane.

          • answer the question. what are you doing if you meet a woman, call her a man, and use he/him pronouns to refer to her?

          • What will happen if you flap your arms and try to fly to the moon?

          • not a lot, since arms aren’t wings and winged creatures aren’t capable of flying beyond the earth’s atmosphere. what does that have to do with anything?

          • Bandit Keith

            i call trannies by their actual gender all the time

          • well good. it’d be better not to refer to us using an extremely well-known transmisiac slur though.

          • Zero

            >answer the question. what are you doing if you meet a woman, call her a man, and use he/him pronouns to refer to her?

            Not a lot since men aren’t women and men aren’t capable of ever becoming a fully fledged woman (with todays technology).

            But I guess basic biology is hatespeech nowadays. Enjoy this satire that became sad reality

          • that’s still not answering the question. what are you doing if you meet a woman, call her a man, and use he/him pronouns to refer to her?

          • Christina Phillips

            Gender is how the brain is structured. S*x is what the rest of the body is like. If they think like a male, might as well treat them like one, since you’ll get the expected responses from them if you do. Medically, they’re still female. For example.

        • White Makes Right

          It sounds even more insane when you put it like this. You seriously think it should be illegal to call a woman “sir” or a man “ma’am”? You trannies are such myopic narcissists, it’s sickening.

          • i certainly am myopic! but hey, that’s why i wear glasses.

            accidentally misgendering someone once isn’t a serious problem and isn’t a crime. deliberately and maliciously misgendering someone, especially repeatedly, is a massive problem and deserves to be illegal. they’re importantly different scenarios.

  • Jake TheSnake Roberts

    I ignore your politics because I think there’s actual skill in a lot of your critique, but this is kind of lazy. The bill only holds true for employers or people of power. Maybe make a joke about that? Not just blatant misinformation.

    • Seth Apex

      that bill still violates the first amendment.

    • Stiffy Weiner

      I mean, this applies in NYC.

  • DatBoi

    IT IS MA’AM!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stiffy Weiner

    Technically not a thought crime since he didn’t keep it in his head. Just a regular crime (if law applies in your district/county)

    • Qhehsi

      Accidentally getting someone’s gender wrong is a crime? wew what a world

      • Stiffy Weiner

        In Jew York, some parts of California and some shithole I forgot the name of.
        Florida maybe?

        • Qhehsi

          Ahh, not American so didn’t know.

          • Stiffy Weiner


  • i have pretended to be a girl to get in lesbian bars but it doesnt work out for me much

    • Stiffy Weiner

      Show me your boypussy

      • why should i

        • Stiffy Weiner

          Because I like them uwu

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