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misgendering people obviously isn’t an example of thought crime. a good cartoon

It is I NYC, and it will spread.

no, it isn’t. it’s harassment, which is a completely different thing from thought crime.

calling someone “he” isn’t “””harassment””” you loon

harassment is a very strong word
you think it’s okay to disallow it, but then go on to define harassment as anything which distresses people which is *very* dangerous
personally i dont really care about people calling me “he”, sure id prefer they didnt but im not going to act like its the end of the world, and neither should you

intent can be a hard thing to determine sometimes, and in my opinion, completely irrelevant. to answer your question, sometimes, but if people want to be ignorant thats their loss. i dont see how it could harm someone.

What? No. It judges actual action, not “intent”. Mostly the tools used. If you run someone over with a car, it’s an accident; if you stab someone, it’s murder; if you douse someone with gasoline and burn them, it’s murder with extreme cruelty, all judged by action performed.

They aren’t ignorant, but honest, they’re still absolute assholes though. Which stings worse.

That’s the Achilles heel of right wingers, if they’re ever right, they’ll just express that information they know to try and convince people in the most offensive way, and it backfires hilariously.

none at all I would prefer if you deleted your account and never said anything online that I am going to see every again, delete your youtube account, your runescape account anywhere you might type something delete it. Its the only way you can stop being a bully

There is no such thing as “misgendering”. There are men (he/him), and there are women(she/her). And then there are a few insane men and women who think they are other things, like Napoleon, rabbits, or pokemon.

so what are you doing if you meet a woman, call her a man, and use he/him pronouns to refer to her? it sounds like misgendering to me – do you have another word in mind?

I am not insane. Men are men, and women are women. I would no more call a man a woman than I would call a horse an airplane.

>that’s still not answering the question. what are you doing if you meet a woman, call her a man, and use he/him pronouns to refer to her?

“What are you doing if you’re doing X.”
I would say I’m doing X. You suck at writing.

>it’d be better not to refer to us using an extremely well-known transmisiac slur though.

“transmisiac” is as much not a word as there are more than two genders.

>do you actually have any scientific basis for those shitty beliefs?

Do you have any scientific basis that transgender people exist? I’m not talking about the 0.2% who have a birth defect, I’m talking about those who mutilate their genitals and demand to be called another gender

“I would say I’m doing X.” okay, so what is x? languages have standalone words for expressing specific concepts, so you don’t need to use lots of other words to express the same idea. there happens to be an existing word for this particular concept, and that word is “misgendering”.

“‘transmisiac’ is as much not a word as there are more than two genders.” so you’re saying either that “transmisiac” is indeed a word or that there are more than two genders. somehow i get the impression you didn’t actually want to say either of those things. in any case, of course it’s a word. i just used it in a sentence, and natural languages are defined by their usage.

“Do you have any scientific basis that transgender people exist?” yes? i’m a transgender person, and it’s completely obvious that i exist. i’m talking to you right now. i couldn’t do that if i didn’t exist. duh.

You’re either the best troll known to man or you’re just retarded kid that’s too dumb to communicate.
No, you can’t make up words, no you can’t make up genders, no you don’t exist for all I care. You’re probably just some unloved and ugly girl or boy who then mutilated their genitals and took hormones, trying to be accepted as the other gender. Too bad there’s no third gender, you’re just a mutilated whatever you were born as.

I don’t call dogs cats, and I don’t call water fire. Why would I ever call a man a woman? Unlike you, I am capable of noticing that different things are different, and using the English language to call things by their proper names.

For example: the proper term for men who think they are women is “insane men”. The proper term for women who think they are men is “insane women”. The proper term for people who would force insanities upon the general population is “evil”.

Yes, Danielle. It’s called science.

Men are men. Women are women. All else is insanity. Attempting to force insanities upon others is pure evil.

You hate my “shitty beliefs” because you cannot defend your own insane cackling, and don’t want to admit that you, personally, are evil and wicked.

It has been proven that no significant difference exists in the gametes of transgender individual enough to indicate any biological or psychological determination towards affecting one’s gender. Transgenderism is the pseudo-science, it’s opposition is anything but. These responses are tardy, but that barely weakens them.

Except that it does. Genetics decide everything about your physical/mental factors. Studies have shown that transgender individuals lack the DAX1 and Adrogen receptor gene abnormalities that cause intersex. There is no biological basis for transgenderism existing besides wild imaginings.

Apologies. Genetics decide nearly everything about your physical/mental factors. My point still stands, there is nothing in a person’s biology dictating the transgender behaviour. The studies prove it. If anything, trauma is the determining factor in generating gender dysphoria with exaggerated womb/penis envy.

Except that the majority of gender dysphoria arises from frequent sexual/physical child abuse. You cannot make that argument when nearly none of the sufferers experienced mis-gendered treatment, or gender dysphoria, during formative years. Even children with dysphoria suffer minimal stress if they’re mis-gendered, which is hardly more than they already suffer. Your skewing of the truth is disgusting and proves you don’t care about the ills transgenders suffer. For someone who “cares,” you’re pitifully small minded about the nuances of this, or wilfully ignorant. You’re evil and don’t you project that. I don’t hate transgenders, but I believe the current treatment only harms them, like at Tavistock. If allowing transitioning and properly gendering fixed them, 40% would not be committing suicide post-op.

… what? The DSM changes, so often, based on the political climate. And, because we aren’t treating people, suicide rates skyrocket among people with mental disorders. Why is this a surprise to you? And why would pointing out reality make me a terrible person?

Late, but woman = Adult Human Female. Given the origin of “woman” is derived from “womb man,” it is the human specific term for the above definition. Calling a man a woman since he thinks so is like calling a cock a hen because it acts that way, a blatant dismissal of reality.

i still haven’t figured out why transmisogynists love to define “woman” as “adult human female”. first of all, it’s obviously the wrong order for those words? “female” is an adjective and “human” is a noun. it ought to read “adult female human”.
second, um, trans women are adult female humans. what point do people think they’re making by insisting on that string of words? it’s basically a tautology that doesn’t achieve what they think it does.

You’re pedantic about semantics and grammar when the message was understood. Stop being petty. We define woman as “Adult human female,” because what otherwise constitutes a woman? If not for her reproductive capabilities [and other qualities], you’ve stripped “woman” down to a meaningless term. For what? What then do men have to mimic to be considered a woman?

trans women are adult female humans

Except that transgender women are not adult human females, by any definition. To be considered a female member, you must share the biology of the female gender. To say a man is a biological woman [i.e. a female] is a blatant disregard for reality. You are ignoring the biology of a person to appease some disorder. But please, if you can define what it means to be a woman, I’ll consider you less of a delusional lunatic.

Expound that. One cannot be a female and possess a penis, and vice versa, it is biologically impossible or an abnormality. A cock that lays eggs is not a male fowl, it is a hen. Possessing the psychology of the opposite gender does not equate to possessing the same biology. Your definition is weak and circular, and lest you expound, it means nothing.

Are you actually stupid? That was an implication that the exception does not make the rule, you pile suffocated bellend. A man possessing ovaries is physically impossible unless he is intersex, which is an aberration. That does not make it possible for a woman to be a man – since her chromosomes remain female. You speak a lot how chromosomes play no part in deciding gender, yet don’t realise doing so results in you denying the intersex existence. Amazing. For one who accosts others “denying” the existence of transgenders, that’s startling hypocrisy.

You said nothing of worth there. It was all waffle, nonsense and the first sentence agrees with me. If chromosomes played no part in deciding one’s gender, it would be impossible to determine the gender of a long dead corpse. Not only are you denying science, you’re denying reality, skewing definitions, spouting drivel. You’re little more than a transtrender troll with no better to do than antagonise others you disagree with. I should have realised that by the fact you’re here in the first place. I doubt you even know what intersex means.

it is impossible to determine the gender of a long dead corpse. heck, we can’t even reliably determine the “biological sex” of a corpse. archaeologists seriously fall back to gender stereotypes to attempt to figure that stuff out: this person was buried with swords? must’ve been a dude, men are the warriors. of course if you can get actual information about the person, by finding their journal or a public record that mentions them or some other historical document, you can make determinations from that information – but their corpse alone is extremely unhelpful.

Why the division between gender and sex? For all intents and purposes, they are the same. Ones unconscious psychology is pre-set according to their biology. Undisputable, regardless what some quack says. Additionally, many markers exist to indicate the difference male and female corpses. Without genetic testing [by testing samples to determine whether chromosomes are XX or XY], biologists look to bone density, skeletal/pelvic structure, and cranial configuration, of which they are heavier, bulkier/slimmer and possess prominent superciliary arches, prominent glabella, eversion of the angle of mandible in male specimens alone. The corpse [without test sample] is extremely helpful, you illiterate spoon. If testing was unreliable, determining if holy relics were of John the Baptist and the identity of King Richard III in his rest place would have proven impossible, yet answers were achieved. You are disregarding hundreds of years of archaeological & biological groundwork just to further your own agenda. How shameful are you?

um. i’m transgender? i’m speaking from personal experience. transition works. the high suicide rate amongst trans people is directly caused by transphobia. weaponising that suicide rate as an indication that we should stop respecting trans people’s identities and supporting transition is unbelievably abhorrent and hateful.

Except that in areas where transgenders are welcomed and accepted, the suicide attempt rate is still almost half. You cannot simply point to transphobia as the sole issue, when so many factors are at play, like childhood trauma, chemical imbalances and external manipulation. Doing so is irresponsible and despicable, and avoiding the root cause.

weaponising that suicide rate as an indication that we should stop respecting trans people’s identities

My ethos is that people don’t deserve rights. If you wish to be respected, you earn it. I weaponised nothing, it is a fact, proof that something is wrong beside bullying [most transgenders have been proven to withstand it] and I hold nothing against transgenders but I do not support the barbaric practices they undergo, whereby they are barely challenged by institution [case in point, Kiera Bell, who transitioned after merely three hours of interview]. The symptoms of gender dysphoria are no different from Bodily Integrity Identity Disorder – surprising how they are oft co-morbid – and the willingness the staff allow such procedure inevitably leads to an excess of sex change regret survivors and ruined lives. Tell me, if it works, why the first non-binary American “man” revoked that identity to become a man again, calling the fad a sham? I don’t care for transgenders like I care little for everyone else, they may do what they wish to themselves, but if our health services are ruining lives with experimental harmful treatments, then I care. Goodbye, Sir!

Gender is how the brain is structured. S*x is what the rest of the body is like. If they think like a male, might as well treat them like one, since you’ll get the expected responses from them if you do. Medically, they’re still female. For example.

It sounds even more insane when you put it like this. You seriously think it should be illegal to call a woman “sir” or a man “ma’am”? You trannies are such myopic narcissists, it’s sickening.

I ignore your politics because I think there’s actual skill in a lot of your critique, but this is kind of lazy. The bill only holds true for employers or people of power. Maybe make a joke about that? Not just blatant misinformation.

Most of this guy’s stuff is lazy caricatures. I mean idea-wise, not literally. Easily defeated with a minute’s thought, a “hey, wait…!”. Fortunately these days people view politics like football teams, and won’t look at their own side’s shortcomings, only supporting their own “team” mindlessly and picking on the opponents for any little thing, often things they’d forgive from their own side, things that don’t really bother them.

Politics has always been shit, but now it’s IQ has dropped down to that of sports. Not that all sport fans are stupid, but that even the clever ones aren’t engaging full brain when they’re in the mood.

People vote gladly for someone who’ll fuck them up the arse, as long as he claims to hate the same groups they do. That’s all there is.

IT IS MA’AM!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, “IT IS MA’AM” guy could kick the shit out of you. Kick the shit out, then fuck your throat til the cops come. Wrong tranny to cross! Sure would be stunning and brave though, if you were stunned by a punch to the face.

Technically not a thought crime since he didn’t keep it in his head. Just a regular crime (if law applies in your district/county)

Accidentally getting someone’s gender wrong is a crime? wew what a world

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