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  • Antisemitism lsavirtue

    When you give one another rectal prolapses and call them rosebuds.
    When you give one another horrible STDs and just TDs that cost gorillions in healthcare.
    When you are de facto infertile because your brain is too retarded to grasp basic human reproduction and the concept means nothing to you.
    When you are the prime result and cause of sexual abuse of youths.
    When you mutilate yourselves to become the other end of the binary spectrum of sex instead of the one you already have the chromosomes and organs for because you think you cannot have a happy life if you’re not insane.

    When you kill yourselves in droves.

    And proud of it.

    The homosexual is a strange creature. It claims that it is natural and occurs in the wild.
    Well, so do deformities, genetic diseases and insanity.

    Never bend your knee to the whims of these warped individuals, for they are moribund and the antithesis of life.
    Do not humor the walking dead. You owe them nothing.

    • Albionic American

      Look at how well gay men fit into the needs of our elites’ childish, utopian and damaging world view. What characterizes gay men?

      Atomized individualism.

      Sterile sexual hedonism.

      Alienation from families, communities and nations, along with their traditions.

      A void where an identity would have gone in a normal man, hence the need for “identity shopping” from a market with ideologically curated choices.

      No children to support, hence more disposable income for consumerism.

      A willingness to engage in self-destructive sexual encounters with strangers in seedy venues, including ones of other races.

      A constituency for socialized health care because their lifestyle accelerates the deterioration of their bodies early in life.

      If gay men didn’t exist, our elites would practically have to invent them as the nearly ideal model for the kind of New Man they want to create.

      • Fovar

        Heterosexual MGTOW here.

        > Atomized individualism… Check
        > Sterile sexual hedonism… Check (Sex Doll)
        > Alienation from families, communities and nations, along with their traditions… Check. (But this is more from AnCap mentalities than MGTOW)
        > A void where an identity would have gone in a normal man, hence the need for “identity shopping” from a market with ideologically curated choices… Check (AnCap again)
        > No children to support, hence more disposable income for consumerism… Almost. Replaced “consumerism” for “minimalism”.
        > …hence no regard to thinking about the long-term consequences of today’s decisions… Check

        It seems only the self-destructive sexual encounters and my hatred for anything socialized, including healthcare, separates me from the source of your disgust and contempt.

        I wonder if female toxicity is correlated to gay men proportions. If so, you could have yet another link between feminism and our society’s self destruction.

    • morgondag

      Yeah like Aristotele and Platon, would have been so much better if they just killed themselves no?

      • Albionic American

        Then why do GloboHomo universities want to remove their works from the curriculum?

    • Hanging or beating is the cure.

      And… I don’t really have relation on trannies. This kind of transformation is kinda… Unnatural. On some points, I would respect them on the way they spend tons of money, periodically having treatment, and enduring the pain.

      I mean, “Man, look, Medical fee in US isn’t a joke! And being rich doesn’t make you happy, or archived somewhat called ‘successful life’. It wasn’t enough.”

  • mustafa amul

    Cool it with the anti-semitism

  • Albionic American

    White nationalists want normal white people to flourish securely in their own countries.

    Which means that they recognize that coddling the white people with broken sexuality conflicts with this goal.

    In other words, think of white nationalists as pro-white humanists who want to enforce reasonable standards, including the willingness to say no to the misfits, defectives and losers with screwed-up lives. It sucks for the misfits, defectives and losers, of course, but we have to look to the greater good here.

    • Fovar

      For me “normal white people” mean “middle of the bell curve of intelligence distribution”, and is almost as painful as the current social environment. Why not pure, undiluted freedom?

      > Without state-enforced alimony, divorce is not a problem.

      > Without miles of red tape and legal quagmire, corporations and their nepotism are not a problem.

      > Without forcing doctors who are against to perform medical acts they morally oppose, and financing it with stolen money from a collective, abortions and hedonism aren’t a problem. (Women go bankrupt over abortions or have to crowdfund it).

      > Mass shootings occur only where shooting back is impossible, either for being forbidden (Orlando Gay Bar) or due to terrain layout (Las Vegas).

      > Without welfare, immigrants must produce to sustain themselves. To produce, they need to assimilate somewhat.

      • Albionic American

        financing it with stolen money from a collective

        People consent to taxation by choosing to live in a given political jurisdiction, just like you consent to paying rent when you live in a property with the owner’s permission. The libertarian theory of the Sovereign Individual assumes this consent when it advocates shopping around for different sovereignties’ tax regimes, much like you would go shopping for deals from competing hotels.

        • Fovar

          False equivalency.

          It’s possible to start a new hotel, not a new country. If you fuck off into the wilderness and consume no public resource, you still owe your government its tax money if you have any income. You need a government-issued passport to browse for another country, which is itself a process that takes many years. And leaving an hotel room isn’t the same as exiling oneself.

          Let alone other policies like active population replacement, something a white nationalist like you must admit is impossible without a state.

          That said, I don’t mind it that much: Collectivism and State Intervention lead to socio-economic collapse. All I have to do is go Galt and wait. The only way the Western World may still evade total collapse for a while is authoritarianism, and even that won’t last long.

  • Oh well. Being wealthy is sure nice. Getting whatever we want: power, material, women. Or becoming one.

  • The faggot is in the closet or in your face.
    The nigger is at your feet or at your throat.

  • Stiffy Weiner

    Jesus hates trannies.

    • Be smart; prevent ones. It shouldn’t be some people we don’t know, but your closer ones, eg: family, relatives, close friends, etc.

      Don’t say hating them, say preventing people to be ones.

  • i don’t get this one. as a trans man myself it just seems really stupid and ignorant.

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