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  • CMK

    What’s up with this dude’s face?

    • TrueWOPR

      He’s going “Pfft”

  • Indra Kaw

    I can’t deny that.

  • Mister Twister

    I believe UFOs are Earth technology.

    Sue me.

    • rogen80

      I mean, UFO just means “unidentified flying object”… so yeah.

    • John Javier

      no UFOs are flying Jews!

  • Cosby Bebop

    The Egyptians colluded with Russian aliens to build the pyramids

    • TeamMudLing

      *mind blown*

    • You are Not a Victim

      So the Russians were the real kangs n shiet?

      • Alexey Saranchev

        We wuz Tsari and diermo…

  • I don’t understand this one but stonetoss bad

    • QuickshooterMk2

      Comic man bad!

    • Divosa Uplanovytch

      Smug doodle man bad

      • Jesher


    • deserdoo

      thought process of everyone on r/antifastonetoss

  • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

    Both conspiracies are real.

    • QuickshooterMk2
      • True90sKidDetractorsAreFags

        >Implying they aren’t hiding behind the scenes
        >Implying the Russians aren’t in cahoots with the Jews
        >Implying Russians don’t use the same propaganda techniques as the Jews

        >Roman Abramovich
        >Can’t fathom the idea that Trump is a Russian shill, yet admits to him being one for Israel
        >Actually believing Russia has anything to do with Western values and freedom, despite its entire history being solely about self-perpetuation to this day

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    People still think the 1% is white.

  • Maxwell Macdonald

    Granted, Trump isn’t the most competent man, it’s fucking stupid how hard left media will try to make him seem like a boogeyman.

  • Theroux721

    Stonetoss draws the best lips.

    • CMK

      They’re the lips of black people.

      • Theroux721

        No way, those aren’t enticing at all.

  • Kerbett

    says the guy who thinks jews control the world

    • Beesoon

      wheres the proof that jews don’t control the world?

      • Guacamole

        When you make an accusation (like saying someone controls the world), generally you bear the burden of proof

      • Jesher

        Jews worship God. The rulers of the world worship Satan. They manipulate Jews as they do Catholics. Granted, Jewry is inherently tied to Satanism, but they’re just court-Jews. The ones at the top certainly do not worship the God of the Jews, as Christ did .

  • Matt

    Yes when Trump sides with Russia over allies every time, surely this is just normal behaviour. Don’t question the president, after all, he’s a good boy who didn’t do nothin’ and loves his wife.

  • Oscar David

    this didn’t age well

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