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  • Blarf

    The Jersey numbers lmao.

  • 8jij Joo

    capitalism wins once again
    how can mr goldberg keep getting away with this?

    • Dan Goldman

      how does any of this has to do with capitalism.

      and while you are at it explain capitalism.

      • Mark Barney

        Alright, Dan Goldman

      • Hve├░rungr

        For a left-wing explanation of why identity politics is capitalist (i.e. an explanation you might accept), read Naomi Klein’s No Logo.

        • (((Klein))) wow the dolt-right can’t even understand the difference between corporatism and capitalism. I would like for you to ll live in Nazi Germany and see just how truly terrible it was. I don’t believe in any of this holohoax garbage but authoritarianism is just ghey.

      • Lauren Froment

        cause nazis are racist and anticapitalist. its their mandate.

    • Lol you probably don’t even know the difference between corporatism and capitalism. Fkking tard. The jews are marxists, that’s why the want to create a cashless society. Moron.


    Remember when Tim Tebow got told he wasn’t allowed to kneel to pray on the field, because it was “too controversial,” and got fined by the NFL for it?

    • Dpete


  • NPC the Clown

    The subtle penis on the drawing board.

    • Alistair Grove

      OMG how did I not notice that? I guess you have a better Dick sense than even me!

      • Lauren Froment

        I guess you love dick less than the rest of OP’s fanbase

        • Alistair Grove

          Truly my greatest shame.

    • DavidDavidson

      It’s actually got a cut here line, representing male genital mutilation, which is sadly all too common in the united states.
      Remember, if you have a boy, don’t let schlomo chop off his foreskin and turn it into skin cream.

  • QuickshooterMk4
  • The Ravenous Lamppost

    Hey Stone, I’ve been reading through some of your past comics and I was wondering if you were at all religious?

  • Sheputster sadfvreb


  • Major Matt Mason

    Basketball Lies Matter.

    • TRVTH

      You misspelled “baxitball.”

      • Lauren Froment

        truth has a u

  • Very subtle. Numbers, foreskins…
    I still don’t get what you wanna say, fifty-six percenter

    • Lauren Froment

      cocklover dog whistle

      • klke bltch megaphone ^^^^

        • Lauren Froment

          eskimo, get the ethnicity right if youre gonna slur me

          • Not an ethnicity because you mutts aren’t human. Low tier like the nlggers. Hispanics and Whites the based race!

  • Albionic American

    You can’t take a knee for god, but you can for George Floyd. Doesn’t this go by some term like “idolatry”?

    • Black Spruce

      The anthem, the flag, and all these nationalistic rituals are all idolatry, anyway. A Christian shouldn’t partake in any of them. No standing, no kneeling.

    • Lauren Froment

      pagan wannabe krauts won’t consider a Jew the son of god, silly.

      • Christianity is inherently a gay jewish psy-op

        • Lauren Froment


  • The Last IHE Parody

    inb4 the tranny ponyfag shows up and misinterprets the joke

    • Lauren Froment

      friendship is magic when you have actually friends.

    • are you referring to me?

  • Ender Einstein

    I swear these cuckservative boomers would still watch sports if this were to literally happen.

  • Nixius DerF├╝hrious

    Only snow people can play Hockey. Hockey is still white at least. ;^)

    • Lauren Froment

      as an eskimo I approve this comment

  • Lauren Froment
  • UncleSam13

    Purple and gold…LA Lakers

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