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  • Griffin


  • illegal immigrant


  • Divosa Uplanovytch
  • Antisemitism Isavirtue

    “Nationalist” is the N word of the current era.

    • Mister Twister

      You win the day.

  • Freedom is the ability to tell anybody, “You ain’t the boss of me!” and walk away.

    • 7otherpages

      Americans will never have freedom until property taxes are abolished.

  • you should be in jail if you say it
    stonetoss’ parody is just rational today
    eat the rich, be antifa, blm, and milkshake the right, acab, pedophilia is okay

    • Malta Korotta

      Stone him! He said ‘Jehovah!’

    • Quixotes

      >pedophilia is okay
      Oh cool, I wasn’t quite sure before but you just made it apparent that you’re some /pol/ack pretending to be a leftist. Literal controlled opposition.

      • I’m not on 4chan, but I am on twitter
        don’t assume shit you have no clue about you worthless basement dweller

        • Quixotes

          The VAST majority of leftists still fundamentally oppose pedophilia. Most claims made towards left-of-center persons or organizations for supporting pedophilia are fabricated by rightists breeding hysteria.

          The fact that you’re playing directly into the rhetoric of Mr. RockYeet over here should make anyone skeptical that you’re acting in truth and good faith. This isn’t even the first time this has happened either. Remember #Punchanazi?

          • “The VAST majority of leftists still fundamentally oppose pedophilia. ”

            They don’t count. It’s only the leaders of the movement that matter.
            And they’re all about screwing little kids.

          • Quixotes

            And conservative leaders aren’t? Like, PizzaGate seems like it might be rooted in some truth but similar claims have been against Trump and other conservative politicans, but for some reason I’d bet you’d dismiss those instantly, right? (Keep in mind the Trump and Clintons families were still in close association during the time PizzaGate is alledged to have occured, Trump being a registered democrat until September 2009) These pedophilia claims speak more to the corrupt nature of the American Oligarchy then to the criminality of a specific party.

            Regardless of the leaders, Kiddy Diddling isn’t exactly a popular position in either party, so your point is kinda moot.

          • Really? Because the Left has an entire campaign infrastructure built around sexual deviancy.

            Once again, you accuse us of what your side is doing. That goes all the way back to Lenin. It’s called projection in mental health jargon, because it’s something that crazies and criminals (like Antifa) do all the time.

          • Quixotes

            Define “sexual deviancy”. There is no secular argument against homosexuality, and if you want to argue on a religious basis with the ol’ Leviticus 18 22, then I could quote back Old Testament verses about how to properly beat your slave or to stone people for working on the sabbath.

            Pedophilia, on the other hand, has clear power imbalances and an actual victim. Every attempt made by pedophiles and their sympathizers to co-opt LGBT language gets laughed off.

            The implication that the left is somehow predisposed to pedophilia is especially ironic considering /pol/ is a few clicks away from the degeneracy of /b/. Since you tend to use individual leftists to support this claim I could cite back counter examples of Twitter Nazis saying they’d fuck soph IF she was a virgin or even people like @Stiffy Weiner [sic] in stonetosses’ own comment section who are very clearly immersed in the alt-right yet constantly talk about how “oppressive” the age of consent is and how it’s stopping him from making muh white babies sooner. But I guess it’s ok cause he’s not a FUCKING LIBTARD GOTTEM.

          • So, you’re pro-fag and approve of Leftist kiddy-diddlers.

          • Quixotes

            “Pro-fag” yes, because the only argument stems from how icky gay people are. If you actually read what I said, I’m very clearly opposed to pedophilia, I’m surprised that you act on such little faith that you’ll lie about my beliefs as a response to a post where I plainly explain them as being to the contrary.

          • Mikkaddo

            it’s so fascinating coming back to old comics from when Disqus wasn’t letting me see comments and seeing entire conversations where one side ashamedly deleted things to remove the trail later on and stop themselves from getting in trouble for not following the narrative like a good brownshirt

          • As I recall, the commenter drawing so much ire was a self-declared gay furry who admitted an attraction to minors, and openly defended pedophilia (and bestiality, and just about every other form of perversion).

          • Quixotes

            Also, the second half of your post is mostly conjecture but I would like to point out that the supposed Lenin quote about “always accusing your enemies of what you do” was American propaganda. I don’t like the guy either but it’s wrong to compulsively lie about leftist beliefs, if for no other reason than avoiding getting called out on it.

          • Goy-chanberg

            You’re so fucking delusional that you see the embarassing, subhuman people who are on your side and have to quickly rationalize them as not really being on your side. A typical leftist trait. When you look around at the people who follow your beliefs, you feel disgust, not pride.

          • Quixotes

            Lol, the difference between Devilpants and me is like the difference between you and Ben Shapiro. Unless you’d like to start including cuckservatives as being “on your side” I could say the same for you.

            Of course, that’d be dumb, because even though you’re on the opposite half of the political spectrum, (and near its enpoint, I might add) I have the courtesy to understand the massive divide between rightists sects.

    • So you’re left-leaning for the most part, except that last stance. That’s a rightist stance.

      Pedophiles are rightwingers. Or is it rightwingers are pedophiles? … Hm.

      • Assjacket

        Right, the right-wingers must be behind all of those liberal outlets trying to normalize pedophilia. I knew it!

        • Yeah. That’s literally what /pol/’s been proven to do, as part of their attempts to attack the LGBT. But, y’know, facts hurt your feelings.

          • Yeah, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Jeff Epstein are notorious right wing personalities.

            Oh, wait…

      • You delight in being vile.

      • Cheesy Nuggets

        But most gays are pedos. They simply fudge the definition of gay so it’s ADULT men liking eachother to hide what actually happens.

      • Vincent Hart

        What a disgusting faggot you are. Hang yourself.

      • Antisemitism Isavirtue

        You are the pedophile, Alorwin. You shouldn’t be talking.

        Also, the vast amount of pedophiles are jews.
        Isn’t some actor being busted for being involved with a literal child traffic ring at the moment?

        The old song and dance of the tribe. Never ceases to be disgusting, though.

    • It’s so hard to tell over the top sarcasm from actual Democrat election promises these days.

  • Sabi

    Oh, and don’t forget that we can report on rape gangs without going to jail. That’s something our freedom gives us too.

    But you just go right ahead and brag about your healthcare. I hear it’s working out great in France right about now, with the doctors starving a disabled man to death. You must be so proud.

  • Albionic American

    Working-class white Americans show good judgment about a lot of practical matters because they resist indoctrination into the arbitrary beliefs of our elites’ Opposite World ideology.

    For example, they tend not to like blacks because they have more experience with them than foo-foo whites who can afford to buy isolation from black communities, and who therefore can sustain high-minded delusions about black people based on fantasies like the fictional black nuclear rocket surgeons they see on TV and in movies.

    • HOH

      Why are you comparing American whites, who are basically just mutts to any other part of Europe?

  • Cody Jones
    • Quixotes

      Based and breadpilled

      • Cheesy Nuggets

        We can also defend ourselves.

    • Anthony Leone

      I might not 100 percent agree with universal healthcare, but I do support the improved last panel.

      • Someonekul


        • Anthony Leone

          ??? Do you care to expand on that?

      • Cresset

        I don’t know about that, healthcare is nice but in the british lad’s place I wouldn’t be so smug about my government watching me like a hawk waiting for a naughty word to drag me away.

        • HOH

          Man, that colon cancer treatement sure is tough with 120k in debt but atleast I can say niggerfaggot! Said no one ever.

          • Cresset

            No one in the UK, you mean? Because you’re not allowed to say it, haha.

  • To be fair this is only true for Western Europe. Eastern Europe is mostly based

  • V.S. Dal’Sheron

    Sometimes the truth hurts so much, you get banned from FB.
    Here’s to a productive 30 day ban, my first one!
    *raises champagne glass*

    • Jakaze

      I got permanently banned on my second offense! Cheers!

      • TrueWOPR

        what constitutes an offense?

        • Saying anything contrary to the current Prog narrative.
          Heresy by thought. Heresy by word. Heresy by deed.

    • Vincent Hart

      Why are you faggots still using kikebook?

    • pacmom



    So much for the politically diverse right.

    • Cheesy Nuggets

      You aren’t political though, just retarded.

  • Marco Shaun

    Funny, coming from the country who triggers at the word “cunt”.

  • Frans Cobben

    Public healthcare=high wages for trade union leaders!

  • Frans Cobben

    The National Health Service in the United Kingdom employs thousands of nurses form Poland and the Philippines.

  • Steffen

    Is it really allowed to say the n-word in the USA?

    • Legally yes, but you’ll be unpersoned.
      Slightly better, real example:
      LOLocaust jokes or denial.
      Bad taste in the U.S., Prisonable offense in much of Europe.

  • Zak Pikslime

    Yummy free healthcare, can’t wait to wait for 8 months for a heart transplant.

  • Black Spruce
  • HOH

    A day later, Billy O’Kneill was found dead on his haystack, died from a papercut that couldn’t be treated properly due to the massive stack of medical debt that his local hospital charged him.

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