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Giving new meaning to "Kid Cuisine".


I loved the old gay argument “it’s legal to have sex with a horse in 15 states but gay marriage is only legal in 3.”….. Maybe that’s because people who have sex with horses don’t have parades about it.

I’m not so sure about that– historically (before automobiles), riding a horse were often seen in parades. But rational people presume that the riders don’t also engage in bestiality– only homos could devise such a deviant ruse.

it’s actually because fucking horses is less morally wrong than gay sex

by what metric, both are punishable by death biblically

there’s nothing in the bible against homosexuality. christians are illiterate.. it doesn’t help that the english translation has only been around for 500 years.
sodomy, for instance, = “the sum of sodom”: rape, torture, mutilation, murder, human sacrifice (which i’m pleasantly surprised the author alludes to in the last picture).

At least you acknowledge the fallacy you’re committing.

I wonder if it’s really a fallacy when there’s reason to believe otherwise though.

What reason?

the fact that the left consistently says x logical next step won’t happen if we concede to y then after we give them y they always without fail immediately begin chasing x

on of the ways it happened was the slippery slope of gay rights > gay marriage > trans rights > teaching kids to be trans > kids being sexualized as sexual party favors for degenerates
We called that shit in the 70s, mostly because the gay community has up until recently carried a justified stigma surrounding it’s behavior towards children.And now we are here:

That makes zero sense. Those are not examples of “the left” saying “x logical next step won’t happen if we concede to y.” When people were fighting for gay rights they weren’t saying gay marriage won’t happen. When people were fighting for gay marriage they were not saying trans rights won’t be fought for in the future.

As a side note, the last two are just bs. That is not what the left fights for. That’s what the libt ard media wants people to believe.

and there’s plenty more as well, I don’t have all day to just keep spitting out examples of how this has happened, but it’s a consistent theme that the left attempts to shift the overton window more and more towards a blasted godless hell scape of inhuman behavior that should be punished with death every generation.

“We should not restrict tree cutting, because that will lead to less paper, without paper not enough diaper wipes will be made, without diaper wipes babies will get infections more often, babies getting more infections will lead to more babies dying. This means people who are against logging companies are okay with more babies dying.”

THAT is a Slippery Slope Fallacy, because those events don’t directly affect each other, for a variety of different reasons.

Sexual depravity leading to more sexual depravity is not a Slippery Slope Fallacy.

Where is the sexual depravity leading to?

A Papua New Guinean culture, apparently.

TL;DR boys up to 15 suck dicks and swallow cum in order to become men. No homo tho.

Members of the Sambia tribe strongly believe that, in order for their boys to become real men, they need to ingest semen. Sambia boys, aged 7 to 10, are required to perform oral sex on older warriors and, in each session, they need to swallow the, erm, results.

This tribe firmly believes that semen is the source of life and the essence of masculinity. The only way for the genitalia of their young male population to become fully developed is through oral sex. In addition, they believe that only by ingesting sperm can their young ones produce their own.

Once the boys reach the age of 15, they stop becoming the givers of oral sex and start becoming the receivers. Also, boys who are of the same age or are friends are not allowed to engage in oral sex with each other. Surprisingly, it isn’t unusual for conflicting men within the tribe to engage in this ritual.

Once the men get married, they are prohibited from further participating in this ceremony. Women’s genitals are believed to pollute the reproductive organs of the men, which in turn would make their semen “impure.”

Alright cool some random tribe in Papua New Guinea has a weird rite of passage, nothing new honestly considering much weirder rites of passage.
Now what about the “sexual depravity” happening in progressive civilisations accepting LGBT rights? That’s leading to what exactly?

It’s just horribly offensive to people that civil rights laws are beginning to protect sexual orientation on the same basis as race, meaning you can’t deny a good or service to someone on that basis.

It’s totally and perfectly reason (protip: this is stonetoss, it’s actually neither of those things).

”It’s just horribly offensive to people that civil rights laws are beginning to protect sexual orientation on the same basis as race, meaning you can’t deny a good or service to someone on that basis.”
Martin Luther King would probably knock out someone who would equate blacks getting told to sit in the back of the bus to two guys being told they can’t get ”married”. It’s horribly offensive to make an equivalence between a racial group and lewdness.

It is leading to your disgusting kind to being hung from noble lampposts is what it is leading to. Good end of course. Bad end is you demonic clowns do actually start sacrificing children and babies to your molech and baphtomet fake gods.

What fallacy? You mean the very and objectively observable trend that is taking place in this rotten culture right now?
Do you evil shitheads ever stop lying and deceiving?
How many kids do have to be raped and killed for your kind to be sated?

There will be no mercy for your side when the day of the rope comes.

There will be no mercy for Nazis like you after we win WW3. Left’s only mistake is being too gentle with trash like you.

Watch out everyone, the genderless, queer, numbnuts are going to win a war… after they drop down below 300 pounds

Have you ever met a leftist? Because you do realize the left includes 99% of the gays, who are infamous for being shredded as hell right? And the vegans aren’t exactly breaking scales. The righties, meanwhile, are mostly comprised of elderly people.

Unless you think your PornHub kink is representative of gay men, maybe you need to go meet them. Most gay men are average dudes. Regardless, let’s look at your recent riots… I mean… protests… yeah, you fatties are fat.

He’s admitting his fallacy, but the people who mention that the slippery slope is a fallacy rarely recognize that the fallacy fallacy is also a fallacy.

The fallacy fallacy is where a debater says his opponent’s position is wrong because the opponent made a logical fallacy instead of attacking the position itself.

Slippery Slope fallacy does not apply to culture since culture is a system, and system is by definition a set of things interconnected in such a way that they produce their own pattern of behavior over time.
Culture has the natural tendency to want to go to the next step according to it’s own internal logic .
See the concept of precedent in legal matters, it’s a direct example.

Except you DON’T have to participate in it. Baking a cake for a ceremony that you don’t even have to attend ≠≠≠ getting married to a man.
Also, it’s literally the definition of discrimination to refuse a service to a specific group of people as you continue to offer it to everyone else. Not sure what your point was with that.

Discrimination is good. It keeps normal decent people from having to deal with your wretched, truth-adverse kind. Too bad what you said is false; regular people are being forced to go along with the faggot agenda.

”Except you DON’T have to participate in it. Baking a cake for a ceremony that you don’t even have to attend ≠≠≠ getting married to a man.”
Yes you do participate. You bake the cake. And you bake it the way they ask you to bake it.
”Also, it’s literally the definition of discrimination to refuse a service to a specific group of people as you continue to offer it to everyone else. ”
Discrimination is normal and not criminal as of itself. If you’d have a drink with this person but not that other person, in practice that means you are discriminating. You are saying forcing someone to offer something to someone is an acceptable measure to prevent that person from not offering something to someone. And the only reason why you do not see this in those terms is that you are discriminating between someone who does not want to participate in a given behavior (the baker) vs a practitioner of that behavior (the people of the ”wedding”) . It is on the basis of that discrimination that why you decide the ”right” to have third parties help in that behavior is more important than the right of these third parties to refuse the help. That’s because YOU discriminate between the happiness of the adherents of that behavior and the displeasure of the baker that does not want to partake in that behavior. And you’ll use armed enforcers of the state to enforce that discrimination of your own brand.
”Not sure what your point was with that.”
It’s a bit evident.

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