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Daily reminder Osama Bin Laden is dead and we're still in the Middle East.


When you realize the voting age is way too fucking low

I remember my first 9/11. I was sitting in battery park, admiring the engineering feat that was the world trade center, when I saw a massive explosion blow out the top few floors. Now, I never saw a plane hit the north tower, but frankly, I don’t think it matters. The beauty as the orange fireball exploded over the financial district, random debris falling through the air, made me think about my place in the world and how blessed I was to see such a spectacle. I cheered as the second plane hit, because I knew the recently elected president would waste no time going to war with the entire middle east, just like his daddy did, and he was surely going to use this as another USS Maine and wipe whatever sorry country or countries that looked guilty enough off the face of the earth. I of course wouldn’t join the military because fuck dying, but if other people die then it was just their time.

It was never about them being muslim or brown or from another continent. Frankly I’d be just as happy if the government went to war with its own people. I’d like to see you use your rifles and molotov cocktails to fight off the entire US military arsenal. When push comes to shove a hundred million armed americans with small arms and bottle rockets don’t stand a chance to even one tank division let alone all 5 branches, plus the nuclear warheads. Frankly america should just get it over with and build their own gas chambers to massacre the population. America is home to most of the people I talk to on the internet and if they all died I would be as happy as if I scored a game winning touchdown in the superbowl.

9/11 killed less than 3000 people but it’s a good start nonetheless. One day America will be on the losing end of a war and finally the useless debates of bathrooms and facism and race relations will be over, and I can finally live my life in peace, without you fucking retards.

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