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  • Yan de Oliveira

    Oy goyim, but we the joos are an endangered race, we can’t interbreed, it woud kill our superi- I mean our opressed people.

  • Colchis

    When are you gonna do a comic on the NPC meme?

  • AAron Hinman

    Israel doesn’t subject immigrants to DNA tests.

    • quickshooter

      Israel doesn’t even allow non-jewish immigrants in the first place
      it’s called an “ethno-state” for a reason

      • DatBoi

        No. They just don’t screen Jews. They let anyone into the country but Jews go through limited screening. That’s not an ethno-state you twit.

        • quickshooter

          keep kvetching jude

          • DatBoi

            I’m not a Jew. Even if I was, still better than being a pedophile like yourself

          • twerking bollocks
          • DatBoi

            twerking bollocks
            One example from a backwater site that requires a subscription to read. Great example. quickshooter on the other hand gets off to animated kids.

          • Pedro Lopes Mateus

            I don’t want to defend Haaretz but you can read a few of their articles every month for free.

            I agree the site is moronic, though, they claimed Bolsonaro was a nazi even though he is VERY supportive of Israel.

  • quickshooter

    that sharp detail on the hand rubbing 😉

  • Nicolas Berg

    There are tens of Islamic states. Israel is probably the most rational religious state on the planet. The new ethnic laws are pretty disturbing, but Israel was established as a nation for the Jews from the start. I won’t poop on the Jews for wanting to keep Israel as Jew-y as possible.

    • twerking bollocks

      nor do i blame the nazis for wanting to keep germany as arian as possible

      • DatBoi

        Germany wasn’t surrounded by backwards dictatorships that wanted it dead.

        • Adam Spofford

          Depending on how you categorize Britain and France, that’s debatable.

          • DatBoi

            A constitutional monarchy and a republic aren’t dictatorships.

          • Francesco

            Why does Europe today have to accept people from backwards dictatorships then?

  • Apent Jerry


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