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  • There is little difference between a government and an organized crime mob. The main difference is that the mobsters are generally more trustworthy than politicians.

    No mob lets another mob work its territory. There is at most a single warning. A mob that doesn’t defend its territory with lethal force doesn’t survive long.

    The Left has been conducting a slow revolution against America for a century, and their victory is nearly complete. They are now conducting a quick rebellion against The Donald, because his very existence opposes the revolution.

    • Indra Kaw

      Are a veteran Slavic?

      • 200 quatloos on the newcomer!

  • Gilberto Carlos

    As BlackAcidLizzzard has said:
    “Being against using the goverment on your enemies because they might use against you is political gun control, leftists use the same argument “If you have a gun, a criminal may take it and kill you”.

  • Anon
    • Sargi
      • frank-the-dank

        It was fascism that destroyed europe and led to cultural marxism being dominant, you idiot

        • Sargi

          Hi schlomo

          • free_peach

            I like Disqus demographics, it never disappoints.

          • frank-the-dank

            sorry that reality shows you wrong

          • Sargi

            bye schlomo

          • frank-the-dank

            so no argument eh?

        • Painting Guardian

          oy vey

          • frank-the-dank

            not an argument

          • RockstarRepublic

            Hello Frank. As Orwell pointed out, “Fascism” has been used as a political epithet to the point where its meaning has been lost. With that understanding, a rejection of that word with no real metric to base it off of, or historical relevance, makes it more of an emotional reaction rather than a logical one.

            For example. The Aristotelian freedoms that the US and much of the West is based off of would be called “fascist” today by those using it as a political epithet. Even the concept of freedom of speech was meant to only apply to the concept of discourse and debate, mostly philosophical or with the intent to criticize the king himself. It was actually limited in scope.

            The fasci, which hails from ancient rome, is something adopted by western civilization. In the very calls on the US government, to our currency, to the statues of our presidents, even on depictions of liberty herself, the fasci is present. You might have seen it without recognizing what it was. It is the bundle of sticks with an axe in the middle.

            Two giant versions of it sit proudly upon the walls behind congress, which you can see whenever a president speaks to congress.

            So do you think the Founders understood something different about the fasci and a political symbol from which many get “fascism” from?

            The communist after WW2 used “Fascism” as a blanket term in their propaganda to the point where most people just think it is something bad, no real thought goes into it. Thus they are controlled by words with a “bad smell”.

            On youtube, look up a video called “communist smear tactics” and see how it applies to many of the words you see today which have lost either all meaning or never had any to begin with, and then look at how they have controlled your actions and thought without you knowing, simply based on emotional appeal or social group think.

            Orwell covers this a bit when he speaks of “new speak” which has the effect of narrowing the range of thought.

            So I hope you can see this as an actual argument and then start doing some research on your own regarding the bits I brought up. Aristotelian freedoms, Athenian government, and the Fasci itself as a symbol of the US itself. Follow it up with communist smear tactics and how words have been used for manipulation and propaganda.

            You might also want to look up what General Patton said about joining WW2 and why our intelligence did not want to side with Russia, but rather oppose them.

            Hopefully it explains why you start to see a kind of positive line of thought towards the word “fascism” that’s been popping up recently. Its actually a much more complicated subject than it lets on at first glance, and it also does not mean you have to come to the conclusion that total fascism is the only way either, but see perhaps what the founders saw in the fasci symbol itself and how it applies to what leads to or is required for Athenian freedoms or liberty itself.

        • RockstarRepublic

          “…destroyed europe and led to cultural marxism being dominant”

          Ok so you have to understand the Jewish communist took over Russia first, bringing with the soviet era. They committed many atrocities and even have the holodomor which murdered millions of people. The Gulags were especially brutal.

          This caused a chain reaction of events throughout Europe, especially with those very same Communist using the same means they accomplished to trigger a violent revolution in the same of communism.

          In Germany, it was a Jewish communist under the name of Rosa Luxemburg that faked a marriage to get citizenship, all for the sake of starting the German Communist Party. She openly called out for a violent revolution and used various means to destabilize the region. Paramilitary groups began to form and openly commit acts of terrorism. In one of her uprisings which was an attempted coup, she was put down by a volunteer army of vets and concerned citizens. This was known as the Freikorps. The communist forces didnt stop however, and it was highly likely they were being supported financially by the soviets.

          In 1920, the Red Ruhr army was attacking local polling stations and taking over regions on the map. The citizens needed someone to fix the problem and fast, as Germany was going to experience the same thing that the communist did in Russia.

          This is where the National Socialist party comes into play. They offered a solution and succeeded in stopping the threat.

          So you see, it was a reaction to Communism spreading, not the cause of communism spreading. For them to stop the spread of communist subversion and revolution, a hard line party emerged. There is causality.

          We saw this throughout the west to various degrees, some failed, some succeeded.

          In Hungary, the Hungarian uprising was a result of Jewish communist taking over their country, where a tiny tiny minority of non Hungarians managed to take over and rule a nation not their own. The people eventually rose up against them and their actions. So you see its a series of causality.

          When the Germans were defeated, though no small effort of the Rothschild banking family and the Russian alliances, communism did spread throughout the west without pushback. They used every technique they could to keep people from stopping them, and migration was one of their most powerful tools.

          The Frankfurt school was allowed to take over entire western universities bringing with it their cultural marxism and conflict theory.

          The Germans, whether you like their approach or not, were one of the primary forces stopping communist take over.

    • Thadrien

      I don’t get it.

      • TrueWOPR

        Cultural Marxism is going to kill western civilization.
        Libertarians try and fail to stop it.
        Conservatives run and hide from it.
        Boomers simply say “no” but actually do nothing.
        Only Fascism is actually making an effort to hold marxism back.

        • Thadrien

          What are you talking about, facism is literally the best way to apply marxism, what makes you think the ruling dictator will follow a “kill all kikes and niggers ideology”.

          You guys are going to decide. Either SJWs are losing and the alt right nazis are winning or the SJWs are censoring you guys and ruling the world.

          Remember, Trump just got impeached an Hong Kong protestors are long gone and forgotten.

          • Nuke Mecha

            Oof, trve boomer post

            Go back to b’naibart

          • Thadrien

            Gen X of nazis is so edgy.

          • TrueWOPR

            I was more explaining the meme than condoning it.

          • Thadrien

            God bless you then.

          • 69YearsYoung

            What are your actual principles?
            Do your principles imply that your father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all terrible homophobic sexist racist morons?
            Do you believe that history only moves in one direction, and that ‘progress’ is inevitable?
            Or do you possibly believe that there are transcendent values that are worth preserving?
            Don’t be so simplistic. There are many things you might ascribe to “SJW’s” that I would agree with (although most, I probably wouldn’t), and many that you might ascribe to “Fascists” that I would not agree with (although many, I probably would).
            But rather than labelling your enemies and attempting to use social shaming tactics, why not actual take time to look into the ideology and use it to better yourself?
            Read “For My Legionaries” by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, or “Revolt Against the Modern World” by Julius Evola, or even “Sun and Steel” by Yukio Mishima. Then, after you’ve expanded your paradigm, maybe your criticism will be relevant.
            “People don’t have ideas; ideas have people.”

          • RockstarRepublic

            I’m afraid you would call the American founders “fascist” or “NAZIs” if you knew what they believed.

            As Orwell points out, fascism has been used a political epithet to the point where its meaning has been lost.

            You must have a clear metric to define what you think it means or what purpose it will serve.

            It can, for example, be a temporary measure from which to regain control over an environment so that true liberty can reign. Athenian liberty and the aristotelian freedoms our nations were based off of were not a kind of social or racial anarchy, they knew freedom was a kind of moral order and only once those environments were set up could the conditions for liberty really show themselves.

            Right now the west is being poisoned from within using fabian tactics, what the communist call active measures or ideological and cultural subversion. These are parts of the evolutionary socialism the communist were pushing. They move slowly and incrementally so you can keep adjusting to the slow take over and at that point you wont even oppose it. By that time its too late. This is something that is highly documented. IN fact they have a whole society dedicated to it called the Fabian Society. They are the ones who formed the UK Labor Party and in the US the Progressive movement. There is a reason they picked that name.

            As one of the founders pointed out, when you give up the use of force you are inevitably ruined. That is the only way they said could liberty be protected.

        • Mussolini literally said fascism is socialism in action… Yeah, maybe fascism could get rid of commies, but what would be the point then? We hate communism because it’s authoritarian and increases poverty, so the solution is to create an equally authoritarian and oppressive system? I’d rather side with lib-left.

          • Sargi

            “fat bald man with glasses is fascism”

            The irony. Cut a libertarian and a pedo bleeds

          • user0701

            Anarcho-capitalism is the only ethical system.
            Both fascism and communist are collectivist, authoritarian and unnethical.

          • Anon

            I wish I had super advanced simulation program to run a fascist nation and AnCap nation, and you can edit culture settings and everything since that affects too. Someone told me the anime “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” shows the advantages and disadvantages of both democracy and fascism but I haven’t watched it.

    • user0701
  • QuickshooterMk2

    because an ethno-nation run by similarly minded people (i.e no jews, niggers or spics)
    will not turn on it’s citizens

    Germany was a goddamn paradise back in the day

    • OccidentalThoughts

      It’s undeniably better but hardly any “paradise.” Believing that authoritarian ethnostates (in contrast to libertarian ethnostates) won’t turn on its citizenry for the pursuit of power is laughably naive.

      • free_peach

        Not an argument.


    Lolbertarians have convinced themselves that government is inherently evil.

    It is a tool without moral status of its own, and can be used for ends of its users’ choosing. These ends can be procivilizational or dyscivilizational.

    A fellow calling himself Mencius Moldbug said that the difference between lolbertarians and sane people is that normal people seeing a gorilla at the controls of a bulldozer, wreaking havoc and destroying the town, say “stop that gorilla,” not “stop that bulldozer.”

    • Stilgar Naibov

      All the bullshit is force fed to us from the government but yeah, making it bigger will help. Protected classes, unrestricted immigration, “bake the cake”, social programs to give money to immigrants, gun control (even from Trump) but surely it is libertarians who are wrong that government sucks.

      Obviously using the government is fine but what libertarians oppose is increasing it. Did you ever ask yourself how come the US was conservative when the government was small but is less and less conservative when the government gets big? Hell, the most libertarian country in the world (Liechtenstein) is one of the most conservative, almost absolute monarchy, with banned abortions and super restricted immigration.

      • TRVTH

        Government is a tool. Ask (((who))) has run it in the US since the 1930s, and this will answer all the rest of your questions.

        • Stilgar Naibov

          Sure it is. A dangerous tool which tends to attract the worse kind of people and promote them to the top.

          • TRVTH

            If there is not a government to protect the borders and keep out invaders, how shall the nation be preserved? Minarchy is an ideal. We had it two hundred years ago. How did it work out for us?

          • Samurai Jack

            Unrestricted capitalism is an even dangerous system which attracts the worst kind of shekel grubbing parasites who are willing to psychologically and physically subvert institutions and civilizations to assert control.

            Just do an early life check on most of the billionaires, CEOs and prominent personalities of corporations pushing anti White and anti family propaganda and private bankers etc.

    • Allison Kaas

      It is inherently evil.

      • 69YearsYoung

        Yet when you are imprisoned, censored, and history is rewritten to define YOU as evil and the government as good, no one will know that or even think it.
        If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to hear it, does it make a sound?

        • Allison Kaas

          shut up nerd lmao

      • RockstarRepublic

        Not inherently evil. Not only do you have to define the metric from which evil is based off of, you also have to claim that its very source is evil from the offset. In reality, it is people who abuse power who also seek positions of power. This means its not inherently evil but it can attract “evil people”.

        • Allison Kaas

          It is inherently evil.

          • RockstarRepublic

            What is the metric for defining evil? What are the terms for that category? Go ahead and made that clear first, and it cannot be based on pathos, aka emotional appeal.

          • Allison Kaas

            It is inherently evil.

    • OccidentalThoughts

      It is a cursed bulldozer that turns anyone at the controls into a raving gorilla. So yes, take out the gorilla first but you cannot allow the bulldozer to exist any longer.

    • free_peach

      Mencius Moldbug is an alter ego of a jew, a right wing one. Just so you know.

      • TRVTH

        Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

        Noam Chomsky said, “Intent can be inferred from predictable outcome.” He’s another one of (((the Tribe))) who told the truth without meaning to.

  • Joel Neumann

    einmal wird unsere geduld zu ende sein

  • Lhassir

    Libertarians are naive, if you expect to make the changes that your beliefs represent, you have to engage with the current system in place. There will be those who’d oppose you, that aren’t so constrained as to use whatever means to subvert, manipulate, and destroy your movement. The side that tries to win through strict “Principle”, won’t be winners at all. The republicans are starting to learn that lesson. It’s a dirty game, and you’ll get your hands dirty trying to win.

    • Alistair Grove

      My stance is that Libertarianism is fine as a personal philosophy, but just doesn’t work on a macro level. We do live in a society, after all. And societies have proven to be better than the alternatives.

      • Lhassir

        Without a doubt, there are merits to it. Libertarians espouse form government that is small and more comprehensible to the masses. But “society” tends to gradually form even when systems collapse, but on a smaller scale. The alternative always removes itself, because of human natures instinct to put ourselves in groups.

        • Alistair Grove

          Exactly. As the old saying goes, “No man is an Island”. We form governments and hierarchies naturally.

      • Anon Ancap 24601

        We don’t live in a society. I’ve never seen one. Show me a picture of society. Until then take your spooks out of here. Societies, groups, nation-states, illusions on the oasis one moment, gone the next. If SoCiEtY dIeS wHeRe Do ThE pEoPlE gO?

        • Alistair Grove

          The people that survive the fall of a society just move on and make a new one, dur! This isn’t rocket science. Just as birds fly in flocks and fish swim in shoals, we humans form societies. We are just complex social animals after all.

    • TRVTH

      Lolbertarians operate from a premise of a warped view of human nature.

      Lolbertarian: “Look over there. See that door? Behind that door are the tools and controls to take over society and rule. But nobody’s going to do that, because we’re all basically good people who respect the legacy of Jefferson and Madison. We just want to be left alone to lead our lives, and no one is motivated by a desire for power–”

      (((the usual suspects))): “Look over there! It’s Elvis!” while running through the door, slamming it shut, locking it from the other side, then rubbing their grubby little hands with glee.

      We had the Libertarian utopia two hundred years ago. Even ninety to a hundred years ago large portions of it remained. It was burned down to an inch from the ground and replaced with Clown World.

      • 69YearsYoung

        There are few things more Jewish than Libertarianism–it’s yet another side to the Shekel of Communism (Karl Marx) and Capitalism (David Ricardo):
        Ludwig von Mises, Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman… what did they all have in common?

        • TRVTH

          Isn’t it strange how we keep seeing (((the same people))) pushing every kind of radical fringe ideology that, whatever the small distinctions are in the short term, is always designed to lead to Clown World, where (((they))) are in charge? (((They))) push to destroy cultural capital, to replace Western populations with violent, backward, low-IQ Third World cannibal savages, (((they))) push to destroy any sense of community and pride we have, tell us identity politics are perfectly fine for everybody but us, but White people must exist as disconnected, anomic, atomized, deracinated consumers–as interchangeable, fungible, disposable units of economic production and consumption with no purpose other than to make (((them))) rich and then die, preferably without having White children, so that we can be replaced by (((their))) savage little brown pets.

          The banksters who control the economies and fates of nations, who are more powerful than national governments, who force nations into “globalism” and the destruction of the middle class, the loss of national sovereignty and the race to the bottom? (((Guess who.))) The Hollywood entertainment-news-industrial complex, that produces the agitprop that tells us what we are and aren’t allowed to think, what we are and aren’t allowed to say, whom we can and can’t criticize? (((Guess who.))) Lolbertarians and other extreme Leftists who want to tear our society down, the ones who brought us Clown World? (((Guess who.)))

          They’re, what, 1% of the population in the West? But I’m sure it’s all just another of those strange impossible incomprehensible (((Cohencidences))) that we’re not allowed to notice, think about, or talk about.

        • OccidentalThoughts

          I recommend you look up some quotes by Murray Rothbard on Hitler, WW2, race, egalitarianism in general, and David Duke. He was a Jew but he was no k*ke.

          Also there’s a big difference between lolberts and actual libertarians. In libertarianism the “tools” are in the hands of everyone and aren’t restricted to any particular group of people as exists now. What’s happened in the U.S. was that the people who had the tools warped the terms of service to accumulate power for themselves.

          • 69YearsYoung

            I’m aware of some of that, but our movement should be looking to White Christians as their role models, not Jewish entryists who push individualist ideologies which undermine the collective will of our people to continue in this struggle.

          • Anon Ancap 24601

            Nice spooks nerds. Must be a bunch of Rick and Morty watchers in this crowd amirite?

      • You know how conservatives argue that the 2nd amendment is important to keep the government in check? Well it’s the same argument. If everyone in a libertarian society is armed, the government can’t turn tyrannical. It can’t compete against an entire country.

        • TRVTH

          If you want the Libertarian minarchy to work and not immediately collapse into the war of all against all, from which can only emerge some kind of dictatorship, you must first create a White ethnostate with a culture that prizes ordered liberty and the Protestant work ethic above all.

          We had that two hundred years ago. How’d that experiment work out?

          • don quixotes fetid corpse

            So to prevent a dictatorship we should install a dictatorship but make certain that the white patriarch only helps white people.

            Sound logic.

            So who decides who gets to be white?

          • TRVTH

            If it isn’t immediately obvious with a few seconds visual inspection, genetic testing and the old One Drop Rule.

            The US is 7% of the Earth’s land area. The Lesser Breeds Without the Law already have all of the other 93%. This tiny sliver is ours–bought and paid for, in full, with blood and iron, by our ancestors. We aren’t going anywhere. There’s nowhere left for us to go.

          • don quixotes fetid corpse

            I was being sarcastic but whatever. I don’t expect to live past Novemeber anyway.

    • Fringe Wizard

      14 likes, perfect

  • Albionic American

    It says something about American libertarianism that it derives in part from the writings of three damaged, sterile women in the last century who couldn’t form stable marriages – namely, Isabel Paterson, Rose Wilder Lane and, of course, Ayn Rand.

  • OccidentalThoughts

    1) I recommend you listen to lectures by Hans-Hermann Hoppe who IS in favor of using government force in the short term to stop Marxism and end all non-white immigration. Obviously he does not represent all libertarians but neither does this comic.

    2) The person in the comic is technically correct. If a strong centralized power exists then it WILL be corrupted or subverted by malicious individuals, simply because such individuals are attracted to the levers of power like moths to a lamp. In fact, this is precisely how we arrived at an Orwellian world. Most white countries had strong states even when they were “right-wing.” For example, Imperial Russia had a power secret police and actively suppressed dissident activities. Nonetheless, these measures were useless at halting takeover by the “Chosen People,” whether through infiltration or through revolution. In fact, the strong state apparatus already existed and could be simply converted over. When the government becomes weakened from external factors (which cannot be necessarily controlled for) then a right-wing authoritarian society is much easier to demoralize and topple than a right-wing libertarian society. It is much easier to attack a pyramid at its tip than at its base.

    The story of America is that founding document (the Constitution) has been subverted since the time of Abraham Lincoln. It wasn’t a sudden takeover where we had a utopia and cultural Marxism just magically took over, but rather a gradual trend whereby politicians and activists (whether white or otherwise) aggrandized power to the central government by interpreting the Constitution ever slightly more loosely, eventually no longer referring to it at all. After FDR the federal government became a behemoth and was turned against our interests more and more.

    You can go ahead and mock libertarians for not wanting to use Machiavellian tactics in the short-term, but remember that in the long-term power will always come back to bite you.

    • TRVTH

      The man who says “I’d rather be right than be President” may or may not be right, but you may be assured he’ll never occupy the Oval Office.

      The Right’s squeamishness and unwillingness to use the levers of power when the Left holds no such scruples is what got us to Clown World. HONK HONK!

      The ineffable will of the universe will sooner or later come back to bite the Leftists currently attempting to bring us all to Clown World at gunpoint, right. And in the meantime all we can do is beg them not to take our lunch money. Because historically that always works out so well.

  • Drew W

    Guns, asshole. We use guns.
    Remember that we are also the only group that doesn’t advocate using violence against you shitholes.

    • ssgtnelson

      Who are you talking to?

  • I feel attacked…

  • James

    Finally was able to articulate the fact that I’ve always found this…fallacious, at best

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