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  • Eruenneth Edhelmaethor Huaeari

    Objectively the kid is your property because he came about through food you paid for and consumed.

    • Eruenneth Edhelmaethor Huaeari

      That is, if you take libertarianism seriously…

      • Magister

        If you took libertarianism seriously you would know that your freedoms ends on the freedom of another human being which also includes children.

        • antifa supersoldier

          Somebody hasn’t read Murray Rothbard

    • Joe Redtree

      so you’re allowed to fuck your kids under libertarianism?

      • Guy Estrada

        “Yes papi” – libtards

        • Hason2003

          If liberal+retard=libtard then republican+retard =retard

      • antifa supersoldier


        • Mystikar

          No, because libertarianism is based on the non-aggression principle. What you are describing is anarchism (the absence of rules and morality). Libertarians have never believed that children are property.

      • CMK

        Just because they’re your property doesn’t mean that you can have sex with them.

    • Stiffy Weiner

      Humans cannot be property.

    • Mystikar

      Oh, okay, so you’re cool with female circumcision? Child rape? Slicing off your children’s body parts and selling them on the black market? Murdering your own children? That’s all cool, since they’re just property, right?

      • Garuda Darkblack

        Of course he is cool with all that. If half the population didn’t think like him then it wouldn’t still be legal.

        Ironic how the people most vocal against slavery, which none of them experienced, are also the most vocal in support of murdering babies now. You can kill a baby and sell it’s parts on the black market but don’t you dare say anything that could even be seen as a reference to putting people in chains.

  • Frans Cobben

    Religion is medieval and backward and stupid!

    • Nope

      Same is politics, the only issue bigger than religion.

  • Learnerofskills

    More Libertarians need to read this excellent article against genital mutilation by professor Walter block. And there are other articles like it on lewrockwell’s website

  • ac05jn

    you’re almost there, now put a 1 in front of that.

  • ac05jn

    Phil 3.2 Beware of those dogs: those people who do evil: those mutilators who say you must be circumcised to be saved.
    doctor: to falsify. etymology: church father.

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