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It's not blood "libel" if it's true.


Objectively the kid is your property because he came about through food you paid for and consumed.

That is, if you take libertarianism seriously…

so you’re allowed to fuck your kids under libertarianism?

Oh, okay, so you’re cool with female circumcision? Child rape? Slicing off your children’s body parts and selling them on the black market? Murdering your own children? That’s all cool, since they’re just property, right?

Of course he is cool with all that. If half the population didn’t think like him then it wouldn’t still be legal.

Ironic how the people most vocal against slavery, which none of them experienced, are also the most vocal in support of murdering babies now. You can kill a baby and sell it’s parts on the black market but don’t you dare say anything that could even be seen as a reference to putting people in chains.

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