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...and thus began man's 99 other problems.


I can’t remember where I read it (maybe Dalrock…Dalrock RIP, or Jim’s Blog…), but someone made the point that – metaphorically speaking – Eve’s eating of the forbidden fruit was the first true female ‘sh*t-test’.

Think about it. God sets down some pretty simple rules and Eve runs off to ‘test’ whether or not God is still worthy of her obedience, whether or not he’s still bearing the ‘burden of performance’. Eve literally is sh*t-testing God even if subconsciously and metaphorically speaking.

Now I don’t believe the Garden of Eden ever existed, but the story definitely has a purpose, and that is to remind men that everything could be perfect, everything awesome, hunky-dory, but women will never be happy. Consider yourself warned.

Preach It Brother! MGTOW4Lyfe!

It’s what I tell my gf, but she just looks at me glassy-eyed. It’s ok though. Dumb chicks are my fetish.

Sounds like you and your gf are in a completely healthy relationship then!

I mean yeah, having the social skills and common sense to find yourself a normal female partner that graduated higher than middle school must be pretty hard, especially when you’re dehumanizing them due to your own insecurities all the time.

Realistically if god had created five first men, Eve would reject four of them for the most Chad version.

Sorry women don’t find you attractive, bud.

Still doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come from a place of blatant narcissism. You can clearly see it in the language he uses, anyone who un-ironically uses ‘Chad’ as a way to make a point in a sentence doesn’t deserve to be treated seriously.

And that’s why the Left can’t meme. However slickly packaged, their ideas are insane, out of touch with reality, and glow in the dark with sinister radioactive insanity instantly perceptible by even the dullest normies.

How many decades has the televitz told us that every ‘groid is a either a brilliant misunderstood intellectual or a harmless jolly minstrel clown, shown us upstanding, unflinchingly honest and brave ‘groid cops, wise female ‘groid judges in almost every courtroom–yet wypipo keep on noticing that it’s just untrue, and avoiding the ‘groid? Sixty years? Seventy? Eighty-five if you go back to the first “talkies” that (((Hollywood))) created to whisper their poison into every ear? Generations have been born, grown old, and died, swimming in an ocean of Jew lies and agitprop. Yet even if it is all believed wholeheartedly by that rare and fortunate child whose parents took steps to protect them from die-versity, all it takes is an hour’s contact with real-world IQ-55 ‘groids and the scales fall from their eyes and they realize that Grandpa was right all this time.

Before a meme can succeed, it must have the power of truth behind it. This is what the Left does not grasp. Veritas magnus est, et praevalebit. The truth is mighty, and shall prevail.

I didn’t like memes as an argument in the past too, but now memes are here rather we like it or not. Memes convey more information and in a more practical manner than a wall of text designed to bore out your interlocutor to death. Like I could say to you “tits or gtfo”, because by the way you are trying to argue I could also take the liberty of using derogatory terms to dismiss your argument.

If I could own Negro slaves like many of America’s founders, some white women would want to marry me and bear my children.

You nailed it man. That’s the first thing a woman considers when deciding whether someone is attractive.

Not “Is he physically attractive.”

Not “Is he an interesting person with a good personality.”

Not “Does he think I deserve to be treated like a human.”

Its “if he could own slaves, would he?”

If only, right

These guys owned slaves for generations because slave-owning worked as a reproductive strategy. Perhaps you can compare slave-owning to the peacock’s tail. I post this as a troll, but it draws attention to the likely, politically incorrect fact that racism promotes white fertility. Modern social science probably has the tools to test this as an empirical conjecture.

Lol I dont think I’ve ever heard a worse case of correlation =/= causation. You think that because people successfully reproduced for several hundred years, and also owned black slaves for several hundred years, one must cause the other?

If that were the case white people would have stopped breeding before they’d even heard of africa.

I can do the same thing. Hell, maybe smallpox helped make white men look sexier. It’s been happening for millenials before now. Science PROBABLY has the tools to test this. Prove me wrong.

Yeah, of course they do.

But instead of naming any of the proxies that exist and are attainable, he just went straight to a hundred and said owning black slaves was the way to go.

If that’s the only thing he can think of that would make a woman hot for him, then like I said; I dont think the problem is the women.

Regardless how you think that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be treated like a basic human.

If you constantly are talking about how “Wamen want to be dominated”, then why aren’t you swimming in pussy? It’s not like this thinking comes from a place of shallow narcissism and a feeling of inferiority to the men that have the character that makes people attracted to them, you are just an outsider looking in!

Yeah, and?

Instead of saying that any of those attainable things you just said would help him find someone who’d marry him, he just goes straight to 11 and says owning black slaves is what would do it for him.

You know; instead of getting off the internet, whining about his problems, working to get money and get a house or anything you said, he’d rather ALL OF SOCIETY change so that he doesnt have to do anything and woman just come to him.

A delicate, entitled, whiny little snowflake.

Eve was not inherently evil, she was tempted by the vile (((snake))) to disregard God’s warnings

the analogy perfectly encapsulates our modern day situation, jews convince women to abandon motherhood and become “liberated”
by “liberated” i mean, competitors to their opposing sex and useful idiots for cultural marxism not to mention outright race-traitors
(((Feminism))) was invented to destroy the nuclear white family structure

by allowing Women to work, vote and do what usually is reserved for men, the jews effectively turned the population against it’s itself

Taking their children from their natural environment and putting them in a “jail like” facility where they’re browbeaten By Marxian Propaganda
and unfathomable degeneracy
bundled with black on white violence, it is a very effective method to mentally cripple white children from maturing properly

Remember, the jews hide behind words like “equality” and “empowerment” but the only things these jewish feminists do
is poison the minds and bodies of our people
and the only cure to the jewish plague is tradition and nationalism

Jewish women are feminism and work tirelessly to destroy & corrupt our women

>Eve was not inherently evil

Nice try, Roastie

>Women are to blame
Unironically correct. Even the non-Jewish Ancient Greeks were aware of this

How about infants, criminals, the feeble-minded and the insane? Should they have voting rights and government positions also? If you say “no, but” you’ve already agreed to the principle that there are a portion of the population unfit to wield power, who must be walled off behind a fence.

I think, there is some reasons in preventing at least some people from voting, but the way I see democracy I think ideally everyone should have a right to vote.

infants (and ill extend this to children too) are very young. They didnt have enough life experience to understand many things about the world. Its not that we prevent them from voting forever, just for a period of time, until they grow up. So in a way we just postpone their right to vote.

feeble minded have a range of different degrees. I think if a person of that sort is capable enough to hide his condition and live in society, he is aware enough to be allowed to vote. However you are right in that there is logic to disenfranchise those who are ditched from the reality completely and just cannot function as a normal citizen.

criminals actually do have a voting right in certain countries. However not in the US and A. Which I find a bit sad since their high prisoners and felons among the population. I think both the side that says giving them voting rights and the side that says not to have points. It is a hard discussion that I not sure where I exactly stand on.

The jews may have made feminism, but all they did was allow women to be their truest selves.

Jews are the enemy. Women are the traitors.

Women are children, when children get taught in (((public))) schools that white males are bad, and in college that race-mixing with Negroes and murdering their own children is “empowering”

don’t expect said children to function normally…
the first issue lies with the (((corrupting))) influence
women deciding to be coalburning race-traitors is the result of said corrupting influence

though only about what? 5-10% of white women actually burn the coal?
White Women are by far the most loyal race

i agree there are many traitors out there, the ugly, the barren and the worthless wh0res
discourage women who wish to remain loyal to their race, loyal to their natural position in life are immediately attacked by all manner of jealous (((Harpies)))

A lot of that about the supposed loyalty of White women has changed. A lot of that data is old (and I hate to use that argument cuz libs use it to disqualify). A lot of that data was taken from 2010 OKCupid studies and some even older. We need an update for the girls coming of age now.

Dude, you are pathetic. As a white (Slavic) person, I hope you are infertile because people like you don’t deserve to reproduce. Women are entitled to the same rights as men. I don’t want a submissive wife, I want an independent one. If Jews are really responsible for feminism (which they aren’t) then 8m really grateful to them.

>as a white person
you’re not fooling anyone here Schlomo

You can’t comprehend the fact that a white person opposes you, how pitiful.
I’m from Serbia, just like my whole family. My Surname ends with an IC, pretty Slavic, if you ask me. I’m an atheist.

>implying that women want emasculated, effeminate, clingy over-emotional men that can’t provide for or protect them

Good luck bud

To be entirely fair, feminists and the (((News-Entertainment-Agitprop-Industrial Complex))) have been telling men for fifty years now that women want “sensitive” men, “nice guys” of the sort Alan Alda played in far too many soppy romantic comedies made between 1970 and around 1985. Men who weren’t afraid to talk about their widdle feewings. Men who were “brave” enough to cry. Faggots, in other words, without the sodomy.

By the way, this is culturally speaking both aberrant and abhorrent. The Boomers and (((the Tribe that Shall Not be Named))) pushed it hard and continues to push it hard, leaving generations of young American men puzzled that women aren’t tripping over their own feet and fighting for a place on the ground to spread their legs for these disgusting effeminate soyboy weakling nu-males. Prior to 1970 there weren’t any “nice guys.” There were “family men” and “confirmed bachelors,” but nobody in the real world and no more than a handful of fictional soft-headed simps, usually played by Mickey Rooney or Jimmy Stewart, ever thought that becoming reknowned for gentleness and kindness–feminine traits–could ever be a successful reproductive strategy for the male of the species.

And, to be entirely fair, I can’t blame him for believing what (((the Televitz))) and (((Hollywood))) and Oprah Winfrey have been screeching in his ear without surcease since the day he was born. At least up to a point. Sooner or later he’s going to notice that reality doesn’t match up with what (((da TeeVee))) said, and the scales are going to fall from his eyes. At that point, once he realizes everything he thought was true was lies, there are only three realistic outcomes: MGTOW, PUA, or angry incel.

What wahmen really want, as opposed to what they say they want:

Feminists: Women are as tough as men and should be able to serve in the infantry if they want to! They’re tough enough to live in the mud and kill or be killed!

Also feminists: Women who join the military are horribly vulnerable to getting their feelings hurt by “sexual harassment,” getting shouted at by drill instructors, loud noises, fart jokes, jokes about feminism, seeing things that are penis-shaped, and so on, and need special protection. Hetero males in the military should be forced into “sexual harassment sensitivity training” workshops all day every day in the time they used to use to train for war, because they made the poor delicate women cry!

Nice strawman.

That’s what she said.

Of course she did, you lack a brain.

Women are inherently child-like. They never truly grow up. They are completely self centered. The only reason they care for their children at all is instinct and accepting the child as part of the self.

Women are also incapable of working together like men do. Every woman is always and forever a rival to every other woman.

Wahmen are always screeching about “equality,” but I have yet to hear women saying there are not enough female cab drivers, garbage collectors, sewer treatment plant workers, coal miners, or loggers. It’s always generals, CEOs, board of directors, managers, or other positions of power and wealth that they demand. They want money, power, and “reespeck” that they have not earned. ALWAYS. Doesn’t that activate your almonds?

The Torah says that Woman is the work of man, carved from Adams rib as he slept. They could live naked and free but were only set with one rule, which eve was tempted into breaking. soon they could she shame and made clothes. she shared her treat with Adam and when god came back he could tell something was off. they were banished, but not abandoned. we may be born of sin but is sin something to shame? no, it’s something to help each other learn from. Should we hate the women who come from those 2? no we shouldn’t for us men still carry the piece Adam also bit. it is only when we accept a god and learn to guide and love is when we can be in god’s true light. “גאָט וועט פאַרגעבן”

1 Timothy 2:8 I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. 9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; 10 But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works. 11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. 15 Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

are yall a bunch of closet homos?

So, you’ve never met an actual woman?

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