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Strange how many self proclaimed butchers still have sacred cows.


You can know the ruling class by identifying those you may not mock.

We need to rise up against dying children

cringe redditard

Seriously why are “redditors” so anti-life and antihuman? They gush about their furbabies, swamp á ś ś and the stuff they ate but exult at children and white families suffering misfortune.

Because all redditors are sodomites. It is a gay website, which gays control, moderate and dictate content. It is now owned by Chinese capital and they bend all fours to them. Chinese and Jews, as if there is any difference, gays rule reddit and jews rule media.

Tell that to George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Lloyd Blankfein, David Solomon, Arthur Sulzberger, Jerry Bruckheimer, Norman Lear, Joel Silver, John Landis, Leonard J. Goldberg, Murray Rothstein (alias “Sumner Redstone”), and the rest of the merry crew who own the news and entertainment media and use the money you give them to tell you what you are and aren’t allowed to think while also financing those same “Marxists.” How many of those “Marxists” who “hate Jews” have names ending in -berg, -katz, or -stein? The real names on their birth certificates, I mean, not the aliases they take up to fool the rubes.

“Marxism” is just another tentacle of the same beast. The “Party Vanguard” in every nation has always made up almost entirely of Jews.

I stated quite clearly in the UK. I was also talking about politics, specifically.

As for your list, not all of them are full on Marxists. Zuckerberg, for example, is just a greedy opportunist that jumped on the Californian faux liberal bandwagon. The real Left has now turned against him, anyway. And it’s glorious to watch.

“Because all redditors are sodomites.”, I dont like gay people “It is a gay website, which gays control, moderate and dictate content.” What I dont like is gay

“owned by Chinese capital and they bend all fours to them”, check anywhere, reddit hates china (so do i)

“hinese and Jews, as if there is any difference, gays rule reddit and jews rule media.”, anything that has basic censorship is bad. Because everything must be like chan boards where I can upload porn without spoilers and yell about trans people

Ok boomer

Begone, vile furfag!

Not only have you attacked someone’s viewpoint with a weak argument (the Boomer dismissal,) but you have also falsely proclaimed to be a Gamer, while your profile picture clearly shows that you are a level four Furry.

Disgraceful. Your gamer card has been revoked.

sod•om•ite sŏd′ə-mīt″►
n. One who engages in sodomy.
n. An inhabitant of Sodom, an ancient city which, according to the account in Genesis, was destroyed by fire from heaven on account of the wickedness of its inhabitants.
n. One who is guilty of sodomy.

sod•om•y sŏd′ə-mē►
n. Any of various forms of sexual acts regarded as perverted, especially anal intercourse, oral-anal contact, or sexual intercourse with an animal.
n. Unnatural sexual relations, as between persons of the same sex, or with beasts.
n. Carnal copulation in a manner against nature; buggery.

What in those two definitions made you jump to “he doesn’t like gays” argument? Why is it that anyone that criticizes your way of life or anything you do, outside of the scope of your depraved sexuality, as if that is even possible, because I don’t think it is since sexuality defines your ilk and everything you do, gets called a simply hater? Why is it that anything you do must be considered sacred to everyone else when in fact no one does even bothered with you until recently and that’s why we’re in this deep with you? All that you regurgitate is jewish rhetoric and you don’t even know, same with leftists, you’re all the same and that’s why you’re called NPC, because you cannot get to conclusions by yourself without accessing the reptile brain function that basically turn you all into a high-function-low-vibrating jew? Have a nice day and stop abusing your pets.

“Why is it that anyone that criticizes your way of life or anything youdo, outside of the scope of your depraved sexuality, as if that is even
possible, because I don’t think you could even exist there, since
sexuality defines your ilk and everything you do, gets called a simply
hater? Why is it that anything you do must be considered sacred to
everyone else when in fact no one did even bothered with you until
recently, and that’s why we’re in this deep with you people?”

No lol, you dont even know me lol

“All that you regurgitate is jewish rhetoric and you don’t even know,
same with leftists, you’re all the same and that’s why you’re called NPC”

No, im an “NPC” because you disagree with me, ironic.

If you actually though about things like this you would realize most people have their reasons to believe what they do, not following some eilte but agreeing with that they say. Democrats, republicans, trump supporters, people who support those idiots running as the Democratic candidates. They all have their own ideas, and im no different

“ecause you cannot get to conclusions by yourself without accessing the
reptile brain function that basically turn you all into a
high-function-low-vibrating jew bot.”

Im going to blow your mind with this, I actually like some of NatSol ideas, im central and dont think im oppressed or anything like that and im a huge trump supporter

The reason I took it as such is because most people who use the word sodomy refer to gays. If he didn’t mean that OP should say that

“Have a nice day and stop abusing your pets.”, furrys hate molesters, animals, children or any other form of rape

We do have some who enjoy dark things but we accept them under the oath that they understand its bad and that they should not do anything like that, if they comply they are fine in our eyes

Right winged, left winged, hell we even have some nazis

Just as long as you can respect one another, and not harm, we accept anyone of any type

I’m not even going to read your reply, it is not worthy, and yes you sodomize kids and animals. You used to say “we just want to be free, it is not like we’re after your kids”, but now what you do is exactly that, go after kids with your dirty propaganda spread into every corner of this world, even in little kids shows, because it is the way it gets to spread. You can’t turn straight people, so you go after people when they are young. It needs to be a special kind of freak to deny and minimize this, maybe you might be just in denial, but I doubt it.

Your assuming I agree with the lgbt+ community on everything lol you are such an NPC

I would protect the young as much as you would, also I dont rape animals, you are just a moron

I am gay, but that doesn’t mean I support everything the lgbt community does

You just dont understand anything about this

You do you keep saying “lol” at each sentence, are you retarded? This is far from funny, only sick people like you would think it is funny to sodomize kids and animals. If the subject of sodomy and animal abuse is funny to you you can miss me with your bullshit. Yeah sure pal.

I was more along the lines of making a sarcastic comback to your other comment,

I find it funny you think that I think things like child abuse (which I was in), or animal abuse (which I was exposed to at a young age) are ok things

That’s what funny, you think I want to harm children because I’m gay. Its so closed minded

If it’s a hormonal difference, then couldn’t it be cured by avoiding endocrine disruptors?

There are chemicals in the water that turn the frogs gay, and the new car smell is phthalates, which is an endocrine disruptor that turns people gay very slowly.

Im not, m8 theres been proof that abuse can cause sexual change, majority of paraphilies were abused in a similar manner to their paras, same goes for abused children, majority of children abused in a homosexual manner become gay

I’m gay as well, if you don’t like the facts then don’t talk about it. Yes you can be born gay (like me and you) but you can also have sexual issues from trama

you are lying and you know it very well, there is no way to change your sexuality as there is no way to change hair color, because it is genetic:

souces: Bocklandt S, Horvath S, Vilain E, Hamer DH (February 2006). “Extreme skewing of X chromosome inactivation in mothers of homosexual men”. Hum. Genet. 118 (6): 691–4. CiteSeerX doi:10.1007/s00439-005-0119-4. PMID 16369763.

Blanchard R, Klassen P (April 1997). “H-Y antigen and homosexuality in men” (PDF). J. Theor. Biol. 185 (3): 373–8. CiteSeerX doi:10.1006/jtbi.1996.0315. PMID 9156085.

Wade, Nicholas (10 April 2007). “Pas de Deux of Sexuality Is Written in the Genes”. The New York Times.

you are a troll, i’m a true homosexual, you are just pretending to be one, Psychology studies change their opinion from year to year, while biological studies are eternal and are based on simple observation of the facts and objective statistical correlation. you’re trying to support the thesis of gender fluency, just to make homosexuals look like monsters that change behavior depending on how they feel. In fact, you put the avatar of a furry for this reason, in order to make us homosexuals look like degenerates who behave badly, while it is not a choice to be homosexuals, and the same goes for a heterosexual who knows very well that he does not change his mind from one day to another.

m8, im a true homosexual,

Are you just brain dead or something? “, you put the avatar of a furry for this reason, in order to make us homosexuals look like degenerates who behave badly, while it is not a choice to be homosexuals”, dude, im gay, so what if im a furry? Are you seriously butt hurt over me saying trama can effect how you feel sexually?

Also I like how you basically said because im a furry im a “degenerate who behave badly”

If you really want proof im gay

FA: usernamethetrap
Instagram: Racoonsandarchlinux
discord: raccoondude#0621

You really think I would have all these accounts to “””Troll”””, not to mention im heavily involved with the fandom

I never said homosexuality was a choice, or said homosexuality isn’t something you’re born with, I said you could have a warped sexuality from trama that may or may not include same sex attractions

This is from TRAMA, I never said anything about homosexual born people, or anything about it being a choice

You are being butt hurt over me saying something IK to be a FACT because I deal with paraphilia (NOT homosexuality, I was born with that) from abuse, I had first hand experience with how sexuality and trama interact, so don’t come at me acting like you know what I been through :/

Quote:”Also I like how you basically said because im a furry im a “degenerate who behave badly”

I have not said this, there is no problem with having an artistic interest, and all those who have problems with this artistic interest are simply bourgeois pampered without problems, who have nothing better to do than worry about the hobbies of others. But your claims can easily be viewed as an attempt to pass homosexuality for a choice. And your use of a furry identity in common with these claims, may seem like a gimmick to put homosexuals in a bad light.


I ONLY said that trauma can change your bodily functions and reactions, THAT IS ALL, that is NOTHING to be upset about

Also, like I said, I wouldn’t be this involved in the fandom (check the post where I listed my FA) if I was a “troll”

Im a true homosexual, sorry if that upsets you buddy, sorry if saying trauma can effect your mind and body, sorry, but im not gonna let you lie about me

Genetic models of homosexuality: generating testable predictions

Genetic factors predisposing to homosexuality may increase
mating success in heterosexuals

Large-scale GWAS reveals insights into the genetic architecture of same-sex sexual behavior

Blanchard R, Klassen P (April 1997). “H-Y antigen and homosexuality in men” (PDF). J. Theor. Biol. 185 (3): 373–8. CiteSeerX doi:10.1006/jtbi.1996.0315. PMID 9156085.

LeVay, Simon (1991). “A difference in hypothalamic structure between heterosexual and homosexual men”. Science. 253 (5023): 1034–1037. doi:10.1126/science.1887219. ISSN 0036-8075. PMID 1887219.

Sending me very outdated studies isn’t gonna proof anything,

Again, you are being BUTT HURT, over something that DOESN’T EFFECT YOU, but it does effect me because of my paraphilia and sexual abuse

So instead of trying to disprove something with outdated sources, maybe listen to the person to delt with it first hand

Your affirmation bears no relation to what have been discussed. I’ve already stated, you’re sick and in denial, you need help from people who are able to say no to your depraved libido, the problem with people like you is that we are fewer each day.

“we are fewer each day”

GOOD, it’s like saying “we need more people to say no to black rights”

Like, buddy, the reason no one agrees with you is because you are wrong

I am not in denial, I don’t want to harm children desipte what others do

You are so closed minded and I hope you learn to open your mind, or atleast not make this BS anymore

You see, your beautiful lie only lasts so long, it doesn’t endure debate nor opposition. What I meant is there are fewer people brave enough to say no. Everyone gets along with your kumbaya train that only supports people who join its death cult and leave behind kids and people who are looking for support outside of its scope. My mind has been opened a long time ago and my eyes even more, you are not fooling anyone spelling YOUR BS here. Somehow you think that if you give the last word you win, I’ve already done my work, you can have it.

Honestly, I believe you don’t understand us, then try to find a reason to dislike us, and make something up

You then use that to justify yourself, even though its not true

You are the definition of an NPC, someone who repeats what they hear

Also the reason they are a “hater” is because they wont leave us alone

We dont bother or hurt anyone yet look at the retaliation of just gay or trans people existing

Its messed up, and while I dont think anyone who disagrees with the idea of homosexuality being ok is a “bigot” (that implys much worse things like calling for the criminalization or even harm to LGBT)

Also I would be happy to show you things like my github, im a back end web dev who likes to tinker with anything really

I never said if you don’t wish to have homosexual relations that you are an NPC

But saying that HIV is purely because gays are gay, and not sex and basic biology, then yeah, you are

The mouth and hand aren’t sex organs I don’t see you crying over it

is there some reason you just repeated what i just said, but in a much more ambiguous manner? The meaning of “sodomite” has been corrupted through time, and now has absolutely nothing to do with it’s original meaning. the evil committed in sodom and gomorrah included rape, torture, mutilation, murder, and human sacrifice, to name a few. it had nothing to do with homosexuality.

You can’t mock gays in canada

I am your ruler, obey me mortal

They can’t help themselves. “Why won’t you understand us?” Directly to “I am your ruler, obey me” and tell you TO BAKE THE CAKE BIGOT. It was never about “acceptance” and always about “power” (To molest children).

Like, how NPC can you get,

Your calling all gays child molesters over the fact they like other men

Your idiotic logic has NO reasoning, you just don’t like us

A majority of rapists are men, but not all men are rapists

A majority of pedos are gay, not all gays are pedos

I dunno, have you ever known a homosexual whose first homosexual experience wasn’t as a boy with an older man? It seems to be pretty common so far as I can tell (and I’ve had maybe a dozen or so gay people as friends in the course of my life).

I’m asking you, my friend: what’s your experience of gay people’s life histories? Just anecdotally? It’s at least worth thinking about. We can be pretty sure that the “it’s in their genes” thing was just a scam (it was just gay activists copying the successful Feminist/civil rights tropes of the time re. “immutable characteristics”).

We can be fairly sure “it’s in the genes” was a scam, because if homosexuality were genetic, we’d expect to see less of it now that gays have been “out” for many decades, since gays no longer have to marry to save face, so they can’t be reproducing genetic gayness as much as they would have done (ex hypothesi) in the past; yet we see more of it. (Caveat: maybe a small proportion of it is genetic – perhaps related to the tiny number of people who have gender dysphoria, etc.)

That suggests it’s either something like a viral transmission or a social habit, i.e. it’s an epidemiological study of some kind – and furthermore, I’m suggesting it’s a social (memetic) habit transmitted from gay men to boys. (And this actually used to be the common opinion: homosexuality is a habit that develops among males who are cooped up together for long periods of time, like in the navy or in prisons, when older men prey on younger men – who more resemble females than older men – for sexual relief. What’s a kind of necessity for some men in those circumstances becomes a habit that some of those men continue to develop a taste for when they come back to the everyday world. It’s a testable hypothesis, I should think.)

I never said anything about the gay gene theory,

“That suggests it’s either something like a viral transmission or a social habit”, I personally believe its physical, I didn’t even know what gay was when I found out I had sexual feelings to men,

Not genetic, but rather a condition. I was 10 when I first found out, no sexual things happened to me

I just enjoyed it, and I had many friends who were female, so to me, it seems more physical. I mean, we must have some way of finding people sexually interesting wired in our brains for both men and wemon,

Maybe its something to do with that, idk

I never suggested you did say anything about gay gene theory, I was just heading that option off at the pass! 🙂 But if “it’s physical” then you are in fact implicitly claiming it’s genetic, because there can be no source of an innate physical preference other than just the way you’re innately wired, i.e. your biology, your genetics. It’s interesting though, because you’d be the first gay person I’ve ever encountered who didn’t get turned on to it by an older homosexual. However, as you say, this is all on the level of anecdote. I don’t know what the statistics would tell us (as I said, our priors would lead us to expect that there might indeed be some cases where it’s innate, but it seems more likely, for the reasons I outlined, to be learned/taught behaviour rather than innate; but the proportion of it being innate behaviour vs. learned/taught, I’m not sure anybody knows that with any certainty).

Physical and genetic are not the same thing,

Physical can mean physical damage, or in this case, neurological changes

my suggestion that sexuality is universally stored, you and me have the parts that can make us turned on from men or wemon

Or possibly the fact it could be caused by miss wiring of what we find sexually attractive

However that doesn’t effect our genes, its a change over time

“Neurological changes” are mediated genetically – unless you are talking about the hypothesis of homosexuality as a viral infection of some kind? Or perhaps you’re talking about a kind of Lamarckianism? Sorry, you’ve lost me.

There’s certainly some mixture of male and female elements in the brain that’s different for different people, but again, the basis of that is genetic, and apart from a few rare outliers (like the gender dysphorics), brains and bodies are statistically predominantly male or female. (IOW while it’s true that “pure” male and “pure” female brains are relatively rare, hermaphrodites are also rare, and brains don’t need to be purely male or female to be comfortably classifiable as male or female. Most brains are much closer to one than the other.)

As a causal factor (that can be abstracted out of the total situation), there’s nothing outside of the inherited genes (other than environment). The way neurological changes take their course is determined by genetics (plus impinging factors from the environment). The idea that you can have physical changes in a biological system that aren’t caused by either of those two factors just doesn’t make sense.

But I guess we’ll have to leave it there eh.

The atheist PZ Myers a few years ago made a spectacle of himself by encouraging his fans to get hold of Catholics’ magic communion crackers and “desecrate” them. I bet he wouldn’t do that to copies of the Torah in synagogues.

We need to go back to burning the Talmud, this was when people were doing the right thing. The biggest mistake was ever giving it back to them. We are partially responsible for all the insanity going on today, because Innocent III gave the Talmud back to rabbis. He should have burned them all, the jewish faith would have to clean itself up and these hateful rabbi(e)s would be a lot easy to deal today.

I say just exile all practicing Jews to Israel. If they want to be monsters they can do it over their with the rest of the human detritus.

and let them screw over the palestenians? Move them to some random island

Mocking Christianity is “brave.” I wonder what would have happened if he’d encouraged people to buy Korans and wipe their asses with them. I bet the same people calling him “brave” would be calling up the FBI to make anonymous tips to report him as a “terrorist.” Because putting a crucifix in piss is a safe way for edgy teens to rile up the rubes. There won’t be any consequences from that. You start being disrespectful of Islam, though, and you just might get a visit from some head-choppers from your town’s local mosque, for real. But no one will call you a “martyr” afterward or say you “spoke truth to power.”

All of this is because Leftists are basically cowards and opportunists with daddy issues and an incoherent, contradictory belief system. When it comes to those who actually mean what they say and actually make examples, they’ve got Stockholm Syndrome.

I feel like making a huge bonfire out of all those one-off magazines you see in the supermarket about Anne Frank.

If Frank had survived the war and had a normal lifespan, she would have aged into another unpleasant old Jewish broad. She wouldn’t have seemed so special then.

Did she ever even really exist? The quality and quantity of writing in the book are not what one would expect from an eleven-year-old girl, not even a precocious one, not even taking into account the considerable general deterioration of educational systems in the West between then and now.

It wouldn’t be the first time we were ordered to wring our hands and weep for a fictional character. It’s one of (((their))) favorite tactics.

Modern “art” and “expression” are really just another casualty of western cultural subversion. Mediocrity and political conformity are praised while anything classical or even genuinely beautiful or insightful are cast aside. All in favor of “art” projects like this.

Why call it (((western))), when you mean European? (((Western culture))) always was subversive and took a piss on European art.

European? Don’t you mean British? We built the First World, after all.

Uncircumcised Anglos built the world, but as soon as the practice took off in the US and other Anglo countries the resultant brain damage caused by neonatal circumcision rendered them too incapable of doing anything remotely remarkable.

Americana (pre-1900s) is the best visible example of how a society should function

This neowestern initiative with all the cartoons and advertisements and fandoms (esp. Furry) are a form of subversion against the American core software protocols.

The media created the furries, the furries will spread illness, illness will invoke vaccine tyranny, and vaccine tyranny will be fought.

Wake up and try to help any furries you know by getting them away from the furry fandom and converting the overpriced wearable shag carpet (fursuit) into thermal energy. Actively refrain from violence. Subversive strategies are superior.

Take it slow and steady, but realize that we do have a time limit, and that the time limit can be held back with the right strategic movement. After helping any furries you know escape from the hive mind, help them stay away from pornography by substituting it for the truth.

Basically, replace your friend’s USB full of depraved dragon-on-fox hentai with a USB full of the most shocking truths with refutable evidence to back it up.

Basically, pull a furry out of the fandom, and then redpill him before he can reach for his 10 hour spyro tickling yiff collection.

We have many enemies. The Jews as an entire group are not the enemy, but a faction within them is one of the enemies. Don’t blame the Masons, either, they only observe and help people on a lower level. The Illuminati were a fringe group.

The world of conspiracies is very complex. Hopefully this helped multiple people understand the world of conspiracies a little better.

Reddit in a nutshell:
Piss + cross = tips fedora
Piss + menorah = anudah shoa

Piss + Koran = you’re banned, the community where you posted it is banned, and you and everybody who saw it is reported to the FBI

Why would you throw the Koran in piss? Only a shabbos goy or an Israeli would do that.

Yup, people need to ask themselves “how does this benefit the Jews?” whenever they seem to promote something that is, ostensibly, against their best interests. In the case of Islam and blacks their demands for more rights and gibs ties up white attention away from Jews and their malignant, parasitic business practices. Jews themselves say it, for instance in Kirchick’s article “Why Donald Trump is turning me liberal”:

A staple of anti-Semitic complaint from the Nazis to Donald Trump’s newfound friends in the Klan is that Jews are always and everywhere the devious orchestrators of racial integration. Rootless cosmopolitans, Jews allegedly promote immigration and miscegenation so as to bring about a more diverse society in which they can sublimate their own ethnic difference. Through this “mongrelization,” Jews will precipitate the demise of white, Christian communities, thereby destroying the last vestige of resistance to their assertion of pernicious control.

Unlike other anti-Semitic memes, there is truth in this observation… Jews have indeed played disproportionate roles in struggles for racial equality, from the movement against South African apartheid to the cause of civil rights in the United States. And while Jews felt called to these movements by faith, universalistic political commitments, or an innate sense of justice, doing so was also in their communal self-interest. A country that is politically pluralistic, open to new ideas and new people, ethnically diverse, and respectful of religious difference, is a country that will naturally be safer for Jews than a country that is none of these things. This, I believe, is why so many Jews, foreign policy hawks or not, innately fear Donald Trump.


Bottom line is, muslims and Islam are not the enemy to the West that the Jews are.

There are a few million Jews on Earth and half of them are in one tiny country on the opposite side of the planet from us. There are nearly two billion Muslims, and one Muslim nation-state has nuclear weapons. Others are striving hard to acquire them. How many times did they almost conquer Europe, from the Eighth Century to the Seventeenth? Note that they’re invading Europe right now–though of course the (((newsmedia))) won’t use the word “invasion”–and have displaced nearly 20% of the population of some European nations.

If all the (((Tribe))) mysteriously vanished some rainy night, Islam would not stop hating us and would not stop plotting to exterminate us.

Er, compare the influence those “few million Jews” have and how they use it to subvert their host nations, then compare the influence 1.5 billion muslims have.

If those Jews vanished overnight whites could begin doing something about the Islamic invasion but as it stands we are prevented from doing anything by Jews.

Again, Saudi Arabia hasn’t even 1/10th the influence Jews do, and in many more countries. Holocaust “denial” is illegal in most western countries, in the us it doesn’t cause legal problems but it definitely causes social censure.

Focus on Jews first, Muslims after. Focusing on Muslims plays straight into Jewish hands

Muslims are NOT the cause of:
– Pornography
– Usury
– Feminism
– LGBT Agenda
– Marxism
– Mass Immigration
(in fact, most of them are against these things)
…also Saudi Arabia is an ally of Israel and Wahhabi Islam was actually a Jewish creation (similar to how the Young Turks who carried out the Armenian Genocide were Donmeh Crypto-Jews).

Dude, Jews aren’t the cause of everything bad that happened in your life, there is other factors at play.

Also, Jews aren’t a hive mind (and neither are they a race), last time I checked my Grandma (who used to be Jewish) isn’t scheming and rubbing her hands together in support of the death of American Democracy, remember, people are individuals and you complaining about people saying that all white people are racist is just the same as you saying that all Jews are dirty sneaks, it would be dumb to lump the whole group together as some giant hivemind.

And god damnit stop trying to attack our zionist allies, incase you didn’t notice being partnered with Israel is way less worse than being partnered with some dumbass nation like Germany, France, Britain, and many other European countries.

Islam has been at war with the West for thirteen centuries. The West has more than one enemy.

The last time the Turks besieged Vienna was in 1683, less than a century before the American Revolution.

The Inquisition was created in Spain during the Reconquista because (((they))) collaborated with Moorish invaders, spied upon their hosts and opened the gates of cities to Moorish armies, and otherwise wore out their welcome–sort of like they still do today.

Piss Christ is an unintentionally true statement about humanity. We have litterally drowned Jesus in piss.

As a side note, both the Cross and menorah both symbolize the tree of life. Christians eat from theirs while the jews burn theirs, what an interesting juxtaposition. Especially when you learn that the jews view themselves in terms of stone and fire and vulcanism and the goyim, particularly aryans, in terms of wood, and seasonal, and the sun, to be consumed and outlasted by them.

Jews actually believe Christ are tormented in a hellish world as they follow the man-made Satanic Talmud, few understand that Jews today aren’t the Biblical Jews but something extremely wicked if they actually understood what they teach in their “Synagogue of Satan” as Jesus Christ and Paul in the final books condemned for being followers of Satan.

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