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  • Indra Kaw


    • QuickshooterMk2


    • Alistair Grove

      Apparently not.

  • NPC the Clown

    Oi where’s your gun taking permit.

  • Albionic American

    America’s gun owners didn’t stop the Federal income tax, the Federal Reserve, the New Deal, the civil rights movement, the Great Society, the Hart-Celler Act, the Patriot Act, sexual freedom, gay marriage, unguarded borders, tranny story hours for children and all the other assaults on our culture and civilization. Why do you think our guns will matter now?

    • Holyphonic

      For most Americans, guns are just another aspect of the consumerism that now serves as the foundation of their lives. It’s just another product they’ve got to have.

      For most of them, the idea of their guns being taken away is no different from the idea of their porn, cheeseburgers, or Harley Davidson’s being taken away from them.

      It’s never been about defending their people. It’s about having “stuff”.

      • Allison Kaas

        lmao shut up commie

        • Ceiling Cat

          Use the guns then, cuck. Tic toc.

          • Allison Kaas

            Come and get me faggot

          • Allison Kaas

            Where you at, bitch? Still waiting 🙂

        • Marco el Campeador

          Shut up boomer

          • Allison Kaas

            Make me bitch 🙂

        • Zon Kuthon

          You’re still a cuck and you still won’t do anything to fight back. And if you even think about fighting back hard enough, Israel will NUKE THE WORLD!


    • Chris Redfield

      The existence of guns makes enslaving Americans much harder. Without guns in the possession of citizens, a tyrannical government would appear much sooner and be much harder to be removed from power.

  • Holyphonic

    They will easily take your guns from you because whites are totally atomized.

    What are you gonna do? Fight back? Shoot at the FBI or whatever when they kick in your door? Eventually, they will either kill you or arrest you. They will be arresting you, by the way, on the grounds of being a suspected right-wing/white supremacist/neo nazi terrorist.

    This crackdown will only apply to whites who think maybe the country is better off without all these brown invaders, and happen to own guns, so as to remove any means of preventing a South Africa situation.

    And if you in fact do shoot at whatever alphabet organizations come for you, you will have given them the perfect propaganda to use against other suspected “white supremacist terrorists”.

    You yanks may have been able to defend your second amendment back when your country was homogeneous, and before professional armies, but not now.

    • 800,000 cops are going to try to confiscate the guns from 80,000,000 homes.
      If a mere 3% fight back, they run out of cops before we run out of resistance.
      And the atrocities against the people will rile up our base.

      Besides, the real enemy isn’t the cops. It’s the people ordering the cops around.

      • Major Matt Mason

        I’m minded of a story of WWII where the punchline has the Chinese waiter giggling, “Pretty soon, no more Japanese!”

        • Quantity has a quality all its own.

          You’ll notice that after 14 brutal years of war, there were still hundreds of millions of Chinese, and they were still fighting Japan. (And each other, of course.)

      • Holyphonic

        No, about a dozen, well-armed, well-trained police are going to surround and arrest you while you’re in traffic, while you’re at work, while you’re at the park with your kids, while you’re taking a dump.

        Then, you will be put in jail, any guns you do own confiscated, barred from ever legally purchasing one again, legal purchases will be made a thing of the past, and whatever guns you might have otherwise had access to will do you no good from your cold prison cell.

        And this will only apply to white people who’ve committed wrong think.

        That mere “3%” has not stood up against the current invasion of the USA, they haven’t stood up against the abolition of free speech, and they won’t stand up against what’s coming for them now.

        • You confuse one man for several million men.

          The cops will arrest or kill people for the first three days. Then the people will start hunting cops. That will take about a week. Then the people will start hunting politicians. And news broadcasters. And college professors. And teachers. And everyone who speaks Spanish. And Muslims. And Jews. And everyone who has a Democrat bumper sticker or sign.

          If there are 120 million people left in America three years after the gun grab begins, I will be astonished.

          • Holyphonic

            There is absolutely nothing that suggests that will be the case.

          • david long

            “my version is more likely based on nothing.” kek, here is your .25 cents from JIDF.

          • Holyphonic


            Reality is, you’re not gonna do shit. Just like you guys haven’t done anything to stop the destruction of America thus far. You didn’t do anything when they came for your free speech. You stood by when they handed over your country to all manner of browns. You gladly handed over your children to (((public education))).

            But you, all by yourselves, are going to finally do something when you’re outgunned and outnumbered by the Feds when they come to arrest you for being a white nationalist gun owner?


          • To the Left, violence is a knob they can dial up and down.
            To the Right, violence is an on/off switch, and the settings are ‘vote’ and ‘kill everybody’.

            And you’re still confusing one person with millions of people. It’s almost like you are deliberately trying to demoralize us into doing nothing…

          • Jesher

            “You’re not gonna do shit” was the funniest reply to Tarrant’s stream by far.

          • david long

            You’re once again confusing one man for all men. For example, I wasn’t even born when the country was given away in the 1960’s. Time flows in one direction, and I can guarantee anyone attempting to steal my property, including my guns, can get shot, take that and multiply it by every single white gun owner in America and you start to get a lot of dead cops, no longer will it be a safer job than a taxi driver, that’s for sure.

          • Ever hear of the Murrah federal building in OKC?

            That’s what ended the Bush/Clinton war on guns 25 years ago.

          • free_peach

            Your fear was plastered on your face the moment you uttered this sentence.

          • Holyphonic

            Ok boomer

          • Zon Kuthon

            Stop selling Hopium. Nobody is ever going to rise up or do anything. Good Things Don’t Happen. Ever.

    • Major Matt Mason

      I will simply note that you Limeys disarmed yourselves, then had to beg America for help when the Germans started marching. Twice. ‘Nuff said.

      • Holyphonic

        “I will simply note that you Limeys disarmed yourselves, then had to beg America for help when the Germans started marching. Twice. ‘Nuff said.”

        First, I’m not British.

        Second, you came to the defense of the British because they’d not have been able to survive without you, even if all their citizens had guns.

        Third, there’d have been no second war if Churchill stayed out of it. But his Jewish financiers demanded he pull America into the war, and American Jews lobbied F.D.R., who eventually complied. Churchill was offered 21 peace offerings from Hitler in the span of 3 years, one of which included parachuting Rudolph Hess into England to personally offer one — Churchill just arrested him.

        You’ve been a vassal state of Israel since before Israel existed, and you’ve always come to put an end to anyone who tries to put an end to Zionist rule, usually Germany.

        “Part 2: I will simply note there aren’t any sections of the United States under Sharia law. Wonder why that is?”

        Yeah, some fuckin’ mystery that is. Maybe it’s because the Muslim population isn’t yet large enough to vote Sharia Law in?

        Take a look at the number of formerly-red states that went blue as they became “diverse”. Take a trip into San Francisco, Californian sanctuary cities or any other places where non-whites populate in droves and tell me more about how you gun owners are preventing the collapse of civilization.

        • Alistair Grove

          California is fucking itself because the whites their are progressive retards. The gun loving states aren’t getting fucked like that.

          • Ceiling Cat

            So Arizona and Texas are totally safe from those pesky wetbacks who vote democrats, right?

            Frankly, what is happening to all former allied shitholes is just divine retribution.

          • Alistair Grove

            Well, I have heard Texas is starting to go that way too. Don’t know about Arizona, though.

    • Major Matt Mason

      Part 2: I will simply note there aren’t any sections of the United States under Sharia law. Wonder why that is?

      • Been anywhere near Dearborn, Michigan lately?

        • Major Matt Mason

          Not since a conference in 1994, thank heavens.

  • Since 1775, the American motto has been, “You ain’t the boss of me!”

    • Holyphonic

      [Laughs in Hebrew]

  • Major Matt Mason

    And keep your powder dry.

  • Zarvia Khaldera

    Lies! The British didn’t ask, they just came at night to empty the magazine.

  • Chris Redfield

    Marriage is for building families.

  • No Slack Jack

    Some are under the impression that militias with small arms are no match for a mechanized force. Let’s not forget that, in order for the latter’s equipment to run smoothly, it needs a lot of infrastructure to be in tip top shape. Things like the highway, power grid, communications stations, fuel and munitions are vulnerable to anti material rifles and improvised tactics. The smartest thing the establishment can do, at this point, is to maintain peace with the dissident population. Their only hope, is that gun culture gets naturally unpopular over time. In that case, when the system goes bankrupt, the people with weapons will just be trying to protect their own communities, and won’t pose a threat to the powers that be.

  • Zon Kuthon

    And yet, nobody with guns will ever stand up to the ZOG goverrnment in the modern era.

    Good Things Don’t Happen. Ever.


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