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  • Mediocre White Male

    This may actually come true. I hope the right in Israel realize helping Europeans to form their own homeland is the right thing to do – a coalition of nationalists … I can dream, dammit!

    • Sargi

      Lol. They don’t even view you as human

      • david long

        This, us Goyim are no more then animals shaped like men, beasts of burden, not only does the Talmud explain this, but as far back as a few years ago there are public speeches in Israel given by people in positions of power, where in I remember one quote where he said something to the effect of “Goyim are on this planet to work, and slave for us, we are to sit and eat, like an effendi.”

        The picture included are quotes about Goyim from the Jewish book of Laws, the Talmud. There is nothing like this in Christianity, they are in no way comparable, Judaism is more like a militaristic family who views the blood bond as more important than anything, they are in no way morally against cheating or outright stealing from Goyim.

    • Eye of Magnus

      That’s what they would be doing if they were honest and logically consistent. Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed those qualities in most of them.

    • BOB

      Well Victor Oban and Old Benjamin seem to be political allies. So there’s that.

  • RSJunis

    I saw all comics in one sitting – keep going

  • israel is a nothing state that exists only to kill palestinians
    it is like america 2
    kill them both and let canada stop getting sloppy thirds

    • Stiffy Weiner

      Canada can’t be in charge of shit lmao, you faggots will get sloppy thirds no matter what. You’ve always been the pushover state since the 1900’s.

    • DatBoi

      So a small country is oppressing a group that has the entire middle east they can flee to? If it’s really that bad for Palestinians (which it isn’t) then why don’t they go to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Qatar, Egypt, Somalia, Tunisia, Morocco, etc.

  • When people think:
    “Zionist = Fascist”

    Me: *woke*

  • Albionic American

    Jews really need to follow their own psychotherapists’ advice and get over themselves.

  • Stiffy Weiner

    /r/ElChapoTrapHouse meets /r/Zionism

  • Kerbett

    nice job representing jewish people with a huge nose! youre doing a great job presenting how the people on the other side are hypocrites! seriously dude, You’d think with a name like ‘stone toss’ youd understand a bit more about glass houses

    • Death Cog Unit

      Jew detected. Releasing gas.

      • Sargi

        This was the only correct response

    • Io Non Esisto

      political comics are by default a series of caricatures.
      That means exaggerating details, widely known stereotypes, and using metaphors in order to deliver the punchline in few squares without having to explain everything and who’s who or attach tags to everything for user’s understanding.
      Don’t be stupid, think without the need to be offended and even the world will seem less bleak and hypocrite.

      Or maybe you’re trolling or one of those people who passes the time on the internet searching for things they dislike and then go on and make the day worse for everyone in the name of their oh-so-high-and-mighty sense of justice or whatever.
      In that case I suggest you to go away and take your negativity with you, since we don’t need it here.

      • Jomon

        can put a yarmulke on him or payots. The nose is like giving black people gigantic lips or asians pencil thin eyes.

        • dumbass jomon dumbass

          then the joke doesnt work retard the punchline is that he isnt just another white male

    • Lionhearte

      Shut the fuck up, kike.

    • Assjacket

      I don’t think you understand what the idiom about throwing stones from glass houses means. At all.

    • Makuta S-V

      Shut the fuck up liberal.

  • QuickshooterMk2
    • DatBoi

      Oh yeah Marx was super Jewish. Just look at this quote: “What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.…. Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degrades all the gods of man – and turns them into commodities…. The bill of exchange is the real god of the Jew. His god is only an illusory bill of exchange…. The chimerical nationality of the Jew is the nationality of the merchant, of the man of money in general.”

      • QuickshooterMk2

        he wasn’t wrong, Jews were and still remained
        materialistic after all these years, money is everything to them
        though it makes me wonder, if money is indeed god
        and god is just an illusion is the whole “chosen people” song and dance
        just an excuse to commit heinous crimes against the rest of humanity?

        • DatBoi

          You just said Communists were Jewish. That was a quote from Marx (the father of Communism) berating Jews.

          • QuickshooterMk2

            because they are, Jews are both a religion and a race (more like a specie, considering they’re a non-race amongst the races of the world)

            though i didn’t suspect you were kike, should’ve tossed that nickle a lot earlier

          • DatBoi

            I’m Irish-American you dumb fuck. I’m about as Jewish as Elizabeth Warren is Indian. Might I also add that your “joke” is fucking stale. There’s about a billion Jewish jokes that are edgier and funnier.

          • Blarg Blarg

            Got a real bad streak of Irish worthlessness in ya.

          • DatBoi

            How is that even a point? No shit their a race and a religion. How is that relevant?

          • DatBoi

            Might I add anybody critical of Adolph the cocksucker is deemed a Jew by you.

          • QuickshooterMk2

            Fuck off Jewboi

          • DatBoi

            Case in point.

          • Blarg Blarg

            (((Marx))) is Jewish. It doesn’t matter if he is berating other Jews.

      • Stiffy Weiner

        Jews can’t be self critical?

        • DatBoi

          This was in the context of the JQ. I doubt someone would call for genocide of their own race.

          • Stiffy Weiner

            You’d be surprised. I agree that it isn’t a common thing, but there have been self hating yids.

    • Jesher

      Fucking smallhats, man.

  • Turbo Beholder
  • H Monmouth

    Anyone interested in white nationalism should read this and share it if you like it:

  • PeePeeLarge

    My penis is bigger than a Jew nose and mark Zucc-or-Fucc is a more tolerable human being than your three-brain-cell-havin’ ass.

  • Eye of Magnus

    Imagine if Antifa treated other races the same way they treat white people who don’t agree with them…

    • Makuta S-V

      They would be erased within seconds.

  • Alex Müller

    This caricature of the Jew is at the level of Nazi propaganda….. It’s disgusting.

  • shnazzyone

    Pretending you’re not anti semitic

  • opposition to israel’s oppression of palestine is not actually an example of anti-semitism. a good cartoon

  • Jesher

    I think Israel should exist but only after purging their influence from world government. They need a homeland, since their despicable nature gets them kicked out everywhere else. I don’t even hate Jews, good Jews exist and got along with Arabs in Palestine just fine.

    But I’m willing to sacrifice some Arab clay if it saves the rest of the world, including the vast majority of the rest of Arabia.

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