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Niggas out here worrying about bacon, smdh.


explain bitch

All these at the last panel are considered acceptable breakfast foods in the US and are far more sugary than ice cream.

I guess it’s because western adults are hypocritical…. but it just kinda falls flat as a political commentary, I would have preferred brands like starbucks up there. I think I see a pumpkin spice

this comic and all people in the panel never had to babysit or raise kids.
If a kid begins his day with that amount of sugar it will go in a frenzied and hyperactive state, then fall asleep wherever it is once the sugar rush will go out.
This will fuck up their sleep cycles, your day and probably your night.
Never feed too much sugar to children.

It’s not saying that you should give kids sugar, it’s only pointing out hypocrisy.
If you want your kids to not eat sugar for breakfast, lead by example and don’t eat it yourself.

Yeah but his point is that there’s no logical inconsistency in making kids eat differently as they have a different physiology. That’s not hypocrisy. Should a parent lead by example on drinking a load of warm milk too?

The sugary breakfast foods like donuts, pastries and pancakes with syrup contain a decent amount of carbohydrates which maintains blood sugar and satiety over a longer period of time.

Kudos, a Great ironic comic!

(As for most of the dysfunctional typists below, what the blank is your damage, you guys?)

You behave as if you’re OWED something…you seem to be a bunch of spite-filled morons who lack the intelligence, decency and maturity to ever be useful in society. I could be wrong but it appears, from reading your “posts,” that some here are obsessed with seeking whom you will devour!

Why so mad? Maybe, when you spew berating comments at others, you feel in some strange way, superior?

Surely, you must have some inkling that in your attempts to share the billowing filth and mire living inside your nasty hardened hearts, you expose yourself as the only reprobate suitable for the complaint-box. Your negative posts only work to expose that you are weak-minded, petty, and hateful.

The real you has been suspended in a goo of self-hate. Stop punishing yourself, and stop punishing the world around you, we like YOU, but hate your behavior! SO GROW, and find your peace!I

(BTW, Demons are attracted to negative emotions, so if you’re having a hard life, you may want to consider turning it around.)

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