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  • Indra Kaw

    Wow. Short yet catchy. How original.

  • ImaMeatPopsicle

    I f*ckin love it. Completely catches the irony.

    – Bernie staffer who says Bernie better get the nomination or ‘we burn it down’? Voting Biden.
    – Cutesy dimbulb titschlock gen-zer Bernie supporter? Voting Biden.
    – 35 year old Marxist apologist post-grad virgin? Voting Biden.
    – Bernie Sanders? Voting Biden!

    Nothing says stickin’ to your principles like voting for a senile sundowning near-death thrice-time loser with 40+ years of doing nothing who enjoys touching children inappropriately and smelling their ha…shampoo…you know, the thing!

    • TRVTH

      “Let’s put the nuclear launch codes into the hands of a man obviously suffering from pretty severe dementia! …you know, for social justice an’ stuff! Because Orange Man Bad!”

    • stonetard is a fvking faggott as usual he is conflating capitalism with fascism, true capitalism is what big daddy Ron Paul speaks of, the hero we need to run america.

      • T-I-G-E-R-S

        If only.

        • Are you saying that america isn’t a fascist state?

          • Dan Goldman

            It isn’t

          • yeah I would agree but it has the economics of fascism

          • brainlet

          • how?

          • T-I-G-E-R-S

            Exactly. America is a neoliberal state.

          • You think America is liberal? What a joke! That would be a far better alternative albeit still not ideal of how to organize society, I advocate for a spontaneous order out of no rulers, Anarchy. An = Without, the absence of. Archy = Rulers. Anarchy = No Rulers. Anarchy /=/ No Rules.

          • T-I-G-E-R-S

            America is liberal, because it’s based on liberal values: personal freedom, freedom of speech and religion. And it’s neoliberal. Despite what politicians and pundits talk, nobody who matters questions basic human rights and universal suffrage, and American leaders propagate these values in their foreign policy regardless of party affiliation.

            If America was a fascist state you wouldn’t be allowed to criticise the state at all, you’d be thrown in jail or killed by the police for saying the wrong things. You wouldn’t be able to vote at all (not that you have a great choice now lol). Military service would be mandatory.

            >spontaneous order out of no rulers
            I see you’re an utopist.

            Real anarchy never existed, the closest example of real anarchy was Kowloon Walled City, which was claimed neither by China, nor by Great Britain, it was no mans land without government. It was a hellhole run by the Triads.

      • John Doe

        “issa bird- bbababaabajvskdvnsdkfjvbsdkvjsnlvkjnvijnwdijvwn” ~ Ron Paul

        • Fvck you. You’ll never accomplish what he has done in 1 year in your entire life.

          • John Doe

            Relax bud I’m just trolling.

          • Nobody disrespects Ron Paul, not even as a joke. Not on my watch.

          • John Doe

            Oh yeah? Well then Ron Paul is a gay retard who can’t even speak. BABABABABFSDBGLAIGFALKJGBA:OEJ ITZA BIRD FLAINFKSLJDBFSKLJBGFUJSBGU

          • k.

          • John Doe

            k glad u agree

    • John Doe
  • Dr. Congo Ebola

    I would feel bad for the Bernie supporters if everyone and their mother wasn’t telling them he wasn’t going to get the nomination.

    • TRVTH

      I wouldn’t. How stupid, self-hating, and historically ignorant do you have to be to buy what he’s selling? Infinite free stuff for everybody forever, nobody has to work, and if you’ve got the Magical Melanin you get even more free stuff than everybody else, because muh repa-ma-rations. Nobody has to work to produce any of this free stuff. Maybe the Chinese will just send it to us. And nobody will have to work on the docks unloading the container ships and opening the conex boxes. The Chinese will do that for us too.

      Does nobody understand that the government doesn’t have free stuff to hand out? Does nobody understand that goods and services are created by human beings, and aren’t just brought down from Heaven by angels in the middle of the night? But never mind all that. “Math is hard! Yay, free stuff!”

      Zero pity.

      • “Does nobody understand”…
        Four generations of public schooling.

        • TRVTH

          I suppose you’ve got me there.

          A lot of people out there don’t even grasp that actions have consequences.

          All the Antifa/BLM terrorists who block traffic, vandalize and destroy vehicles, shoot drivers, drag people out of vehicles and beat them or kill them, would say they’re doing this “to make those Nazis afraid.” “Nazi,” of course, here means anyone who isn’t an Antifa/BLM member. “We’re doing it so they’ll fear us.” “We want to be figures of intimidation ’cause we’re heroes who fight for justice!”

          And then they are shocked, SHOCKED, when they block off streets illegally and surround vehicles–the sort of thing that would get you or me arrested and charged with “false imprisonment” and “terroristic threatening” for a start–start pounding on the windows and threatening the occupants, and the driver decides he’s not going to be the next Reginald Denny and mashes several of them making good his escape. SHOCKED, I say. They successfully convinced all normal decent people who see them that they’re dangerous and possibly a lethal threat. Congratulations, I guess.

          For added irony, the mob that’s been yelling “defund de po-leece” and “abolish cops and prisons” for the last six hours suddenly starts yelling “help! PO-LEECE! Arrest dat o-fay! He done beez run over Dayshawn and Shaneequa! Why ain’t de po-leece do dey jobs?”

          It’s like there’s a part of the brain that normal people are born with, that allows them to think abstractly, think further into the future than their next rock of crack or next blowjob, and understand that if they choose to do A and B, then C, D, and E will follow as surely as night follows day. Only, these people, that lobe of the brain is missing or doesn’t connect properly, or something. “Er mah GERRRRRRD, I can’t beliEEEEEEve that man ran over us, just because we surrounded him in his vehicle and broke his windows and yelled that we were going to kill him! I just don’t understand why he did that! Doesn’t he know this was a peaceful protest?” Are they born this way, or is it the drugs?

          • California is a desert with a monsoon season. Fire season ends when mud slide season begins. And this comes as a complete surprise to millions of people every single year.

          • JP

            Duttons idea that we’re up against the mutants who could not have survived childhood in a pre-industrial world seems ever-more convincing.

            Compassion kills.

            I learned that as a child when I saw a rats nest destroyed.

            Baby rats are cute, but in reality protecting them is bad.

          • TRVTH

            Duttons idea that we’re up against the mutants who could not have survived childhood in a pre-industrial world seems ever-more convincing.

            Idiocracy was a documentary.

  • NPC the Clown

    No refunds

  • Black Spruce

    A Biden presidency would actually be pretty funny. Imagine as the years go by and his dementia gets worse, and he’s up on stage giving the state of the union address and he just lets loose a mudslide down his leg because he’s so senile he can no longer control his bowels.

    • TRVTH

      He wouldn’t hold the Presidency long. If he wins, he’ll probably step down immediately “for health reasons” and they’ll swear in Kamala on the same platform three minutes later. She’ll probably choose Hillary as VP, or maybe Maxine Waters or Carol Mosely-Braun, ’cause screw dem ofays, dis a brown country! We President now!

      • magnusdei

        The VP likely will be either Susan Rice (gotta keep the Obidenbama machine going) or Stacey Abrams (b/c BLM). If not those two, they’ll get a disabled Muslim immigrant trans woman of color to collect as many woke points as possible.

      • Black Spruce

        At least if that happens we can get this party started instead of waiting until white people are a tiny minority.

      • Max Scherzer

        Picking Hillary as her VP would be suicide.

        • TRVTH

          Nah, she’d step down “for health reasons” to give Hitlery the seat. As in “it’s very bad for your health to be between Hillary Clinton and something she wants. Just ask Jeffrey Epstein, or Vince Foster, or Seth Rich, or…”

  • Junker Junk

    Feel the bern yet?

  • Ebola

    Women do not deserve the right to vote.

    • TrueWOPR

      Men don’t even have the *right* to vote, we have the *privilege* to vote. Earned by signing a paper that says “in case of draft my ass is grass”

      • Ender Einstein

        True. There are no rights. There are only privileges and responsibilities. Feminists are cowardly brats who just want more privilege.

        • Alistair Grove

          I disagree slightly with that. Anything that doesn’t involve taking from others is a natural right, ie, Free Speech. Anything else is as you said a privilege.

    • Holyphonic

      Yeah because it worked out so great when only men could…

      Democracy has got to go.

      • Ebola

        And what will replace it?

        • Alistair Grove

          Holyphonic probably wants a feminist dictatorship.

          • or maybe he is a libertarian anarchist such as myself and enjoys freedoms

          • Alistair Grove


      • OberMirasu

        Yeah actually it did. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

      • Maxim Sukharev

        I mean, I know you’re a sperging feminist, and sometimes I agree with you on things not related to feminism (especially when you roast fake “white nationalists” religious cucks that would rather have multiracial people that worship sаndniggеr jew god than white nationalists with independent views), but prove me wrong – when did women do good once they get right to vote?

        In your defense though, I’m all for bringing back the voting censorship, Benjamin Constant style. Roman Empire has fallen because the “humanism” made the Caesars give too much rights to everyone, which as result brought plague that brought misery, poverty, bubonic plague, endless meaningless wars between Whites, ignorance, and darkness for the whole of the medieval times.

        • Holyphonic

          but prove me wrong – when did women do good once they get right to vote?

          The most obvious is when voting Hitler into power since women were one of, and in some years, the NSDAP’s largest voting bloc.

          As Hermann Rauschning said in ’39, “It was the women’s vote that brought Hitler to Triumph” and he was right.

          Meanwhile, just 26 years beforehand in America, in a time when women couldn’t vote, Woodrow Wilson was voted (by white men) into power and his biggest thing was passing the Federal Reserve Act, selling out America to Jews nearly 10 years before women were able to vote in America. Ironically, if the feminists had have been able to vote, Woodrow wilson would’ve lost; since feminists were quite opposed to him.

          Further, electoral data from every single white country where support is high for various incarnations of right-wing parties, women vote for them as well. Trump still would’ve won if only white women voted in America.

          Fidesz won in Hungary again, Polish Law & Justice, Fratelli D’Italia is lead by a woman (who was in the neo-fascist party’s youth group when she was a teenager) and her coalition with Salvini’s LEGA is the most popular party in Italy and would win today were an election to be held. Where I am, the AFD is the most popular party among Germans age 18 – 40.

          We can talk about issues with these parties all you want but it’s beside the point: Do seriously believe it’s entirely men voting for these parties in these countries when in some of them, the female population is actually greater? Even a cursory glance at history and electoral data show that white women are not predisposed to voting “left” or “for globalism”. It has literally never been a thing.

          In countries where globalism reigns, men vote just as much “left” as the women do.

      • I agree, we should have freedoms and no government, just the free market and liberty baby

        • Holyphonic

          There should be a government, limited “freedoms”, a market regulated according to whatever best serves the race, and you should be sent back to whatever hispanic hellscape you come from.

          • that’s stupid, regulating markets is stupid, you’re stupid.

          • you realize that a completely free unregulated market would help thoughts with highest IQs? oh yeah I forgot you’re low IQ.

    • QuickshooterMk4

      Original Greek democracy was limited only to land-owning, MARRIED male citizens (who were born in the same nation/city-state) above age 25 who did military service for their nation/city state (No Voting rights for Homosexuals, Foreigners or Citizens who never served their nation, which also means no voting rights for women or slaves)

      that’s what was original greek democracy, not today’s jew’ed feminist n*ggerfagg*t k*kecracy

      where today even sodomites ridden with STD and illiterate 70IQ Sheboons on welfare can vote for their favorite jew-puppet

      • Lord Manatee

        No voting for homosexuals. Ah, so no Greek men voted I see.

      • youradumbass

        Don’t know why you had to describe yourself in the last sentence.

      • Twilk9

        Lol, he’s advocating for military service as a req to vote

        10 bucks says this kid hasn’t even done two consecutive pushups in his life

        • Those who are unwilling to endure hardships, to kill and die for the nation, should not be allowed to control the nation.

          Those who cannot or will not take orders must never be in a position to give orders.

          • Twilk9

            Look, you won’t get much of an argument from me there. Im a military man, I despise the idea of rich elites sending kids off to war without having any stakes in it themselves or while their kids sit pampered at ivy leagues.

            I mostly thought it was hilarious that this tough-guy internet commentator kid was advocating for it when he’d probably start crying the second a drill sergeant got in his face

      • Holyphonic

        Original Greek democracy was limited only to land-owning, MARRIED male citizens (who were born in the same nation/city-state) above age 25 who did military service for their nation/city state

        and I will tell you a true story about that original Greek democracy.

        Themistocles, who succeeded Cleisthenes, (the inventor of democracy) of Athens, and who was a general at the battle of Marathon, where the Athenians first fought the Persians, lied to undermine democracy and in doing so saved all of Athens.

        Most Athenians believed that the persians were just a bunch of random barbarians they had defeated, but Themistocles figured they were too sophisticated and would probably return. The Athenians had recently uncovered a plentiful mine nearby and the next vote was going to be on what to spend the resources on. Themistocles wanted to use it to build Triremes (a then-new warship) to fight the Persians if they returned, but most Athenians just scoffed at the idea and instead wanted to spend it on superfluous things. So he did some ancient “fake news” and lied that a Greek city state to the south was preparing to attack them by sea. That convinced the Athenian men to vote for building the ships.

        It came not a moment too soon, because within months after the last Trireme was built, the Persians came by sea and would have conquered Athens if “democracy” had been allowed to function as intended.

        The Greeks, in their original democracy, could also “ostracize” politicians and have them and their families banished from Athens by writing the name upon a piece of pottery and throwing it into the amphora. Whoever had the most votes, was banished. Themistocles himself was ostracized from Athens after he successfully saved the city.

        There was just one problem: Most Athenians couldn’t read or write, so you had to get someone else to write the name you wanted.

        Democracy, in any form, has no defense against these methods of subversion because any defense would be, by definiton, anti-democratic.

        • JP

          It’s unlikely that any member of the citizen class was not functionally literate enough to write a name.

          Most Athenians is not the same as most voting citizens.

          • Holyphonic

            Except it was, so your point is moot.

          • JP

            You write neat historial fanfics.

            But Athenian Greece was quite literate, to the point of literecy being widespead among the geneal populace not long after the period in question.


            And of course there is a big difference between ‘can write a name’ and ‘can write fluenly and accurately’, the later being literate.

            The Athenian nobles were not functionally retarded to the point where they cant identifiy a set of symbols indicating a name. Not even the ones who were not otherwise functionally literate.

          • Holyphonic

            ugh stupid disqus

          • Holyphonic
          • JP

            The link is almost certainly talking about full formal literacy, not ‘can write a name or scribble some grafitti.’ Remember that before the modern era acedemia had standards. For example to be counted literate in Midevil Europe you had to be able to read and write Latin with a high degree of technical accuracy.

            Hence literacy rates like 5%. But most people, even peasents, could write rough notes in their own language, and we have such rough notes on bark etc to prove it.

            Anyway if I simply accepted your 1/3rd rate, it would still amply prove my point. Somewhere between 1/5th (most likely) and 1/20th (lowball estimate) of Athenians were actually voting citizens at any given point in the democracy.

            That points to a literecy rate much higher than the citicenship rate.

    • Vladim Eisenberg

      Right, because a dick is such a good qualification, as evidenced by the fact Joe Biden is male.

      Sadly, politics has nothing to do with intelligence even, much less sex.

      • ssgtnelson

        Haven’t the men on the Left fully convinced half of the population to support them, despite their cities making up most of the crime stats? That seems pretty smart to me.

    • Voting is gay all around, don’t vote it’s for slaves. Women should have freedoms though.

      • Ebola

        Ok, jew.

  • Shadow Dancer
  • Albionic American

    I thought the browning of America meant that we would have a wealth of human potential to draw upon that never had the chance to develop before. Instead both parties act as it they can’t find political talent in the diversitarians they’ve brought in to dispossess white Americans, so they have to try to stretch the dwindling supply of aging, cognitively declining white men as long as possible.

  • Major Matt Mason

    Berned again.

  • Albionic American

    Bernie’s uprising wouldn’t have gotten very far any way because billionaires control both political parties, only they base their respective fortunes in different sectors of the economy. The Democrats’ billionaires operate in the immaterial economy of Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood, and they have allied themselves with the Justice Department, the FBI and the intelligence agencies in our Federal Government. While the Republicans’ billionaires operate in the material economy of fossil fuels, agribusiness, defense contracting and so forth, and they depend on the Pentagon as their ally in the government.

    The Democrats’ billionaires had no intention of letting a socialist insurrection take over their party, and behind the scenes they must laugh at the anarchist and Bolshevik larpers who thought that supporting Bernie would accomplish anything.

    • Republicans make useful things from raw materials and get rich.
      Democrats make money out of thin air and make everybody else poor.

      • Albionic American

        Ironically the religious conservatives emphasize working in the material world, while the godless leftists emphasize manipulating the “spiritual” world, in the sense that they want to control society’s ideas.

  • Albionic American

    If we had some real Marxist humanists in our country with any influence, I’d like to hear them make the case for how their proposed revolution would reduce the sense of alienation that the capitalist form of society allegedly causes, and what human existence would look and feel like if we could restore the natural way of life for humans that Marx envisioned in his writings in the 1840’s.

  • Kulfon

    You do realize Biden is not a real candidate, right? He’s merely a vessel designed to deliver the Kuh-mala payload into the White House. As soon as Biden “wins” the “election” he will mysteriously catch The Virus™ and quit. When that happens, President Sheboon D. Harris, a prosecutor by trade, will have a free reign to crack down on White Gun Owners, whom our own FBI just declared to be an existential threat to this country.

    We are about to witness White Genocide turned into overdrive while all the gun owners and “patriots” are busy jacking off to Trump tweets and Q drops. A perfect distraction to keep you docile while your livelihood is taken away, ain’t it?

    Nobody is coming to save you. Do you know how to count? Then count on yourself.

    • TRVTH

      The FBI hasn’t been “ours” in any sense of the word for a very long time. The Massacre at Waco, which took place before a lot of the people participating in this thread were born, should have clued everyone in that this ain’t J. Edgar Hoover’s little band of commie- and gangster-busters any more.

      The Stratfor Glossary entry on them is enlightening:

      FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation, aka the Downtown Gang.
      Very good a breaking up used car rings. Kind of confused
      on anything more complicated. Fun to jerk with. Not fun
      when they jerk back.

  • Cresset

    It keeps happening!

  • Alberto Soares O primo do ator Sasha Cohen-Baron (Borat, Bruno) é um pesquisador de psicopatologia e autismo, aparentemente bem famoso no meio científico.

    Ele tem uma breve participação naquele documentário “Hjernevask”, que critica a cegueira seletiva das ciências sociais sobre as ciências biológicas, seja pra negar diferenças entre sexos, herança genética de inteligência e etc.

  • No stonetard, democrats (and republicans) are fascists who hate capitalisms and the freemarket. you are a turd.

  • Drake Edward

    Hardcore Bernie bro. Supporting trump though. DNC made Bernie sign a contract saying he’d support the democratic nominee but they rigged it in bidens favor, thats why all the other democratic nominees supported him even while Bernie was still in the race.

  • jojo row

    y she got dem tiddies do

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